RBSE Class 10th English Chapter 3 Solution Growing up Pains

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TextbookSIERT, Rajasthan
ClassClass 10
SubjectEnglish Supplementary Reader
ChapterChapter 3
Chapter NameGrowing up Pains
Number of Questions Solved23
CategoryRBSE Solutions

Growing up Pains Comprehension

A. Tick the correct alternative :

Question 1.
Which is a sure sign of a child moulting into an adult?
(a) sprain
(b) acne
(c) fever
(d) smallpox

Question 2.
What was the warning, written by Samir, on the door of his room?
(a) Beware of Dogs
(b) Do Not Disturb
(c) Knock the Door
(d) Knock Before You Enter

Question 3.
How old was Samir?
(a) fourteen years
(b) fifteen years
(c) sixteen years
(d) seventeen years

B. RBSE English Chapter3 Growing up Pains True (T) or False (F) :

  1. A common cold is common to all mankind. True
  2. Samir does not want privacy. False
  3. Amma falls and screams with pain. False
  4. Samir did not talk to his mother for a whole day. True (rbse solutions)
  5. A flower takes time to tum into a fruit. True

C. Answer the following questions in about 20 25 words each :

Question 1.
What was Samir’s opinion about the change in his voice?
Samir thought that he might have caught cold. The harshness in his voice was similar to cold. But it was a Common cold.

Question 2.
How did Samir try to dispel fear?
Samir told himself that only cowards had fear. He was not a coward. But such boldness did not help him. Thus he tried dispel fear.

RBSE English Chapter 3 Growing up Pains Questions answers

Question 3.
What did Samir’s mother say about his room? (rbse solutions)
Samir’s mother used to walk into his room without knowledge. She often surveyed his room and passed on the remark. His room was more like a pigsty.

Question 4.
Why did Samir put up a warning on the door?
His mother used to enter his room without information. He did not like this habit of his mother. Actually he wanted to maintain privacy. So he put up a warning on the door.

Question 5.
How did Samir feel when he did not talk to his mother for a whole day?
Samir did not talk to his mother for a whole day. He felt that her mother was not pleased by his act. Then she coaxed him till he was not surrendered to her appeasement.

Question 6.
What was the opinion of Samir’s mother about freedom?
Answer. (rbse solutions)
Samir’s mother was a strict mother. She had a clear cut opinion of a mature child. She thought that if a child was mature enough to think what is right or wrong, he may have freedom.

D. Answer the following questions in about 30 40 words each :

Question 1.
Why was Samir worried about the acne on his face?
Samir thought that the acne was destroying his face. Although it was a temporary loss of his face, it was uncomfortable for a teenager. So, he often used to stand before the mirror and watch it.

Question 2.
When did Samir’s parents grunt and what did they say?
When Sami’s parents were over protective, he made fun at them. They grunted and asked him how he knew. They also said that he was not old enough to know their fear.

Question 3. (rbse solutions)
How did Samir’s mother react when he fell and slipped?
When Samir fell and slipped, his mother was kind to him. She treated him like a child and showed all her love. She could not see him in pain. For her he was still a child.

RBSE 10th English Chapter 3 questions answers

Question 4.
Why did Samir stamp his feet?
Samir’s mother thought that he was not old enough to take cake of himself. She was treating him like a child. When he had desire that he must be treated as a sensible child. It raised his hackles and he stamped his feet.

Question 5.
What do you think about freedom in teenage?
In teenage a child must not be allowed to do whatever he wants. A child age is to develop values which may regulate his life. In this regard Samir’s parents are right that unless he becomes old enough to judge what is right or wrong, he must be put under perfect control.

E. Answer the following questions in about 60 80 words each :

Question 1.
Why were Samir’s parents over protective?
They are responsible parents. They never want their child might become a wild colt. Although Samir is trying to show that he is old enough to take care of himself, they hade desire to play their part. RBSE 10th English Solutions) His parents are waiting for the proper occasion when Samir may judge the things independently. But Samir shows that now he is old enough to pass his time with his friends till nine o’clock at night. However, his mother is very anxious about his self decisions.

Question 2. (rbse solutions)
“Growing up is all about a matter of individuality.” Discuss.
Answer .
Sumir is growing up. He does not want his privacy may be disturbed by his parents. He thinks that even his mother should give information before entering his room. They must give respect to the gossamer-thin-curtain hanging on the door. The very curtain Is a mark of division between his parents and him. They must change their behavior towards him. So, Samir is of the opinion that his growing up is all about a matter of individuality.

RBSE 10th English Solutions

Question 3.
What made Samir sulk?
Samir’s mother thinks in her own way. As a result, he missed party. But it made no difference for her. As usual, she treats him like a child. He even has no desire to talk to her mother for a whole day. His mother makes him accept her discussion. He cries but it makes no difference for his mother. Patting was her final remark. Samir is bound to accept everything in silent.

Growing up Pains Activity

Question 1.
Like Samir you are also having conflict with your parents. Share your views with your classmates and try to find out solutions to the situation.
Do yourself.

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