RBSE Class 10th English Informal Letters

In this article, We have share RBSE Class 10 English Informal Letters. These solutions are solved by subjects experts.

(अनौपचारिक पत्र )

जिन लोगों से हमारे व्यक्तिगत संबंध होते हैं, उन्हें हम अनौपचारिक पत्र लिखते हैं। इन पत्रों में व्यक्ति अपने मन की अनुभूतियों, भावनाओं, सुख-दुख की बातों आदि का उल्लेख करते हैं अत: इन पत्रों को personal letters (व्यक्तिगत पत्र) भी कह सकते हैं। इन पत्रों की भाषा-शैली में अनौपचारिकता का पुट देखा जा सकता है।

( अनौपचारिक पत्र के भाग)

  1. Address (पता): पत्र जिस स्थान से लिखा जाता है, इसका उल्लेख पत्र के ठीक ऊपर बाईं ओर किया जाता है। पत्र लेखक को अपने मकान का नंबर और स्थान के नाम के प्रथम अक्षर Capital Letter (बड़े अक्षर) में लिखना चाहिए। इसके बाद अपने शहर का नाम लिखना चाहिए। जैसे–
  2. Date (दिनांक): Address के नीचे एक space (स्थान) छोड़कर दिनांक लिखा जाता है। जैसे
    15 February 2016
  3. Salutation (अभिवादन): जिसे पत्र लिखा जाता है, उनके लिए उपयुक्त संबोधन को प्रयोग किया जाता है। ध्यान रखें कि Date और Salutation के बीच एक space (स्थान) छोड़ दिया जाता है।
    Expressions Related to Salutation (अभिवादन से संबंधित अभिव्यक्तियाँ) :
For elders
( बड़ों के लिए )
For younger/ friends
( छोटे-मित्रों के लिए )
For familiar person
( परिचितों के लिए )
My dear father
MY dear uncle
My Dear mother/mom
My dear Brother
My dear sister
My dear karan
Dear Karan
My dear Sunita
Dear Sunita
Dear Mr. Rathore
Dear Mrs. Rathore
Dear Mr. Jain
Dear Mrs. Jain
Dear Mr. Rungta
Dear Mrs. rungta

4. Body of the letter/message/contents (पत्र का मुख्य भाग/संदेश/विषय-वस्तु): इस भाग में मुख्य बातें जिनके लिए पत्र लिखा जा रहा है, उसका वर्णन किया जाता है। यहाँ मुख्य बातों को छोटे-छोटे Paragraph (अनुच्छेद) में व्यक्त किया जाता है। इस बात का भी ध्यान रखा जाता है कि प्रश्न पत्र में दिए गए verbal inputs के सभी तथ्य संदेश में व्यक्त कर दिए गए है।

5. Courteous Remark (स्वागत कथन): पत्र की समाप्ति स्वागत कथन के साथ की जाती है, जैसे

For elders
( बड़ों के लिए )
For younger/ friends
( छोटे-मित्रों के लिए )
With best Regards
With warm Regards
with regards
With best regards to father/ Mother / uncle / Aunt
With Love
With best wishes
With best wises to all

6. Subscription (प्रेषक विशेषण): इस भाग में पत्र लेखक अपने लिए उपयुक्त विशेषणों का प्रयोग करता है, जैसे

For elders
( बड़ों के लिए )
For younger/ friends
( छोटे-मित्रों के लिए )
For familiar person
( परिचितों के लिए )
Your loving son / daughter /
brother / sister / nephew / niece
Your affectionately
Your affectionate son / daughter
Your affectionately
Yours truly
Yours sincerely

Format Of Informal Letters
(अनोपचारिक पत्र का प्रारूप)

  1. Address (पता)
  2. Date (दिनांक)
  3. Salutation (प्रशस्ति या संबोधन)
  4. Body of the letter/message/contents (पत्र का मुख्य भाग/संदेश/विषय – वस्तु)
  5. Courteous Remark (रुवागत कथन)
  6. Subscription (प्रियोक्ति)
  7. Signature (हस्ताक्षर)

