RBSE Class 10th English Poem Chapter 6 Solution Writing Skills

In this article, We have share Rajasthan Board RBSE Class 10 English Literature Poem Chapter 6 Writing Skills. These RBSE Solutions are solved by subjects experts.

TextbookSIERT, Rajasthan
ClassClass 10
ChapterChapter 6
Chapter NameWriting Skills
CategoryRBSE Solutions

Textbook Questions Solved

Question 1.
Dr. S. Bansal is the Director of the School of Management, Amrawati. Write an e-mail to him asking him to send you the details about the PGDBM courses his institution runs.

SubjectAn enquiry about the PGDBM Courses
Dear Sir,
I am a student of Senior secondary school, Bharatpur. This year is may final year. I came across your advertisement in the newspaper dated 24th April, 20xx. After Completing my class XII. I desire to opt for the PGDBM courses which you institution offers. I request you to provide me detains of this course on live.
I look forward to quick reply.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully

Question 2.
Write an e-mail to a news channel congratulating and thanking it for a very good talk it telecast on the uses of the Computer Technology.

SubjectThank you for good talk on computer technology
Dear Sir,
I heartly thank you for good talk on the used of the computer technology yesterday. We are immensely benefited by this programme. You talk has made us aware of the various used of computer technology. How it is creating jobs for millions and our messages are sent within the blank of eyes.
We expect some more such programmes in future.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully

Question 3.
There is an online Group of Doctors. Its e-mail address is : doctorsgrcupt. yahoo. zroupsocom Write an e-mail to the Group members asking them to give you the latest information on the development of any new drugs for diabetes. You can address the Group members as “Dear all’.

Todoctorsgro[email protected]
SubjectLatest information on the development of my new drugs.
Dear All,
I am a student of class XII, Jai Singh Public School, Bharat Nagar. A debate competition is goin to be held on 10th May, 20xx in our school. The topic is of this debate is the latest development of new drugs. As I am a contestant of this debate. I have to speak on the topic. But I lack in latest information on new drugs. You are requested to toe share knowledge in this regard on my e-mail ID. I look forward for a quick reply.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully

Question 4.
Write an e-mail to the Director, Education, Rajasthan requesting him to make your school the venue for organising the next State Level School Wrestling Championship. His e-mail address is : [email protected]

ToTo [email protected]****
SubjectMake our school the venue of the next State Level School Wrestling Championship
I am a student of Govt. Senior Secondary School, Jaipur. There are a good number of students we wrestlers in our school. They need encouragement. So that they will develop their wrestling talents. If the next state level school wrestling championship is our school, it will greatly promote the student writers. Therefore, it is requested that this year the wrestling championship may be organised in our school.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully

Letter Writing

Forms of Letters

  1. Informal: Personal such as to family and friends.
  2. Formal/Official: Formal letters are written in an official capacity. These include letters to the editor, letter of complaints, enquiries, requests, application etc.
  3. Business letters: Business letters are addressed to business firms for business purpose.

1. Informal Letter

Format of Letter

  1. 18/2 Bhati Nagar
    Ganga Singh Road
    16th April, 20xx
  2. My Dear Arti
  3. I was glad to get your letter yesterday. Thank you so much. I was very happy to know that you got 90% marks in Board Exam this year. But I also know that you are very careless about your health.
    As we know that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. If health is lost every thing is lost. So you should pay attention to your health.
  4. Give my regards to your parents.
  5. Yours sincerely
  6. Sarita
Informal letter format


  • The Heading/ Address: It consists of the writer’s address and the date of writing the letter.
    The address is written at the top left of the page and the date is put just below it.
  • Salutation: It is the form of greeting written a little below the date and on the left side of the page. The form of greeting depends upon the relation in which you stand to the person to whom you are writing. Always keep in mind that the first and the second word of salutation are capitalized. If there are three words, the second one is not capitalized.
    For Example: Dear Sir, Dear Father, My dear Ravi.
  • Body of the Letter: This is the main part of the letter in this part we write the message or communication. It should be written in simple or direct language. It should also be divided into paragraph.
  • Courteous leave taking: In formal letters use thanks. In informal letters you may use With best regards/wishes/Love to ……….. etc. as per your terms with the person you are writing to.
  • The subscription: It is written below the courteous leave taking phrase on the left side of the page. This also depends on the degree or relationship between the writer and addressee.
    For Example:
    Informal letters: Yours sincerely/Yours truly
    Formal letters: Yours faithfully
  • Signature : Put the signature below the subscription.

