UP Board Class 10 English Chapter 2 A Letter to God Solutions

We have share UP Board Class 10 English Prose Chapter 2 A Letter to God Solutions with a pdf file. These solutions are part of UP Board Class 10th Solutions, solved by subjects experts.

UP Board Solutions for Class 10 English Prose Chapter 2 A Letter to God (G.L. Fuentes)


(a) Match the words in List ‘A’ with their nearest meaning in List ‘B’:

List ‘A’List ‘B’
1. PlagueMade a forecast
predictedCovered with
DrapedDishonest Person
2. EntireCovered
3. EvidentLonely
CrestInner soul


List ‘A’List ‘B’
1. PlagueAttack
predictedMade a forecast
CrookDishonest person
DrapedCovered with
2. EntireTotal
3. EvidentClear
ConscienceInner soul

UP Board Solutions

Fill In The Blanks:

(b) Fill in the blanks with proper words from those given below :

1. Words: a bunch of crooks, heartily, correspondence, salary

  1. The postmaster also laughed heartily.
  2. The government servants get their salary on the first day of each month.
  3. Lencho wanted to make correspondence with God.
  4. Nowadays you can easily find a bunch of crooks everywhere.

2. Words: conscience, daybreak, denied, licking

  1. The birds chatter to welcome the daybreak.
  2. All of his friends denied to help him.
  3. The patient was licking his lips.
  4. Always do whatever your conscience says.

(c) Use the following phrases in your own sentences so as to make their meanings clear :
to pass quickly, an ox of a man, a bunch of crooks, dotted with, ask for

  1. It went on raining and did not pass quickly.
  2. He works so hard that people call him an ox of a man.
  3. We go on pilgrimage. But we find (UPBoardSolutions.com) a bunch of crooks near every temple.
  4. The maidans of the Ganga are dotted with trees here and there.
  5. The beggars prefer to ask for money instead of flour.

Short Answer Type Questions

Answer the following questions in about 25 words:

Question 1.
where was the house’ located? why do you think it is called the house and not a house?
Where was Lencho’s house situated?
The house (Lencho’s house) was located on the top of a low hill. It is called ‘the house because it was the only house in the whole valley.

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Question 2.
Now we’re really going to get some water, woman.” Is Lencho sure that it is going to rain? Give a reason for your answer.
Yes, Lencho is sure that it is going to rain because he has been looking at the sky since morning. The thick clouds in the northeast sky made the rain sure.

Question 3.
what happened at mealtime?
At mealtime, big drops of rain began to fall.

Question 4.
what objects does Lencho call new coins? why does he call them so?
How did Lencho feel when it began to rain?
Lencho calls the raindrops new coins. The raindrops would enrich the harvest. He will get more money by selling it. So the raindrops have been called new coins.

UP Board Solutions Class 10th English Chapter 2 A Letter to God

Question 5.
How long did the hall rain?
The hail rained for an hour.

Question 6.
What was the effect of the hailstorm?
What damage did the hailstorm do?
The hailstorm completely damaged the crops in Lencho’s fields. The corn was totally destroyed. The flowers had also fallen from the plants.

Question 7.
why was Lencho sad? what was his only hope?
Why did Lencho ask God for money? [2012]
Why did Lencho need help from God? [2015]
The rain with large hailstorm had ruined Lencho’s field of ripe corn. So he was sad. His only hope was—help from God. So he asked God for money.

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Question 8.
why did the postmaster laugh at Lencho’s letter? [2011]
The postmaster laughed at Lencho’s letter because it was addressed to God.

Question 9.
When did Lencho receive the letter? why did he become angry? [2014]
Lencho received the letter on the following Sunday when he went to the post office. He became angry because he received only seventy pesos instead of one hundred.

Question 10.
why should the postmaster have not allowed Lencho’s letter to God to remain unanswered?
It would have been an injustice to Lencho if the postmaster had allowed his letter to God to remain unanswered because it would have shaken his faith in God.

Question 11.
why did Lencho describe the post-office employees as a bunch of crooks’? Were they really a bunch of crooks? [2008, 11]
When Lencho opened the envelope, he found only 70 pesos instead of 100. He doubted that the post-office employees had taken out 30 pesos. So, he called them a bunch of crooks. But really they were not a bunch of crooks.

UP Board Class 10th Solutions

Question 12. What did Lencho write in his letter to God? How did he place it in the mail? [2015]
Lencho wrote in his letter to God that he badly needed one hundred pesos to sow his fields again and for his family to live until the crop. He went to town, placed a stamp on the envelope, and dropped it into the mailbox at the post office.

