MP Board Class 8 Special English Chapter 2 Solution The Making of the Missile Man

In this article, We will share MP Board Solutions Class 8 Special English Chapter 2 The Making of The Missile Man pdf. These Solutions are solved from latest edition book.

MP Board 8th English Chapter 1 Textual Exercise

Word Power

(A) Choose appropriate words from the box and fill in the blanks.
(Scientists, astronaut, surgeon, dentist, pilot)

  1. One who flies an aeroplane is called a _____
  2. The doctor who takes care of your teeth is called a _____
  3. Kalpana Chawla was a famous _____
  4. A person who studies and has expert knowledge of one or more natural or physical sciences is a _____
  5. The doctor who specialises in surgical operation is called a _____

Answers: 1.pilot,, 3.astronaut, 4.scientist, 5.surgeon.

(B) Pick out the odd word and encircle it.

  1. surgeon, dentist, physician, electrician
  2. poet, musician, author, writer
  3. SLV-3, Agni, Apple, Moon
  4. English, Mathematics, Hindi, Sanskrit
  5. Mother Teresa, SrinivasaRamanujan, C.V. Raman, Marie Curie

Answers: 1.electrician, 2.musician, 3.Moon, 4.Mathematics, 5.Mother Teresa.

(C) Pick out the words which do not mean the same as the given words:

  1. humble : greedy, meek, unassertive, unassuming .
  2. hideous : dreadful, ghastly, monstrous, pretentious
  3. interfere : obstruct, incessant, hamper, impede
  4. confusion : muddle, congestion, commotion, bewilderment
  5. preserve : protect, engage, safeguard, conserve

Answers: 1.greedy, 2.pretentious, 3.incessant, 4.congestion, 5.engage.

(D) Write the opposite of the following words:

  1. broad _____
  2. sell _____
  3. tolerate _____
  4. close _____
  5. dim _____

Answers: 1. narrow, 2.purchase, 3.intolerate,, 5.bright.


(A) Answer these questions :

Question 1. Who is the Missile Man ?
Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is the Missile Man.

Question 2. What did Abdul Kalam’s family do for their living ?
Abdul Kalam’s family was engaged in ferrying pilgrims between Dhanushkhodi and Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu.

Question 3. What did Abdul Kalam do for the support of his family?
Abdul Kalam collected tamarind seeds and sold them to a shop. He also collected a popular Tamil newspaper at Rameshwaram railway station and helped her cousin in selling it. He earned money for these services. He supported his family with this money.

Question 4. What religious books had he read in his childhood?
He read the Koran and the Gita in his childhood.

MP Board 8th English Chapter 2 Question 5.
How did the school celebrate the occasion when Kalam became President ?
When Kalam became President, the school celebrated the day as a festival. Sweets were distributed among the teachers and students.

Question 6.
One day a new teacher came to the class, he asked Abdul Kalam not to sit with Ramanandha’. How did Ramanadha’s father react to this incident ?
Ramanandha’s father sent for the teacher. He told the teacher that what he had done would only breed communalism.

Question 7. How did Abdul Kalam’s sister help him when he got admission in Madras Institute of Technology ?
His sister mortgage her ornaments to raise the required fee.

Question 8. How did Abdul Kalam learn that perseverance makes miracles ?
Once Kalam was invited his teacher Mr. Subramania Iyer. Iyer’s wife was an orthodox Hindu lady. So she refused to serve food to Kalam. Iyer, without showing any adverse reaction, served the food himself. It was his patience and gravity that prompted his wife another time to serve food to Kalam. This taught Kalam the lesson of perseverance.

(B) Match the expressions in A with their correct meanings in B:

1. devastating cyclone1. very small
2. a lot of difficulties2. big amount of money
3. lordly sum3. admired
4. very little4. many problems
5. showered praise5. destructive storm
match the pair


  1. – 5
  2. – 4
  3. – 2
  4. – 1
  5. – 3.

(C) Read the following sentences and tick true or false :

  1. Abdul Kalam comes from a high profile family. (T/F)
  2. His favourite subject were English, Maths, Science and Tamil. (T/F)
  3. Ramanandha’s father was the high priest of Rameswaram temple. (T/F)
  4. Abdul Kalam got the highest award ‘Bharat Ratna’ in 1997. (T/F)
  5. He is our tenth President. (T/F)

Answers: 1. False, 2. True, 3. True, 4.True, 5. False.

Let’s Learn

(A) Study these sentences :

They hardly noticed their loss.
It is scarcely the size of a pin-head.
Note: The use of ‘scarcely’ is very similar to that of ‘hardly’.

hardly = almost not /almost none
scarcely = almost not only just)

Make sentences from B to match the ones given under A.


  1. Mr. Mohan’s house is near the market.
  2. The gathering was very small.
  3. The watch is very small.
  4. We must hurry up. It is nearly time for the train.
  5. I cannot buy the book now.


1. It isfive minutes to get to the station.
2. There werethe size of of a paisa.
3. It is scarcelyany money now.
4. We havea furlong from the market.
5. I havetwenty people present.


  1. It is scarcely a furlong from the market.
  2. These were scarcely twenty people present.
  3. It is scarcely the size of a paisa.
  4. We have scarcely five minutes to get to the station.
  5. I have scarcely any money now.

(B) Study the sentences in the table below:

They were ready to defend the countryin casethere was an invasion.
You may ask me for helpthere is any difficculty.

