By Abrar Khan | Feb 01, 2022

North Korean missile test captures photos

North Korean missile test captures photos

It was North Korea's biggest missile test since late 2017.

North Korea has launched yet another missile, in what appears to be the nation's biggest such test in more than four years.

North Korea conducted a test launch of its Hwasong 12 intermediate-range ballistic missile on Sunday (Jan. 30), continuing a very busy January for the rogue nation.

And the vehicle managed to snap some photos while it was aloft, according to North Korean officials.

The nation "made public the Earth image data taken from space by a camera installed at the missile warhead," the state-run newspaper Rodong Sinmun wrote Monday (Jan. 31) in a post that included two photos of our planet apparently taken by the Hwasong 12 from a considerable height.

"It confirmed the accuracy, security and effectiveness of the operation of the Hwasong 12-type weapon system under production," Rodong Sinmun added.

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