Question 13.
How much money did Lencho need and how much money did he receive? [2012, 15, 17]
Lencho needed hundred pesos to sow his field and to live until the next crop. He received only seventy pesos.

Question 14.
what did Lencho write in his second letter to God? [2011]
Why did Lencho not want the money to be sent by mail? [2016]
Lencho wrote to God to send him the rest of the money as he needed it badly. But he requested God not to send the money this time through the mail because the post-office employees were dishonest.

Question 15.
what type of man was Lencho? What were his main problems? [2015]
Who was Lencho? What was his main problem? [2016]
Lencho was a simple and hard-working farmer. He had firm faith in God. loved his family. He knew how to write and read. His main problem was money.

Question 16.
Why was Lencho annoyed with the postal employees?
Why was Lencho displeased when he received only seventy pesos? [2017]
Lencho was annoyed with the postal employees because he doubted that they had taken out the money from the envelope.

Question 17.
Why did the postman go to his boss laughing heartily? [2016]
The postman went to his boss laughing heartily because he had seen a letter addressed to God first time in his career.


Answer the following questions in about 60 words :

Question 1.
Describe the falling of the rain and the damage it caused in the lesson A Letter to God’.
How did the hailstones affect Lencho’s fields? What was his single hope? [2018]
Lencho, a poor farmer needed a shower badly in his fields. He was sure that it would rain as he had seen clouds in the North-East. One day big drops of rain began to fall. Lencho went out and was very happy as the raindrops amounted to coins. His fields will yield rich crops due to these raindrops. But suddenly a strong wind began to blow and along with the rain very large hailstones began to fall.

The smaller boys ran out to collect hailstones that appeared like frozen pearls. For an hour the hail rained everywhere including Lencho’s cornfield. The field was white as if covered with salt. The flowers were gone from the plants. The corn was totally destroyed. Lencho’s soul was filled with sadness. His single hope was help from God. So he asked God for money.

UP Board Solutions class 10th English A letter to God

Question 2.
who was I Lencho? Why did he write a letter to God? who received the letter and what did he do? [2009, 10, 11, 14, 15, 17]
what was Lencho’s worry? what help did he seek from God? [2013]
What circumstances forced Lencho to seek help from God? [2009, 11, 14, 17]
What did Lencho write to God? Who received this letter and what did he do?
Lencho was a hard-working farmer with a large family. Once the much-needed and pleasant rain was followed by very large hailstones and the corn standing in Lencho’s field was totally destroyed. Nothing was left for the poor Lencho and his family.

So, he wrote a letter to God, asking Him for one hundred pesos in order to sow his field again and live until the new crops coming. The letter was received by a postman. The postmaster also read it and was moved. He collected seventy pesos and sent them to Lencho.

Question 3.
Write a character sketch of the postmaster on the basis of the lesson, A Letter to God’. Give reasons for your liking. [2012, 14, 16]
The best part of the postmaster’s character emerges when he opens the envelope. He decides to send some money to the letter writer so that his faith in God is maintained. He asks for money from his employees, he himself gives a part of his salary, and several of his friends join him in the ‘act of charity. He puts the whole money in an envelope addressed to Lencho and with it a letter containing only a single letter as signature-God. This shows that the postmaster loves to perform good deeds and finds contentment in it. Thus, he is an amiable and large-hearted fellow.

Question 4. Give a character sketch of Lencho ? [2011, 15, 17, 18].

Lencho is the main character of the story ‘A letter to God’.
1. A poor man: Lencho is a poor farmer. But one year his crop was completely destroyed by hailstones. Nobody helped him. He was helpless and sad.

2. Firm faith in God: Lencho had firm faith in God. He believed that God would help him in misery. He would not let him die in hunger.
3. Simple and innocent: Lencho was very simple and innocent. He wrote a letter to God and requested to send him 100 pesos. He did not know that it was impossible. He was not surprised to have an envelope with money. He believed that it was from God.

Comprehension Questions On Paragraphs

(1) The only thing, the ……………..was fresh and sweet. [From para 1 & 2]

1. Who was Lencho? What did he think about the earth?
2. What were the boys doing? Why did the woman call them?
3. What made Lencho predict rainfall? Did his prediction prove to be true?
1. Lencho was a farmer. He thought that the earth needed a shower.
2. The older boys were working in (UPBoardSolutions.com) the field. The smaller ones were playing near
the house. The woman called them for dinner.
3. Clouds in the North-East made Lencho predict rainfall. Yes, his prediction
proved to be true.

