RBSE Class 10th English Chapter 5 Solution The Purple Jar

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TextbookSIERT, Rajasthan
ClassClass 10
SubjectEnglish Supplementary Reader
ChapterChapter 5
Chapter NameThe Purple Jar
Number of Questions Solved22
CategoryRBSE Solutions


A. Tick the correct alternative :

Question 1.
If Rosamond had money, what would she want to buy?
(a) roses
(b) boxes
(c) purple flower-pots
(d) all the three

Question 2.
What was the profession of Mr. Sole?
(a) chemist
(b) shoemaker
(c) teacher
(d) milliner

Question 3.
Rosamond asked her mother to lend her a
(a) flower pot
(b) vase
(c) shoe
(d) bowl

Question 4.
Rosamond believed that the purple flower vase would look good on………..
(a) windows
(b) the stairs
(c) the chimney-piece
(d) the door

B. State whether the statements given below are True (T) or False (F) :

  1. Rosamond desired to buy everything she saw in the market. True
  2. Mr. Sole, the shoemaker had no customers in his shop. False
  3. It was Rosamond’s mother who went out to buy the Purple Jar. False
  4. The Purple Jar contained a fine odoured liquid inside it. False
  5. Rosamond’s shoes could not last very. True

C. Answer the following questions in about 20 25 words each :

Question 1.
Who was Rosamond and where was she walking?
Rosamond was a seven-year-old girl who was walking in the streets of London.

Question 2.
Who accompanied Rosamond? What did she see inside the milliner’s shop?
Rosamond was accompanied by her mother while walking in the streets of London. Inside the milliner’s shop, she saw ribbons, lace and festoons of artificial flowers.

Question 3.
Why did Rosamond and her mother have to wait at Mr. Sole’s shop?
Answer. (rbse Solutions)
When Rosamond and her mother reached Mr. Sole’s shop, there were many customers at the shop. So, they had to wait at the shop for some time.

Question 4.
Why did Rosamond’s father refuse to take her along with him?
Rosamond’s father and brother were going to a glass-house which she had long wished to see. But when she started to walk, her worn-out shoe dropped off. She put it again and started walking dragging her shoe, which was not liked by her father and hence he refused to take her with him.

Question 5.
What did Rosamond see inside the jeweler’s shop?
While walking in the streets of London with her mother, Rosamond saw inside the Jeweler’s shop varieties of baubles arranged in drawers behind glass.

D. Answer the following questions in about 30 40 words each :

Question 1.
Why was Rosamond’s mother not buying anything from the market?
While walking in the streets of London, Rosamond was very happy to see different sorts of things in shops. She wanted to have many things. But her mother was not buying them because they were not of any use for her. Moreover, she didn’t have enough money to buy all the things wanted by Rosamond.

Question 2.
How did the purple jar lose its favour with Rosamond?
Rosamond was very excited to get the purple jar. She gathered flowers to put them into the jar. After some time she got it. She saw black and dark liquor in it. She poured it out and to her dismay, she found that the jar was no longer purple, instead it was a plain white jar. This disappointed her very much.

Question 3.
Why did Rosamond want to buy a flower vase for herself?
There were a number of beautiful things in the market which attracted Rosamond. But the colourful flower pots attracted her the most. At her home she had a garden which had many flowers. She wanted to put flowers in the colourful flower pot. This is the reason that she wanted to buy a flower vase for herself.

Question 4.
What was Rosamond’s reaction after seeing the chemist’s shop?
When Rosamond saw jars of different colours in the chemist’s shop, she was thrilled. She cried out of excitement, “Oh, mother! Oh! Look! look, Blue, green, red, yellow and purple! Oh, mamma, what beautiful things! Won’t you buy some of these?”

E. Answer the following questions in about 60 80 words each :

Question 1.
What did Rosamond’s father propose? Why was she left out?
Rosamond’s father proposed to take her with her brother to a glass house. In fact, she had long been wishing to visit a glass house. Her joy knew no bounds. She wore hat, gloves and worn-out shoes to go with her father. On the other side, her father was waiting for her at the hall door. When she walked downstairs to her brother and father, one of her shoes dropped off. She put it again and started walking slipshod. Her father noticed it. He did not like her walking with him slipshod. So he refused to take her with him to the glass-house.

Question 2.
Why did Rosamond decide to buy the purple jar instead of a new pair of shoes?
Rosamond was enthralled to see the purple jar in the chemist’s shop. She craved to have that purple jar at all costs. Though she knew that her shoes were worn-out, had a hole which caused pain in her feet and would not last even for one month, yet she preferred to buy the purple jar because of her excitement. She lost her decision-making power in over excitement. However, she was a child of only seven years and was not able to make right choice. But she should at least have followed her mother’s advice. Her love for the jar compelled her to buy it instead of the shoes.

Question 3.
Why did Rosamond feel uncomfortable inside Mr. Sole’s shop?
Somehow Rosamond’s mother convinced Rosamond that at that time to buy a pair of shoes was more important than buying the jar. Reluctantly, Rosamond went to Mr. Sole’s shop. There were many customers at the shop. So they had to wait for some time there. The shop was black and dark and gave off pungent smell. It was the smell of new leather. Besides, she was still thinking about the purple jar. All these factors made Rosamond feel uncomfortable inside Mr. Sole’s shop.


Question 1.
In pairs, argue in favour of or against the topic, “Rosamond was right in her decision to defy her mother.” Give logical and relevant reasons, and present your point of view to the class.
Answer. (rbse solutions)
Rosamond was right in her decision to defy her mother

For the motion
Rosamond was absolutely right in her decision to defy her mother. She was only a seven-year-old child. At this age, a child not only needs useful things but he/she also needs the things which are not useful for him/her but are the means of his/ her happiness. Her mother refused to buy all things that she craved for. They might be useless for her (a grown up person) but they would give more happiness to her than a pair of shoes. It is obligatory for parents to give toys to them because toys give much more pleasure to children than their costly clothes or shoes do. The purple jar was not useful from Rosamond’s mother’s point of view but she forgot that her thinking was self-centred. She did not want to spend money for the sake of her daughter’s pleasure. She was absolutely wrong at that point of time.

Against the motion
I think Rosamond was wrong. She should have obeyed her mother’s advice to buy the shoes. A mother always thinks and does good for her daughter or son. After all she has practical knowledge about life. Whatever she does, that would certainly be in favour of her child. Children often want those things which instantly can give pleasure to them but in the long run, they proved useless. If parents give many toys or playthings to their children, the children would spend all their time in playing because they feel very happy in doing so. They even will not want to go to school.

Rosamond’s mother told her to buy a pair of shoes because shoes were more important for her than the purple jar. She knew it that her daughter had to bear with pain due to the worn-out shoes. The purple jar would give her pleasure only for few days but she had to suffer pain on feet due to wearing worn-out shoes for a month. Her mother told her frankly that she had no enough money to buy the both. A child cannot make right decisions. So he/she must follow his/her parents suggestion.

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