MP Board Class 12th English Chapter 2 Solutions A Friend Who Came From The Sky

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MP Board Class 12th English The Spectrum Solutions Chapter 2 A Friend Who Came From The Sky (Padma Rao)

A Friend Who Came From The Sky Exercises From The Text-Book

Word Power

Combine different viewing methods with their meanings.
Peer – closely, finding it hard to make things out
Glance – quickly
Stare – fixedly
Observe – in a scientific kind of way
Witness – as a crime or accident occurs

A Friend Who Came From The Sky Comprehension

Answer the following questions

Question 1.
What was Mini doing in the balcony? [2009, 14, 17]
Mini was watching the children playing in the park outside.

Question 2.
Why was her mother worried as Mini sat in the balcony?
Mini’s mother was worried because strong winds were blowing outside. Rains were about to fall. Mini’s mother did not want her to get wet.

Question 3.
What disability did she have? [2009, 16, 18]
Mini was a spastic and had no control over her hands and legs since birth. She could neither walk nor button up her shirt.

Question 4.
Being spastic, what could Mini do and what could she not? [2012]
Being spastic, Mini could not walk, or button up her shirt. She had no control over her hands and legs since birth. But she could crawl. She had also learnt to use her hand to brush her teeth and use a spoon to eat. She could also manage her wheel chair.

Question 5.
Why did the neighborhood children not become friendly with her? [2009]
The neighborhood children did not become friendly with her because she could not walk or play. She could move only in a wheel chair.

Question 6.
What was the ‘ball’ that fell in her lap? [2015]
The thing that fell in her lap was not a ball at all, but a bird. It was sitting in her lap, all closed up in fear. It was a duck who must have lost his way in the strong current of wind that was blowing.

Question 7. What had happened to the bird? [2013]

The bird was probably migrating back to his native land with his flock. He must have lost his way in the strong current of wind. Meanwhile “he had hurt himself on his wings in his efforts to rejoin his mates.

Question 8.
How did the bird react when Mini’s mother tried to pick it up?
When Mini’s mother tried to pick the duck, he suddenly nipped her hand.

Question 9.
Why do you think the bird refused to eat anything? [2009]
The bird refused to eat anything perhaps because he was fearful. Another reason may be that he was injured and found himself in a strange place.

MP Board Solutions

Question 10.
How was the bird fed? [2014, 16]
The bird was fed with some cooked rice in a bowl. It contained milk and sugar. The bird’s beak was opened and he was fed with an ink filler.

Question 11.
Why do you think Mini name the bird, ‘Mitra’?
Mini had no friend in the world due to her physical disability. She wanted to make a friend. So she found a friend in the bird and named her ‘Mitra’.

Question 12. What was Mini’s reaction when she found Mitra’s basket empty in the morning?

When Mini found Mitra’s basket empty in the morning, she was shocked.

Question 13.
Why did the neighborhood children come to Mini’s house?
The neighborhood children came to Mini’s house out of excitement for the duck. They were thrilled to see the duck.

Question 14.
What change did the bird bring in the attitude of the neighborhood children towards Mini?
The bird brought a complete change in the attitude of the neighborhood children towards Mini. They became friendly with Mini. started feeling the agony of Mini. They took Mini down to the park. Mini never felt lonely again.

Question 15. What mistake did Anju make? How did she compensate?

Anju called the bird as lame and told her friends that it was very hard to make her friend. But she soon realised her mistake and covered her mouth to hide it. She alongwith her friends became friendly with Mini.

Question 16.
Describe the duck’s farewell. [2009, 18]
After a couple of days, the time for duck’s farewell came. Mini’s father took all the children and the duck to a nearby lake. The children lifted Mitra from Mini’s lap and gently released him into the lake. He started swimming. The children stood there and watched for a long time.

Question 17.
Who do you think the story is about-Mini or the duck? Why? [2009]
The story is primarily about Mini. She is physically disabled. Her comparison has been drawn with the duck. Just as the girl is disabled, the duck is also lame. Just as the girl is alone, the duck is also in a strange place. justas the girl has no friends, the duck has also lost her friends, Just as the girl wants company, the duck also wants company. This comparison has been drawn to highlight the mental condition of the girl ‘Mini’.

A Friend Who Came From The Sky: Language Practice

I. Fill in the following spaces with the appropriate determiners.

  1. I was going to Haridwar. On the way I met a European. He was a disciple of an Indian religious guru who has been living in an ashram near the Ganga for the last two years. The Europeans was going to spend some days with his guru.
  2. A gentleman came to school to see the Principal. He was made to wait outside for an hour. He didn’t object to it but due to some personal reasons, the anger could be seen in his eyes.
  3. An educated person should know how to write a clear and readable letter. Everyone has to write business letters of some sort and may have to face the problems of writing important letters.

MP Board Solutions

II. Make the correct sentences by rewriting the following sentences. Given in each sentence Underline determiners

  1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  2. Don’t you have any friend in the other section?
  3. Raju can write with either hand.
  4. How much ink is there in the bottle?
  5. I have already spent the few rupees I had.
  6. How many pages are there in this book?
  7. It’s a public holiday so nothing is open.
  8. Being completely deaf he can’t hear any thing.
  9. I brought a little apple juice from the market.
  10. How much experience you have got?

A Friend Who Came From The Sky Summary In Hindi

– Padma Rao

प्रस्तुत अध्याय में बारह वर्ष की एक शारीरिक रूप से विकलांग बालिका मिनी के विषय में बताया गया है। अत्यन्त रोचक तरीके से अध्याय में घटित घटनाएँ हमें मिनी, उसकी माँ, अचानक उसके पास आयी एक बतख एवं पार्क में खेलते बच्चों के प्रति सहज रूप से आकर्षित करती हैं।

मिनी जन्म से अपंग है। अपने घर की बालकनी से प्रतिदिन सामने पार्क में बच्चों को खेलते हुए देखना उसकी नियमित दिनचर्या में शामिल है। एक दिन अचानक एक बतख उसकी गोद में उड़ती हुई आकर गिर पड़ती है। बतख एक पैर से लंगड़ी है। मिनी बतख को पाकर बहुत खुश हो जाती है। वह और उसकी माँ बतख की खूब सेवा करते हैं। आस-पास के बच्चे भी बतख के आने की जानकारी मिलने पर मिनी के पास आते हैं। उनमें से एक बच्चा यह कहकर दु:खी हो जाता है कि लंगड़ी होने की वजह से बतख अपने दोस्तों के साथ घूम-फिर नहीं सकती। किन्तु इस बच्चे को अपनी कही हई बात पर बेहद पश्चाताप होता है क्योंकि यह बात मिनी पर भी लागू होती है। बच्चों के लिये बतख एक खिलौना बन जाती है। मिनी और उसकी माँ की देखभाल से बतख कुछ दिनों में ठीक हो जाती है और मिनी के पापा उसे नदी में आजाद उड़ने के लिये छोड़ देते हैं। मिनी पुनः अकेली रह जाती है

आस-पास के बच्चों को अब मिनी के अकेलेपन का अहसास होता है और वे मिनी को अपने साथ पार्क में ले जाते हैं।

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