UP Board Class 10th English Book Solutions

In this article, We have share Latest UP Board Class 10th English Book Solutions with pdf. These solutions are solved by subjects experts.

UP Board Class 10 English Solutions


Chapter 1The Enchanted Pool (C. Rajagopalachari )
Chapter 2A Letter to god (G.L. Fuentes)
Chapter 3The Ganga (Jawaharlal Nehru)
Chapter 4Socrates ( Rhoda Power) [Adapted]
Chapter 5Torch Bearers (W.M. Ryburn)
Chapter 6Our Indian Music: Stories and Anecdotes (R.Srinivasan)


Chapter 1The Fountain (James Russell Lowell)
Chapter 2The Psalm of Life (H.W. Longfellow)
Chapter 3The Village Song ( Sarojini Naidu)
Chapter 4The Nation Builders (Ralph Waldo Emerson)


Chapter 1The Inventor Who Kept His Promise
Chapter 2The Judgement-Seat of Vikramaditya (Sister Nivedita)
Chapter 3My Greatest Olympic Prize (Jesse Owners)


  1. The Sentence : Kinds
  2. Parts of a Sentence
  3. The Verb : Kinds
  4. primary Auxiliaries (Be, Have, Do)
  5. Modal Auxiliaries
  6. Negative Sentences
  7. Interrogative Sentences
  8. Tenses and Their Uses (Active voice)
  9. Tenses and Their Uses ( passive voice)
  10. Parts of Speech
  11. Reporting (Direct/Indirect Speech)
  12. Completion of Sentences
  13. Word-Formation
  14. Punctuation
  15. Spelling
  • Translation
  • Passage for Translation
  • Comprehension: Unseen Passages

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