MP Board Class 12th Students Who Scored 75% will Get laptop Here’s The Full Detail

Madhya Pradesh government will give laptops to the students who get 75 percent marks in Indore MP Board class 12th. For this, the education department has started preparations in Indore. So far, more than five thousand students have appeared in Indore city and Indore rural who are eligible for laptops. Although the final list is yet to come. Probably today this list will be received from Bhopal to Indore.

According to the information, the MP government is going to give free laptops to the students who get 75 percent or more marks in class 12th of MP Board. Along with preparing the list of students under this scheme, their bank accounts are also being updated. The list of such students is also being updated in Indore district. Till now the list of city and Indore rural has been updated. According to this, more than five thousand students are coming forward. At present, the list of students of Indore district Sanwer, Mhow and Depalpur block is in the final stage.

Bank Account Update

The Directorate of Public Instruction has ordered the education officers of all the districts to update the bank accounts of the students. Tell that the list of all the students has also been sent to the District Education Officers. According to which the officials will have to update the bank account of the students in their district before June 10. This work is going on in the final phase in Indore district.

Amount will come in accounts till 30

It is being told that on the basis of the list, the government will deposit an amount of Rs 25 thousand in the accounts of the students who get 75 percent or more marks in the district. This amount will reach the students’ account by June 30.

Officers are waiting for instructions

The state government has started an e-scooty scheme for the toppers in class 12th. E-scooties will be given to such girl students under this scheme, but till now instructions regarding this scheme have not been received by the officers. Officials are also waiting for instructions to come.

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