MP Board Class 11th English A Voyage Chapter 6 Cherry Tree Solutions

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Cherry Tree Comprehension

Read the following stanzas carefully and answer the questions that follow:

1. Eight year have passed
Since I placed my cherry seed in the grass,
“Must have a tree of my own, I said,
And watered it once and went to bed And forgot.

(i) Who is ‘I’ in these lines?
(ii) What did ‘I’ do eight years ago?
(iii) Why did ‘I’ do so?
(iv) What did ‘I’ do after that?
(v) Give a word from the stanza which is opposite to ‘remembered’.
(i) T in these lines is the poet-the narrator.
(ii) ‘I’ placed a cherry seed in the grass eight years ago.
(iii) ‘I’ did so thinking it to be a tree of his own.
(iv) T watered it once and then forgot it.
(v) ‘forgot’.

2. Goats ate the leaves, the grass cutter’s sycthe
split it apart and a monsoon blight
Shrivelled the slender stem Even so.

(i) What is being talked about her in these lines?
(ii) What did the goats do to it?
(iii) What did the monsoon blight do to the tree?
(iv) How was the tree split apart?
(v) Give a word from the above stanza similar in meaning to ‘thin’.
(i) A little cherry tree is being talked about here.
(ii) The goats ate the leaves of the tree.
(iii) The monsoon blight made its stem shrivelled and slender.
(iv) The tree was split apart by the grass cutter’s scythe.
(v) ‘slender’.

MP Board Solutions.

3. I lay on the grass, at ease,
Looking up through leaves at the blue
Blind sky, at the finches as they flew
And flitted through the dappled green.

(i) Where was the poet lying?
(ii) What was he doing there?
(iii) What did he see in the sky?
(iv) Explain the expression ‘the blue blind sky’.
(v) Explain the meaning of ‘dappled’.
(i) The poet was lying on the grass.
(ii) He was enjoying the beauty of nature in the sky.
(iii) He saw finches flying in the sky.
(iv) The blue sky is sometimes covered with dark cloud.
(v) dappled-variegated with round patches.

Poetic Devices

(A) Following have been ‘personified’ in the poem

(1) ‘Cherries have a way of growing’
(2) a tree had come to stay
(3) a monsoon blight-shirvelled the slender stem.
Find more examples of personification from the poem and write explanation of the lines above (1, 2, 3) and the expressions selected by you.

S.No. Examples of PersonificationExplanation
1.Cherries have a way of growing.They grow like human being naturally.
2.A tree had come to stay.It had grown full.
3. A monsoon blight shrivelled the – slender stem.Monsoon and other natural supports have made the tree strong.
4.The young tree struggle.The tree makes its growth at its own.
5.lime and the rain made miracleTime and the rain have acted like some miraculous power.

(B) Rhyming scheme: The poem has a rhyming scheme. Mark it and write out the details. Also find out where the poet deviates and say why.
The rhyme scheme of the poem is a, a, b, b except a few places where the poet deviates in under to change the mood and his expression.

(C) In the beginning of the poem is talking of the Cherry tree and how it grew against all odds towards the end he expresses his own joy and action pick out the stanza and write its meanings.
The growth of the cherry tree against all odds is expressed through these lines:
……. Even so,
next spring I watched three new shoots grow,
The young tree struggle, upward thrust,
Its arms in a fresh fierce lust
For light and air and sun.
The lines that express the poet’s joy- came back thinner, rather poor,
But richer by a cherry tree at my door.
Yes, I!-praised Night and Stars and tree.
That small, the cherry, grown by me.

MP Board Solutions

(D) Alliteration is a figure of speech in which first sounds are repeated to give the poem a lyrical quality.
For example:
a monsoon blight
Shrivelled the slender stem …………..

Find other examples from the poem and write them in your note- book.

  • Its arms in a Fresh Fierce lust
  • Who Watched, Wandering, While Time and the rain
  • Made a Miracle from green growing pain
  • Swiftly, and the Stars turned in the Sky,
  • And Moon Moths and singing crickets and I-


(A) On the basis of the reading of the poem, answer the questions:

Question 1.
What difficulties did the cherry tree face in growing up?
The difficulties that the cherry tree faced in growing up were that-
It was not watered. It was suppressed by the tall, wild grass. Goats ate its leaves. Grass cutter scythe it and split it apart.

Question 2.
What is the miracle? How was it caused by time and rain?
The miracle is something that is thought to be done by some divine or super-natural power. Here, time and rain caused the growth and bloom of the cherry tree despite all its difficulties.

Question 3.
What does the poet refer to in ‘five month’s child’?
The poet refers to the cherry tree as ‘five month’s child.

