MP Board Class 12th English Important Extracts Solutions

In this article, we will share MP Board Class MP Board Class 12th English Important Poem Extracts Solutions. These solutions are solved by subjects experts from the latest MP Board Books.

MP Board Class 12th English Poem Extracts

Read the following extracts from the text book carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Poem 1 Invocation . Let us have concord with our own people,

And concord with people who are strangers to us,

Asvins, create between us and the strangers a unity of hearts.

May we unite our minds, unite in our purposes,

and not fight against the divine spirit within us.

Let not the battle-cry rise amidst many slain,

nor the arrows of the War-god fall with the break of the day. (M.P. 2015)

Answers these Questions

Q.1. Who is called to create unity of hearts?

Ans: Asvins.

Q.2. What is the meaning of concord?

Ans: State of peaceful agreement, harmony.

Q.3. Whose arrows will fall with the break of the day?]

Ans: War-God.

Q.4. What does the poem inculcate?

Ans: the poem inculcates the ethics of collective living through mutual love and understanding.

Q.5. “Divine Spirit” means. (M.P. 2015)

Ans: Soul which is something different from body.

Q.6. “Slain” means….. (M.P. 2015)

Ans: killed in war.

Q.7. make suitable compound word with : battle, cry, war, god. (M.P. 2015)

Ans: Battle-cry, War-god.

Q.8. What do you mean by ‘break of the day’? (M.P. 2015)

Ans: Dawn, in ancient India, battles were fought between sunrise and sunset.

Important Poem Extracts Solutions 2 ( Our casuarina Tree )

But not because of its magnificence

Dear is the Casuarina to my soul;

Beneath it we have played; though years many roll,

O sweet companions, loved with intense.

for your sakes, shall the tress be ever dear.

Blent with your images, it shall arise

In memory, till the hot tears blind mine eyes !

what is that dirge-like murmur that I hear

Like the sea breaking on a shingle-beach?

It is the tree’s lament, an eerie speech,

That happy to the unknown land may reach.

Questions Answers from Our Casuarina Tree Poem (M.P 2013,18)

Q.1. What is casuarina ?

Ans: A tree.

Q,2. What will blind the eyes of the poet?

Ans: Hot tears.

Q.3. Which noun used as adjective to quality the murmur ?

Ans: Dirge.

Q.4. What does the tree do in this stanza ?

Ans: in this stanza the poet personifies the tree. She feels that the tree shares her sorrow by singing a long mournful dirge like murmur.

Q.5. Who is the composer of these lines?

Ans: Tour Dutt is the composer of these lines.

3 If the well goes Dry

Although we still have a great deal to learn about the symbiosis between forests and rain clouds, we do know that when the forests are destroyed, the rains eventually taper off and bring less moisture. Ironically, the heavy rain continue to fall for a while where the forest used to be, washing away the topsoil that is no longer protected by the canopy of the trees or held in place by the root system. Nearby areas are sometimes flooded by the runoff, which the forest used to soak up, and nearby rivers are often silted with the top soil, gradually becoming clogged. Thus the river get shallower, their capacity to drain the flood waters is impaired, and the flooding along the banks becomes even worse. (If the well goes Dry)

Answers these Questions:

Q.1. What is the meaning of symbiosis ?

Ans: Close association of two species living together for mutual benefit.

Q.2. The word which means of covering above something?

Ans: Canopy.

Q.3. What is the antonym of shallow?

Ans: Deep.

Q.4. What will be caused by rain if there are no trees ?

Ans: If heavy rain falls when there are no trees, then the top soil will be washed away. the rivers will get clogged. they will become shallower and their capacity to drain flood water will be impaired. This will worsen the flooding along the banks.

4. A Prayer For My Daughter (M.P. 2012)

An intellectual hatred is the worst,

So let her think opinions are accursed.

Have I not seen the loveist woman born

Out of the mouth of plenty’s horn,

Because other opinionated mind

Barter that horn and every good

By quiet natures understood

for an old bellows full of angry wind?

Answer these Questions:

Q.1. Which hatred is of the word kind?

Ans: intellectual hatred.

Q.2. What is horn of plenty’?

Ans: In Greek mythology, ‘horn of plenty’ is the horn of a goat, placed among the stars, as a symbol of prosperity and joy.

Q.3. What does opinionated means ?

Ans: to have a strong unchanging opinion.

Q.4. What are the evil effects of ‘Horn of Plenty’?

Ans: Horn of plenty refers to prosperity and joy. But through it poet refers to the weakness of Maud Gonne was led to act foolishly due to her strongly held opinion. All her good upbringing proved to be useless. She ruined the happiness of her life. The poet therefore wants her daughter to avoid it.

5. ( Poem Extracts : On his being arrived..) (M.P. 2016, 19)

Yet be it less or kore,

or soon or slow,

It shall be still in strictest measure even,

To that same lot however mean or high.

Toward which time leads me and the will of heaven.

All is, if I have grace to use it so.

As ever in my Taskmaster’s eye.

Answer these Questions:

Q.1. Who is referred to as ‘Heaven’?

Ans: It refers to god.

Q.2. What has the poet got in the strictest ‘measure;?

Ans: The time for maturing.

Q.3. Who is the taskmaster?

Ans: The God is the taskmaster.

Q.4. What does the poet wish for ?

Ans: The poet wishes for a grace period to mend his ways and mature his carrier.

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