RBSE Class 12th English Literature and Compulsory Solutions

In this article, We have share RBSE Solutions for Class 12th English Literature and Compulsory. These solutions are solved by subjects experts.

TextbookSIERT, Rajasthan
ClassClass 12
ChapterAll Chapters
ExerciseTextbook & Additional
CategoryRBSE Solutions

RBSE Class 12th English Rainbow Solutions

Chapter 1Water
Chapter 2A Room 10′ × 8′
Chapter 3Third Thoughts
Chapter 4Lost Spring
Chapter 5India’s Gifts to the World How Yoga Heals,
Purity is Power
Chapter 6On Reading in Relation to Literature
Chapter 7Indigo
Chapter 8A Journey to the End of the Earth
Chapter 9A Walk Through the Fire
Chapter 10Deep Water
Chapter 11On the Face of It
Chapter 12The Noble Nature
Chapter 13A Boy’s Song
Chapter 14The Hope
Chapter 15The Seven Ages of Man
Chapter 16The Snare

RBSE Solutions for Class 12th English Panorama

Chapter 1The Tiger King
Chapter 2The Portrait of a Lady
Chapter 3(i) The Guitar Player  (ii) Svayamvara
Chapter 4Drought
Chapter 5Love Across the Salt Desert
Chapter 6Trouble in Bohemia
Chapter 7Dead Men’s Path
Chapter 8The Gift of the Magi
Chapter 9The Last Lesson
Chapter 10Going Places
Chapter 11The Rattrap

RBSE Class 12 English Reading

RBSE Class 12 English Unseen Passages

Unseen Passages Type-I

  • Unseen Passages for Comprehension Factual
  • Unseen Passages for Comprehension Discursive
  • Unseen Passages for Comprehension Literary

Unseen Passages Type-II

  • Note-Making and Summary

RBSE Class 12 English Writing

RBSE Class 12 English Short Composition

  • Advertisement Writing
  • Notice Writing
  • Poster Writing
  • Description of Arguments For or Against a Topic
  • Accepting and Declining Invitations

RBSE Class 12 English Report/ Factual Description

  • Report Writing
  • Factual Description

RBSE Class 12 English Letter Writing

  • Business Letters
  • Official Letters
  • Letters to Editors on Various Social, National and International Issues
  • Application for a Job including CV (Curriculum Vitae)/Resume

RBSE Class 12 English Long Composition

  • Article Writing (Verbal Input)
  • Article Writing (Visual Input)
  • Speech Writing (Verbal Input)
  • Speech Writing (Visual Input)

RBSE Solutions for Class 12 English Literature:

RBSE Solutions for Class 12 English Prudence

Short Stories

Chapter 1To-morrow
Chapter 2One Centimetre
Chapter 3A Wedding in Brownsville
Chapter 4Eveline
Chapter 5A Cup of Tea
Chapter 6The Cow of the Barricades
Chapter 1A Lecture Upon the Shadow
Chapter 2On Time
Chapter 3On Shakespeare-1630
Chapter 4The Divine Image
Chapter 5The Human Abstract
Chapter 6Trees
Chapter 7Time and Time Again
Chapter 8If
Chapter 9 The Tiger and the Deer
Chapter 10Transformation
Chapter 1Does Culture Matter?
Chapter 2Why the Novel Matters
Chapter 3The Argumentative Indian
Chapter 4On the Ignorance of the Learned
Chapter 1Broken Images
Chapter 2How He Lied to Her Husband

RBSE Solutions for Class 12 English Inside The Haveli

  • Inside The Haveli Introduction
  • Inside the Haveli Section-I
  • Inside the Haveli Section-II
  • Inside the Haveli Section-III

RBSE Class 12 English Literature Reading

  • Unseen Passages
  • Unseen Poems

RBSE Class 12 English Literature Writing

  • Essay Writing
  • Article Writing
  • Report Writing
  • Speech Writing

RBSE Class 12 English Grammar

  • Editing and Error Correction of Words and Sentences
  • Changing the Narration of a Given Input

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