Forms of Salutation and Subscription

Solution Writing Skills

Solved Example

Question 1.
You are Mahendra living at 176, Malviyanagar, Jaipur. Write a letter to your father that you are working hard for your examination
176, Malviyanagar
10th December, 20**

Dear Father,
I received your letter yesterday. I know that you are very worried about my studies. But I want to assure you that my study is going well. I do not waste my time in idle gossip. I regularly attend my classes in school. My teachers guide me well.
I complete my home task regularly. In the second terminal test, I was the topper in the class.
With best regards to mother and love to Harshita.
Yours affectionately

Solution Writing Skills

Text Book Questions Solved

Question 1.
You are Suresh residing at 135, Shastri Nagar, Jodhpur. Write a letter to your father requesting him to allow you to go on a historical/educational tour and sen some money for the same.
135, Shastri Nagar
18th April, 20xx

Dear Father,
I am glad to inform you about a historical tour to Delhi. My school has planned this tour. All the students of my class are participating in this tour. I also want to become the member of the tour. Delhi is a historical city. The tour will increase our knowledge.
You are requested to send Rs 1000 for this purpose.
With best regards to mother and love to Rittika.
Your loving son

Chapter 6 Solution Writing Skills

Question 2.
Write a letter to your brother about the choice of a career.
135, Indira Colony
Rani Park, Jaipur
20th May, 20xx

Dear Brother,
I am glad here. I passed class XII with good marks. I need you suggestion about my career. There are several options open before me. I have to make a choice between the doctor or engineer. Only you can suggest me properly. I shall be waiting for you suggestion.
With best regards to father and mother.
Your affectionately

Question 3.
Imagine that you are Vipul living at Rani Bazar Bikaner. Your uncle sent you a dictionary as birthday gift. Write a letter to thank for the gift.
Rani Bazar
10th February, 20xx

Writing Skills

Dear Uncle,
I thank you a lot for the dictionary. A have got many gifts on my birthday. But your birthday gift is excellent. It will remain with me all through my life. I will improve my he knowledge of English is essential far. We cannot get success if we don’t know English.
Again I think you for this valuable gift with best regards to aunty and love to Meenu.
With best regards to father and mother.
Your affectionately

Writing Skills


Solved Example

Question 1.
Suppose you are Vinay. You are writing to complain about a defective purchase. Your letter should be something like this:
The Manager          address
The Electrical…        date

Dear Sir,
On date I purchased from your shop a vacuum cleaner (give name of the make, the name of the Model, the serial number if you can read it) for Rs. ….
It does not work. Could you please arrange to have it put in order?
Yours faithfully

Writing Skills

Reminder letters
Perhaps no action has been taken and you have to write again. You should document your case as much as you can. If you have a spare copy (or can make one) of the first letter, enclose it.
Your letter should now run something like this:
The Manager            address
The Electrical…          date
Dear Sir,
Would you please refer to my letter (or letters) of …. (date or dates) copy (or copies) of which is/are attached
I have received no answer so far.
Do you want me to report the matter to the Consumer Forum? I would be grateful for an answer within a week.
Yours faithfully
Signed (Vinay)
…Enclosures (give number)

Reminder letters

Writing a Job Application

This may involve you in filling in a form, in which case treat it in the same manner as an official letter. Suppose you are applying for a job in answer to an advertisement in the press. Construct your letter in such a way that it helps the selector to get at the key facts.
Write a covering letter saying where you saw the advertisement and the date on which you saw it; this shows you are systematic.
Give your reasons for applying and, if already employed, why you want to change. State any points which may be in your favor, such as willingness to go abroad, driving experience and outside interests.
Give the names and addresses of at least two people who can be contacted for references. This is very important. Preferably your last employer, or the present one. Your headmaster or your tutor. And one responsible person who has known you for a long time. You must, of course, ask these referees beforehand whether they are prepared to vouch for you.
Enclose a passport size photograph of yourself (with your name written on it). On a separate sheet with your name, address and telephone number give your curriculum vitae, i.e. all the relevant factual information about yourself.

