MP Board Class 11th English The Spectrum Chapter 4 Solutions The Shepherd

In this article, We have given MP Board Class 11th English The Spectrum Solutions Chapter 4 The Shepherd from latest MP Board book solutions.

The Shepherd Textual Questions and Answers

Word Power

A. Fill in the blanks with suitable words given.

  1. strays
  2. tender
  3. peace
  4. nigh.

B. Write the opposites of the underlined words in the given sentences.

  1. sad
  2. sorrow
  3. awake
  4. hates
  5. grief.


A. Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each.

Question 1.
What does the shepherd do all the day ? (2009, 12, 13)
He follows his sheep.

Question 2.
When does he feel happy ?
He feels happy when the lamb calls and the ewe replies.

Question 3.
When is the shepherd watchful ? (2009, 16)
He is watchful when in the night, his sheep is resting in peace.

B. Answer the following questions in two to four sentences each.

Question 1.
Why is the shepherd considered to be lucky? (2011)
The shepherd is considered to be lucky because he has got a sweet lot of sheep. Not only this, the sheep feel quite safe when under his charge.

Question 2.
Why does he feel pleasure on hearing the lamb’s call and its mother’s response?’ (2009)
He feels pleasure because the lamb’s call is very innocent. Moreover, the ewe’s reply is pretty tender.

Question 3.
Why is the lamb’s call described innocent?
The lamb’s call is described as innocent because it is from a very young animal. At that age it is not supposed to be calculating. It is simply calling its mother.

Question 4.
What makes the mother’s response tender ?
The mother’s response is tender because she is responding to her offspring. She is expressing her love through it.

Question 5.
Why does the sheep feel secure ? (2015)
The sheep feel secure because their shepherd is near them. He is keeping a watchful eye and so they need not worry.

The Shepherd Hindi Translation

गड़रिये का शान्त समूह कितना आकर्षक है;
वह सुबह से शाम तक भ्रमण करता रहता है।
सारे दिन वह अपनी भेड़ों के पीछे चलता जाता है;
और उसके मुँह से सदा उनकी प्रशंसा ही निकलती है।
क्योंकि उसे भेड़ के बच्चे की मासूम पुकार सुनाई देती है;
और उसे उसकी माँ का सौम्य उत्तर भी सुनाई देता है।
वह सदैव सतर्क रहता है और वे चैन से बंधी रहती हैं।
क्योंकि वे जानती है कि उनका गड़रिया नजदीक ही है। -विलियम ब्लेक

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