UP Board Class 10th English Poetry Chapter 3 Solutions The Village Song

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UP Board Solutions for Class 10 English Poetry Chapter 3 The Village Song (Sarojini Naidu).


The theme of the poem is a comparison between the world of Human beings that abounds in material pleasures and the world of Nature that is contrary to it. The Mother represents the material world. (upboardsolutions) She recounts some of the features of this human’s material world like jewelry, marriage bridal songs, cradle songs sandal-scented leisure.

It implies marriage, births of children, and honeymoon. The Daughter represents the world of Nature. The blossoming of Champa, the islands in the river resounding with cuckoo’s cooing, the gurgling of streams attract her. She knows that laughter and all the songs will end in sorrow. 

Comprehension Questions 

Read the following stanzas and answer the questions put thereupon:

(1) Honey, child…………………to wed you.

1. From which poem has the above stanza been taken? Who has composed this poem?
2. Which ceremony is about to begin in the above stanza?
3. For what does the girl’s mother draws her attention?
1. The above stanza has been taken from the poem “The Village Song’. The composer of this poem is Sarojini Naidu.
2. The wedding ceremony of the daughter is about to begin in the above stanza.
3. Girl’s mother draws her attention to the fact that the bridegroom whom she
loves, is coming on horseback to get (UPBoardSolutions) wedded with her..

(2) Mother mine…………0 listen!

1. What did the daughter tell her mother?

2. Why does the girl want to go to the forest?
3. Who has tiny islands?
1. The girl told her mother that she was going to the wild forest.
2. The girl wants to go to the forest because there the champ buds are blowing on the branches. The cuckoo resounds the isle with its cooing. The fairy folks are calling her. (cupboard solutions)
3. The river has tiny islands.

3. Honey, child…………are you going.

1. What does the mother remind of the girl?
2. Where are the bridal robes?
1. The mother reminds the girl of the bridal songs, cradle songs, and sandal-scented leisure.

2. The silver and saffron glowing (UPBoardSolutions) bridal robes are in the loom.

4. The bridal-song………… are calling

1. Why does the girl seem unimpressed?
2. Why is the girl leaving home?
1. The girl seems unimpressed because she flatly says that the bridal songs and cradle songs seem to end in sorrow. The laughter of the present-day full of sun will end in the strong wind of death soon after. Thus, she proves that there is no real happiness in worldly life.

2. The girl is leaving home because the forest notes, where forest steams fall and flow, are far sweeter than the bridal songs and cradle songs. Moreover, the fairies are calling her.


Question 1.
What does the poetess want to tell us?
The poetess wants to tell us that worldly material pleasures are fake ones. The cycle of life that runs in pleasure someday or the other ends in lasting sorrows. The joy of bridal songs, cradle’s songs, lullabies to make child steep and sandal-scented leisure have underlying sorrow. A time comes when the material pleasures prove hollow and are overpowered by the ultimate sorrows. As such, while living in the world, we should not be materialistic. Nature is our mother.

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