Question 4.
The poet says, Its arms in fresh fierce lust’. What do ‘Its arms’stand for?
Its are stand for the branches of the cherry tree.

Question 5.
Mention two things that the poet saw when he was trying to look at the sky through the leaves of the cheery tree.
The two things that the poet saw when he was trying to look at the sky through the leaves of the cherry tree were:

  • the finches which flew and flitted
  • bees drinking nectar from each bloom of the cherry tree.

Question 6.
Pick out the lines from the poem that convey that the cherry blossoms are delicate.
The following lines from the poem convey that the cherry bloosoms are delicate -there were blossoms small Pink, fragile, quick to fall At the merest breath, the sleepiest breeze

Question 7.
(A) What is the poet trying to say in the expression ‘cherries have a way of growing’?
By the expression cherries have a way of growing’ the poet means to say that cherry’ is tree and hence a natural object. Nature has its own way to protect its world. So, despite all hurdles the cherry tree grows and blooms. There is no power which can stop the process of nature.

MP Board Solutions

(B) What do you understand by the following expression? Write a
sentence for each expression to bring out its meaning:
1. grass running wild
2. monsoon blight
3. growing pains
4. sleepiest breeze
5 . dappled green
6. blue blind sky
7. fresh fiercest lust

  1. Grass running wild-The cherry tree is covered with grass running wild.
  2. Monsoon blight-The monsson blight has marred the growth of the plant.
  3. Growing pains-I was very much depressed at the growing pains at every’ step.
  4. Sleepiest breeze-The sleepiest breeze comforted me geatly.
  5. Dappled green-It was strange to see the bees dunking nectar
    through dappled green.
  6. Blue blind sky-The blue blind sky failed all predictions of monsoon.
  7. Fresh fierest lust-No fresh fierest lust could affect his way.

(C) Complete the following summary of the poem by filling the gaps using the expressions from the poem:
The poet sowed a seed about ………. ago because he wanted a ………. own. Once in the month of May he found a tree that ………. and had survived the ………. grass cutter’s ………. and the monsoon ………. through it was it grew three new shoots ………. and ………. grew upward w hen he came back from Kashmir he could ………. believe that a Cherry tree had ………. and ………. in the sun.
Next year it bore pink………. that were ………. and ……….. As he was relaxing in his garden he saw the ………. as they and ………. through the green. He saw bees as they drank ………. the from each .
The poet-sowed a seed about eight-years ago because he wanted a tree of his own. Once is die month of May he found a tree that grew and had survived the goat’s eating and grass-cutter’s scythe and the monsoon blight though it was shrivelled it grew three new shoots young and it grew up word when he came back from Kashmir he could hardly believe that a cherry tree had tipened and jeweled in the sum. Next year it bore pink blossoms that were fragile and quick to fall. As he was relaxing in his garden he saw the finches as they flew and flitted through the dappled green He saw beas as they drank nectar from each bloom.

Speaking Activity

A. The poem starts with a flash back where the poet recollects something from the past and then narrates about present. Talk to your friend about your childhood of something that you recollects as a pleasant memory which has borne fruits in your present life, (work in pairs) Share this with your class. Select two best narratives and put them in a poem form. Your can think of a friend a scene an incident a school happening
Do it yourself.

B. Read out the poems in the class and hold discussions on their poetic qualities, use of language and figure of speech etc.
Do it yourself.

Writing Activity

A. Read the following poem and write answer to the questions given after the poem.
See the poem on the text book page (41-42).

(i) Why does the poet call it April’s gift?
(ii) Why does the poet call it as Birthday ornament of spring?
(iii) What are the other flowers that the poet names in the poem?
(iv) What is the colour of almond blossoms?
(v) How does the poet tell us that there are no leaves on the tree?
(vi) What happens when the winter winds blow?
(i) The poet calls it April’s gift because it (almond tree) blossoms in April.
(ii) The poet calls it as Birthday ornament of spring because it is like a gift of nature.
(iii) The poet names some other flowers like king-cup, blackthorn.
(iv) The colour of almond blossoms in crimson.
(v) The poet tells us that there are no leaves on the tree as follows- Lest. with longing over-tried
We die as the violet died.
(vi) When the writer winds blow, all the red bells of almond ring with a bee in every bell and almond bloom.

MP Board Solutions

B. Use the following words from the poem in sentences of your own
trust – clouding
dare – bough
royal – greet

  • trust – He has full time in me,
  • dare — I can’t dare to say about he incident.
  • royal — The king was in his royal suit.
  • sturdy – Amit is a boy of sturdy build.
  • clouding — Several doubts are clouding me.
  • bough – The boughs of the tree are all slender and weak.
  • greet — I greeted my friend warmly.

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