NCERT Solution Class 6 English Chapter 6 Who I Am

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Working With the Text (Page 73)

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 6 Who I Am

Answer the following questions.

Question 1.
Peter’s favourite day of the week is Sunday because_______
. ……. on this day the whole family goes to see a film.

Question 2. Nasir wants to learn___________________
 … Fr.e art of collecting cotton seeds.                             ‘

Question 3.
Dolma believes that she can make a good Prime Minister because____
. ……. she hopes to make things better for everyone, to have great scientists and doctors, good hospitals and roads and schools.

B. Write True or False against each of the following statements.

1.Peter is an only child. _________________________ .
2.When Serbjit gets angry he shouts at people. _____________________________
3.Nasir lives in the city. _________________________
4.Radha’s mother enjoys doing things with her. ____________________________
Ans: 1. False, 2. False, 3. False, 4. True.

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