Now make sentences from B to match the ones given under A.

  1. Take 100 rupees now. Send me a telegram if you happen to need more money later.
  2. You can find me in the school in the evening. If by some chance I am not there, you can certainly find me at home.
  3. If by some chance I cannot come and see you tomorrow, I will talk to you on the phone.
  4. Try to come and see me. But if you can’t, write to me.


Send me a telegram
I will’ be at home

I will talk to you on the phone
Write to me
in caseI can’t come and see you.
you can’t come and see me.

you can’t find me in the school.
you need more money.


  1. Send me a telegram in case you need more money.
  2. I will be at home in case you can’t find me in the school.
  3. I will talk to you on the phone in case you can’t come and see me.
  4. Write to me in case I can’t come and see you.

Let’s Talk

Here is a conversation between two students. Read carefully and talk with your friend as given in the example.

Student – I

Do you know who invented the aeroplane?
Very well, now can you tell me the names of Wright brothers?
And can you tell me when they invented?

Student -II

Yes, I know. It was invented by Wright Brothers.
yes, why not? Their names are Wilbur and Orville.
Oh, Yes, 17th also know that their aeroplane flew only for 13 seconds.
  • Now talk to your friend on the childhood of the Missile Man as shown in the above example.

Clues : (his full name, his teachers in school, early education, his friends, his discoveries/inventions etc.)

Student – 1

  • Do you know who is the Missile man?
  • Very well, now can you tell me his full name?
  • An can you tell me about his teachers in school?
  • And can you tell me About his early education?
  • Can you tell me who his close friend?

Student – 2

  • Yes, I know. APJ Abdul Kalam is the Missile man.
  • Yes, why not? His full name is Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam.
  • Yes. One new teacher get angry to see him sitting with a Brahmin student. He ordered him to sit at back. On the other hand Mr. Subramania was a teacher with broad mind. He invited him to have lunch with him.
  • Yes, why not. He got his early education in his home town. then he joined a boarding high school at Ramanandhapuram.
  • Yes. his close friend was Ramanand Shastry.

MP Board Class 8 English Chapter 2 Let’s read

Indian Space Programme

Read carefully the information about our

space programme :

  • The first Indian satellite “Aryabhatta” was launched on April 19, 1975 from the Soviet Union.
  • “Bhaskara I” was launched on June 7, 1979 from the Soviet Union.
  • “Rohini I” was launched on July 19, 1981 from India.
  • “APPLE” was launched on June 19, 1981 from French Guyana.
  • “Shriharikota” and “Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre” are the most important places in our space programme.

Now complete the following table:

name of the SatelliteDate of launchingFrom where it was launched
1April 19, 1975


name of the SatelliteDate of launchingFrom where it was launched
1AryabhattaApril 19, 1975The Soviet Union
2Bhaskara -IJune 7, 1979The Soviet union
3Rohini-IJuly 19, 1981India
4AppleJune 19, 1981French

Let’s Write

Here are clues about our genius mathematician Shrinivasa Ramanujan. On the basis of clues write a few sentences about Ramanujan.

Date of birth22nd Dec., 1887
Place of birthErode in Tamil nadu
Favourite subjectMathematics
UniversityCambridge (London) for research in mathematics.
Published PaperTwenty
AwardsTrinity College fellowship
First ServiceMadras port Trust
Date of death20th April, 1920

Srinivasa Ramanujan was born on 22nd Dec. 1887.

The place of his birth is Erode in Tamil Nadu.
He belonged to a humble family.
He joined his first service in Madras Port Trust.
His favourite subject was Mathematics.
He did his research work in mathematics from Cambridge University (London).
He was awarded Trinity College Fellowship.
He died on 20th April, 1920.

Word Meanings

Page 5 : Determination – firmness of purpose – दुढ इच्छाशक्ति। Virtue – inner quality – गुण। Ferrying – conveying in a boat across water, transporting – नाव से लोगों को देना। Destroyed – बर्बाद कर दिया। Pursuing – continuing – जारी रखना। Crisis – time of great difficulty or danger – संकट की स्थिति। Wished – desired – इच्छा करना। Passion – strong will – उत्कट इच्छा।

Page 6 : Dim – dull – धुधला। Tolerate – bear – सहन करना। Breed – lead to something, to cause something – उकसाना। Orthodox – holding conventional beliefs – पुराने विचारों वाला। Perseverance – continued steady efforts to achieve an aim – जुझारूपन। Miracle – surprising and welcome act or event which does not follow the laws of nature and is therefore thought to be caused by God – चमत्कार। Motto – aim, goal – उदेश। Eminent-famous – प्रसिद्द। Fascinated – attracted – अकरणित होना। Aeronauties branch – वैग्नानीक शाखा।

very big – विशाल। Martgage – a legal arrangements by which a bank lends one money – बंध की गिरवी। Required – need – आवश्यक। Compassion – feeling of pity – दया। Vowed – pledged – प्रतिगना करना। Redeem – to pay the necessary money to clear a debt – पैसा चुकाना। Commitment – a pledge – प्रतिगना। Gesture – an expressive movement or action – रुख। Below – present something as gift to somebody – प्रदान करना। Exhorted – tried hard to persuade somebody to do something – किसी को कुछ करने के लिए प्रेरित करना। Emulate – try to do well or better than somebody – कुछ अच्छा करने की कोशिश करना।

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