Sample Of Informal Letters
(अनोपचारिक पत्र का नमूना)

Question 1.
You are Karan/Kavita living at ……………. , Kota. Write a letter to your friend Ravi/Reeta to attend a grand party at your home. You may touch upon the following points:

  1. Reason for the party
  2. Your parent’s decision
  3. Time and place
  4. Importance of the party


Informal Letters image 1

Solved Examples

Question 1.
Write a letter to your uncle informing him about your improvement of performance in II term tests. Suppose you are Garima/Gaurav. You may use the following hints/clues:

  1. Your performance in the earlier tests.
  2. The subjects that you improved upon.
  3. Your efforts for the improvement of performance.

Govt. Sr. Sec. School
23 March 20xx

My dear Uncle
I am well here, hope you to be the same there.
You will surprised to know that my performance in the Second Term Tests has improved a lot. My overall percentage was 70 in the First Term Tests.
I made ‘scheduled study’ for this test. I read 10 hours everyday. I read all the six subjects daily. But I paid special attention to Mathematics, Science and English.
I improved my performance in Mathematics, Science and English. My overall percentage now is above 96.
With regards to my aunt and love to Bharti and Sunita.
Your loving nephew

Question 2.
Suppose you are Sumana/Sunil living at Civil Lines, Agra. Write a letter to your friend describing your new school. You may use the following points:

  1. The building, classroom etc.
  2. The Principal, the staff, the students.
  3. Other facilities of computer, games, etc.

Civil Lines
3 March 20xx

My dear Rakhi/Ravi
I am well here I hope you to be the same there.
Now I have taken admission to Govt. Senior Secondary School in Jaipur. It is one of the best schools of the city.
The school is placed in a double storey building. It is like a U-shape building. The classrooms are spacious, airy, well-ventilated, well furnished, and computerized.
The Principal is a famous educationalist. He is a friend, philosopher and guide to students. The staffs are highly professional. Teachers use modern technology in teaching. The students are well-behaved. The focus of the school is all round development of students.
The school has other facilities also for example computer, games, debates, cultural programmes etc. It is a unique school.
With best regards to your parents.
Yours sincerely

Question 3.
You are Zaara living in Pune. Your friend Radha has won a gold medal in the State English Debate Competition. Write a letter to congratulate her. You may take help of the following points:

  1. How did you come to know about it?
  2. Congratulate her on her success.
  3. How does she feel about her achievement?
  4. Good wishes for a bright future?
  5. Invite her for a visit to your place.

11 March 20xx

Dear Radha
I was elated when your father informed me that you had won a gold medal in the State English Debate Competition concluded recently.
I heartilytily congratulate you on your grand success in the competition.
You always deserve the best. I am sure nobody can doubt your oratory skills. You have developed it excellently, you worked hard for it.
I wish for your bright future.
I cordially invite you to Pune.
With regards to your parents
Your loving friend

Question 4.
You are Sarika living in Bikaner. Last month you went to Jaipur. Write a letter to your friend Radhika describing to her how you enjoyed this trip. You may take help of the following points:

  1. With whom did you go to Jaipur?
  2. Where did you stay?
  3. Duration of the trip.
  4. What places did you visit there?
  5. What things did you buy?

21 February 20xx

Dear Radhika
I am well and hearty here. I hope you to be the same there. I want to tell you about my trip to Jaipur we went there last month.
I went with my parents by a private bus. The journey was comfortable and enjoyable. We reached Jaipur at 9 a.m. We stayed there at the Palace Hotel. The duration of the trip was three days. The first day we visited the Jantar-Mantar, the City Palace and the Sargasuli, the second day we went to the Govind Devji Temple, the Jaigarh forts and the Legislative Assembly Building. The third day we did shopping. We bought Jaipuri quilts, Jootis, bedsheets and costumes of Sanganeri prints. Thus, we enjoyed the trip a lot.
With regards your parents.
Your loving friend

Question 5.
You are Avinash living in a hostel. Last Sunday your science teacher took you and your classmates on a picnic on a riverside where you saved a drowning classmate. Write a letter to your mother describing the incident. You may take help of the following points:

  1. Pleasant weather, decided to go for a picnic
  2. Packed eatables and other essentials, went on bicycles
  3. Enjoyed singing, dancing and boating
  4. A classmate didn’t know how to swim
  5. Saw him drowning, shouting for help
  6. Happy to have him saved
  7. Rewarded by his parents and the institution.