  • Give your age (you may be too young or too old to be considered).
  • Give your nationality (it may be important because of work permits or for other reasons).
  • Give your marital status (married applicants may be preferred or excluded).
  • Give your education with the name of your school, college, university, the dates you were there in brackets after each. Then give the subjects you studied and your grades.
  • Give your experience: list the jobs you have done with the dates in brackets. This is how the letter of application with its enclosures should look.

The Managing Director
Dear Sir,
In answer to your advertisement in The Times of India, I wish to apply for the position of Personnel Manager.
I am 29 years old, Indian, unmarried.
My reason for applying to you is that I feel the need for change. Uttam Steel is a small family firm which does not offer enough scope for promotion.
For references please contact my present employer, CEO, Uttam Steel (address).
Yours faithfully
(Rakesh Kumar)
Enclosed: 1 passport photograph and my curriculum vitae.


Name :
 Rakesh Kumar
DOB : 1 March, 1995
Marital Status : Unmarried
Schooling : Adarsh Vidhya Mandir Sr. Sec. School, Sri Ganganagar
N.C.C. : ‘C’ Certificate in Grade A
Certificate :Computer : O Level
Experience : Joined as a clerk in Uttam Steel Ltd. Pune on July, 1, 2015


E-mail is so convenient that it is tempting to use it on all occasions. E-mail is especially suitable when, you are making a simple request, you are sending some simple information
The word ‘e-mail’ is the short form of the electronic mail’ which can only be sent from one computer to another using an Internet connection and a mail browser. Of course you and your receiver both require mailing addresses which are unlike our conventional postal addresses. An e-mail address, commonly known as e-mail ID, is like:
[email protected] (sender of the e-mail)
[email protected] (receiver of the e-mail)
You can have your e-mail ID by buying an Internet connection or by creating it on many web-sites which offer you a free e-mail ID.
One has to be very careful while writing any e-mail ID because a single error will not send your e-mail and it will bounce.

“Addressing the receiver or salutation:
It is not strictly necessary to address the receiver as you would in a letter. But if you are sending a message to someone that you feel is in a higher position and you know his/ her name, you may want to begin with, for example, ‘Dear Mr. Gupta’ or ‘Dear Ms. Aiyer’. Avoid guessing people’s names or gender. If you are sending an email to someone in their official capacity use ‘Dear Sir’ or ‘Dear Madam’ as the case may be.

Making requests:
The first e-mail you send is the most important and it is likely to be a request of some kind. When making a request it is crucial that you provide all the information needed for the receiver to make a decision. You could follow this model:
Explain who you are
Explain how you found out the name and e-mail address of the receiver.
Explain the background to your request.
Make the request.
Explain how you would like the receiver to respond.

To[email protected]
SubjectOnline purchase of book – Communicative English Grammar
Dear Sir
I am a student of Secondary class of Nosegay Public School, Sri Ganganagar. I got your email ID from the catalogue of the books brought out by you. A book titled ‘Communicative English Grammar’ also appears in that catalogue which I shall like to buy. I write this to request you to send a copy of the same. I promise to pay the required amount to the delivery-man at the time of the delivery of the same.
My postal address is as follows:
132-G-Block, Sri Ganganagar (Rajasthan)
Thanking you
Yours faithfully

Language and Style:

  • Keep your messages as short as possible and use short paragraphs-people do not like to read long messages on a computer screen.
  • Try making each paragraph informative and self-contained and avoid using too many pronouns, and do not assume that the receiver remembers what you have written in an earlier e-mail.
  • Check your grammar and spelling-do not assume that accuracy does not matter in e-mail.
  • Never send an email IN CAPITALS THROUGHOUT. It is deemed to be the equivalent of shouting. Use single line spacing with an extra line between paragraphs.
  • There is no need to write the date of sending the e-mail as the date and time of sending it is automatically generated and displayed on the computer of the recipient.

Reply to the above e-mail by the publisher:

To[email protected]
SubjectAn enquiry about a book – Communicative English Grammar
Thank you very much for your mail. Your order has been executed and the book titled ‘Communicative English Grammar’ has been sent to you quick delivery is ensured.
We look forward to serve you more.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully
Manager (Sales)

Note: For writing personal or informal e-mails follow the personal pattern and style of writing as is adopted while writing personal or informal letters.

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