RBSE Class 10th English Chapter 6 Solution Feast of the Dead

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TextbookSIERT, Rajasthan
ClassClass 10
SubjectEnglish Supplementary Reader
ChapterChapter 6
Chapter NameFeast of the Dead
Number of Questions Solved23
CategoryRBSE Solutions


A. Tick the correct alternative :

Question 1.
Dursun Agha’s entire capital consisted of ………. water cans.
(a) three
(b) two
(c) four
(d) five

Question 2.
The older boy asked the grocer to give him a pound of :
(a) rice
(b) flour
(c) potatoes
(d) all of these

Question 3.
The older boy’s ……….. lasted for an hour and a half or more.
(a) trembling
(c) stretching
(b) fever
(d) hunger

Question 4.
The younger boy felt that after his brother’s death the food will again come from :
(a) the greenhouse
(b) the grocer
(c) the white house
(d) the landlord

B. State whether the statements given below are True (T) or False (F) :

  1. Dursun Agha had no source of livelihood. False
  2. Gulnaz refused to accept the food coming from neighbours. False
  3. Dursun’s family had no money to buy goods from the market. True
  4. The older boy’s coat was made of fur. False
  5. The younger boy did not go the shopkeeper. True

C. Answer the following questions in about 20 25 words each :

Question 1. (rbse solutions)
How did Dursun Agha earn his living?
Dursun Agha earned his living by selling water. He hoisted a pole on his shoulder, hooking two cans by their handles to the chains and set our every morning yelling “Water. Anybody need water?”

Question 2.
Who was Gulnaz? Why did she panic?
Gulnaz was Dursun Agha’s wife. Dursun Agha would climb up the hill to the fountain, fill up his cans and go to and fro, between the fountain and the house. One day he slipped while trying to stand up on the ice and the hardened ice hit his head on the stone bowl under the tap. As a result, he died. This made Gulnaz panic.

Question 3.
What did the older boy wear to keep out the cold?
It was the bitter cold outside. His mother Gulnaz asked him to borrow some rice, flour and potatoes from Bodos, the grocer. He went out wearing his shabby coat which was not heavy enough to keep out the cold outside.

Question 4.
What did Bodos tell the boy cancelling his order?Answer.
When the boy said to Bodos, the grocer, to give him a pound of rice, a pound of flour and a pound of potatoes. Bodos told the boy to bring the money first. Only then he would give the goods. He further added, “You have become so thin. Someone who has money at home doesn’t get so thin.”

Question 5.
Why could the younger boy not sleep?
After the death of Dursun Agha, his family got food from his neighbours for a few days. Then the neighbours stopped giving any food to them. The family did not eat food for several days. The younger boy felt extreme hunger and hence could not sleep.

D. Answer the following questions in about 30 40 words each :

Question 1.
What were the belongings of Dursun Agha?
Dursun Agha was the victim of abject poverty. He barely made both ends meet and lived with his wife and two children in a small house. He had only two water cans, a pole and a chain dangling from either end. Carrying the pole on his shoulder hooking the cans by their handles to the chains, he set out every morning to sell water.

Question 2.
Who was sending the food for Dursun’s family?
It is the Muslim custom in Turkey that the wealthy neighbours send food for a few days to the house where death has occured. The first meal came to Gulnaz and her children from the white house where Raif Ettendi, the wealthy businessman lived. Another neighbour took care of the food for the next day. This went on for three or four days.

Question 3. (rbse solutions)
Why did Gulnaz send the older boy to Bodos?
For several days the family of Gulnaz had not been getting food to eat. They became very weak from extreme hunger. Finally, Gulnaz beckoned to the older boy and told him to go to Bodos, the grocer and request him to give them some rice, flour and potatoes. She told him to tell the grocer that they would pay him in a few days.

Question 4.
Why did no food come from the neighbours after a few days?
In Turkey, it is the tradition of Muslims to send food for a few days to the house where the death has taken place. So after the death of Dursun Agha, his neighbours sent food for three or four days to his family and then they stopped sending it.

E. Answer the following questions in about 60 80 words each :

Question 1.
What did Dursun’s family do after the neighbours had stopped sending food?
The first day after the food had stopped, Dursun’s family kept up their hopes till noon for the arrival of food from a neighbour. But at supper time, they realised that no one was going to give them food any more, they had to cook at home as they had done before. But after a few days all food stuffs at their home finished. They went to bed on empty stomachs. Then Gulnaz tried to buy two loaves of bread from a bread-seller. But he did not even take notice of her. Then she sent her son to Bodos, the grocer, to borrow some grocery items, but he also refused.

Question 2.
How did the older boy try to convince Bodos for grocery items?
Dursun’s family did not eat anything for a few days. They were feeling extremely hungry. Finally, Gulnaz beckoned to the older boy and told him to go to Bodos, the grocer, to borrow some grocery items. The boy went there and told the shopkeeper to give him some grocery items. He put his hand into his pocket as if reaching for his money and then pretended to have left it at home. He told the shopkeeper that he did not like to go home in such cold weather to bring money. He told him to write it down and he would pay the next day. But the shopkeeper understood his trick and did not give any grocery item.

Question 3.
What were the difficulties faced by the older boy due to chilly weather?
The older boy caught cold while coming back to his home from the grocer. His body was trembling due to cold. His mother put a blanket and other clothes whatever she could find. After two hours, the trembling ended. Then came the fever and the exhaustion. Gulnaz lifted the covers and tried to cool the burning with her cold hands. His cheeks were burning and he talked in delirium. With the passage of time, his fever increased. His mother was unable to think what to do.

Question 4.
What happened after the older boy returned home empty handed?
Answer. (rbse solutions)
When the boy returned home empty handed, he took off his clothes and went to his bed. Then he said he was feeling extremely cold. Actually, he had caught a cold. His body was trembling. His mother put blanket and whatever clothes she could find there on his body. After two hours, the trembling of his body came to an end but he caught high fever. His mother tried to cool the burning body with her cold hands. His fever was increasing. His mother was not able to understand what to do.


Question 1.
“Poverty is a curse”, Do you agree with the statement? How did it affect Dursun’s family? Discuss.
There is no deying the fact that “poverty is a curse’. People have to face many kinds of difficulties due to poverty. Many people suffering from serious illness die due to their poverty. Many babies suffer from physical deformity because they do not get required nutrition due to poverty. The poor are subjected to humiliation in society.

When Dursun died, his family had to cope with very grave situation. No one in their society helped them. They had to spend several days on empty stomach. Even the grocer did not lend him any food item because of being poor. The family were going to die only because of their poverty. If Dursun’s family had money, they did not have to face such a serious condition.

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