5 April 20xx

My dear Mother
I’m well and hearty here. I hope you to be the same.
This letter is describing an act of bravery of your son. Last Sunday, the weather was pleasant. Our science teacher took the class on a picnic. We packed eatables and other essentials. We went on bicycles. Our teacher carried us on a riverside. We enjoyed singing, dancing and boating. But one of classmates didn’t know how to swim. Suddenly he fell down into the river. We saw him drowning and shouting for help. I jumped into the river. I saved the drowning classmate. Parents of the boy and the institution were happy with me. They rewarded me too.
With regards to all.
You loving son

Question 6.
You are Rakesh living in Jaipur. Your friend Anil has invited you to attend his younger brother’s birthday party. Write a letter to him expressing your inability to attend the function. You may touch upon the following points:

  1. Your annual exams are at hand.
  2. It is a long way to go to attend the function.
  3. Your mother too is not keeping well.
  4. Your father mostly remains out of city.
  5. Send your good wishes.

16 February 20xx

Dear Anil
Thanks a lot for your cordial invitation to attend your younger brother’s ‘Birthday Party’ on 21 February 2017 at 7.00 pm and onward at your residence. I with my family pray to the Supreme God to bless your younger brother on his happy birthday.
I do hope, you won’t mind my inability to attend the function due to the following reasons. My annual exams are at hand. It is a long way to go and attend the function. Besides my mother too is not keeping well. Most of the time my father remains out of the city.
My good wishes to all.
Your loving friend

Question 7.
You are Ravi living in Ajmer. You have won a dictionary in the debate held in your school recently. Write a letter to your father telling him about it. You may touch upon the following points:

  1. When and where was the debate held?
  2. Topic of the debate
  3. Number of participants
  4. The Prize you received

School Hostel
Govt. Senior Secondary School
5 March, 20xx

Dear father
I am glad to inform you that I won a dictionary in the debate competition held in our school on the 10 February, 2017.
Around twenty-five schools of the Ajmer district participated in it. The topic of the debate was very interesting. It was a slogan – Knowledge is Power.
I spoke in favor of the motion. I got a dictionary which was the first prize.
I am very happy with my performance.
I pray for your good health
Your loving son

Question 8.
You are Rohit living in Jaipur. Your friend Kartik has failed in Secondary Examination this year. Write a letter expressing your sympathy for him. You may touch upon the following points:

  1. When and where did you come to know of it?
  2. How did you feel?
  3. How would you like to sympathize with him?
  4. Suggestions you would like to give him.

25th March, 20xx

My dear Kartik,
Yesterday, I saw your Board Examination results in the newspaper. I became curious our result. I searched your roll number in the newspaper. I was hopeful that you would have got the first division. But I was shocked when I found your roll number – you had failed. You have always been a hardworking student. Nobody can expect such result.
But you should not lose your heart. Failures are the pillars of our success. Now you should work harder from the beginning. I am sure you will get the first division next year.
Convey my regards to your parents.
With best wishes your sincere friend

Question 9.
You are Alok living in Kota. Write a letter to your mother requesting her to send money to buy a laptop. You may touch upon the following points:

  1. use of computer in the school.
  2. laptop is easy to carry
  3. necessity of a laptop
  4. request for sending money soon

26 March, 20xx

My dear mother
Our school has adopted modern methods of teaching. We have computer labs in the school. We get here practical classes daily. A laptop is easy to carry. A new laptop costs about Rs. 16,000. Please send me the money so that I may purchase. It will help me in study. I may improve any performance. I can do my studies regularly. I hope to get as soon as it is possible.
With regards to father and all.
Your loving son

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