How to Watch 'Morbius' Online 

Abrar Khan

One of several high-profile superhero movies to be released in 2022, Morbius is based on the Marvel comic book created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane.

Morbius is scheduled for release on April 1, 2022. The film will show in IMAX and other premium formats.

When Is Morbius Coming to Theaters?

As part of a deal Sony signed with Netflix, Morbius will appear on the streaming service in 2022 as part of exclusive “pay 1 window” streaming rights.

Is Morbius Streaming Online?

Sony also signed a deal with Disney for Morbius to appear on Disney + and Hulu as part of “pay 2 window” streaming rights, with the expected air date sometime in 2026.

Morbius tells the story of Dr. Michael Morbius, a biochemist who is dying from a rare blood disease.

What Is Morbius About?

When a desperate attempt to cure himself leads to an experimental and dangerous remedy, Morbius inadvertently afflicts himself with a form of transgenic vampirism that gives him superhuman abilities.

Morbius was first introduced as Morbius: The Living Vampire in The Amazing Spider-Man #101, released in 1971.

Created by acclaimed comic book writer Roy Thomas and famed comics artist Gil Kane, Morbius was originally an adversary to the likes of Spider-Man and Blade.