UP Board Solutions

(2) The man went out ……………….. said to his sons. [From para 4 [2009, 11, 14, 15]]

1. Why did Lencho went out in the rain?
2. Identify the person who said the following:
“It’s really getting bad now”…… “I hope it passes quickly.” what is he talking about?
3. Why did he look satisfied?
4. What have hailstones been compared to?
5. How did the hailstones affect Lencho’s fields?
1. Lencho went out in the rain to have the feeling of rain on his body.
2. The person is Lencho. He is talking about hailstones.
3. Lencho looked satisfied on account of rain which his cornfield badly needed.
4. Hailstones have been compared to new silver coins.
5. The hailstones affected Lencho’s field badly. The corn was totally destroyed.

(3) “It’s really getting………….. have no corn…”[From pura 4, 5 [2014]]

1. Write the name of the lesson from which the above passage has been taken. Who is the writer of this lesson?
2. why was Lencho’s soul filled with sadness?
Answers :
1. The above passage has been taken from the lesson A Letter to God. The writer of this lesson is G.L. Fuentes.
2. The hailstones affected Lencho’s field badly. The corn was totally destroyed. So Lencho’s soul was filled with sadness.

(4) All through the night…………….. because the hail storm….”[From para 5 [2010, 12, 15, 18]

What was Lencho’s problem? What was his only hope?
2. What did Lencho think of all through the night?
3. What had Lencho learn about God?
4. Why would Lencho’s family go hungry? What help did he want?
5. Quote the words which tell you that Lencho was a hard-working man?
6. Why has Lencho been compared to an ox?
7. What did Lencho write in the letter to God?
What help did Lencho want from God and why

1. Lencho’s only problem was the total loss of his crops by a hailstorm. His only hope was the help of God.
2. Lencho thought of all through the night only of his one hope ‘the help of God’.
3. Lencho had learned about God that His eyes (UPBoardSolutions.com) see everything even in one’s
4. Lencho’s family would go hungry because his crop was totally destroyed. He wanted 100 pesos to sow seeds.

5. ‘Lencho was an ox of a man’. These words show that Lencho was a hard-working man.
6. Lencho has been compared to an ox as he worked as an animal in the fields.
7. Lencho wrote in his letter to God that he had badly needed one hundred pesos to sow his fields again and for his family to live.

Lencho wanted from God one hundred pesos to sow his fields again and for his family to live.

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(5) He wrote “To God” ……………………. correspondence with God!”[From para 5]

1. who laughed heartily and why?
2. Point out the qualities of the postmaster as described in the passage.
3. why was the postmaster surprised? What did he wish for?
1. The postman laughed heartily because (UPBoardSolutions.com) he saw the letter addressed “To God” for the first time in his career.
2. The qualities of a postmaster described in the passage are that he was fat and amiable fellow.
3. The postmaster was surprised at the faith of the letter-writer in God. He wished the same faith for himself.

(7) So, in order to shake ……….of his office. [From para 6 & 7 [2011, 15]

1. Who was collecting the hundred pesos and why?
2.How much money was put in the envelope? Who was the envelope addressed to?
3. Why did Lencho go to the post office the next day? What happened there?

4. Why did the postmaster decide to answer the letter addressed to God?
5. How did the postmaster collect the money to be sent to Lencho?
6. Who handed the letter to Lencho? What were the feelings of the postmaster when the letter was being handed to Lencho?
7. Why was Lencho angry?

1.The postmaster was collecting the hundred pesos to send to Lencho.
2. The postmaster put a little more than fifty pesos in the envelope. The envelope was addressed to Lencho.
3. The next day Lencho went to the post office if there was a letter for him. The postman handed him a letter.
4. The postmaster decided to answer the letter addressed to God not to shake the writer’s faith in God.

5. The postmaster collected the money to be sent to Lencho from his employees and friends. He himself gave a part of his salary.
6. Postman himself handed the letter to Lencho. The postmaster (UPBoardSolutions.com) was experiencing the contentment of a man who had performed a good deed.
7. Lencho was angry because the money was short.

(8) Lencho showed not the ………. bunch of crooks. I Lencho.” [From para 7 & 8 [2009, 12, 18]]

1. Why did Lencho not show any surprise on seeing the money? Why did he
become angry?
2. Why did Lencho ask for paper and ink? How did he affix a stamp to the envelope?
3. How much money did Lencho get?
4. Why did Lencho request God not to send money through the mail?
1. Due to his confidence Lencho did not show any surprise on seeing the money. He became angry because the money was short.
2. Lencho asked for paper and ink to write a letter to God. He licked the stamp and affixed it to the envelope with a blow of fist.
3. Lencho got only seventy pesos.
4. Lencho requested God not to send money through the mail because post office employees were a bunch of crooks.

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