MP Board Class 11th English A Voyage Chapter 14 One Thousand Dollars Solutions

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One Thousand Dollars Comprehension

Read the following passages carefully and answer the questions that follow:

1. “You heard the reading of your uncle’s will”, continued Lawyer Tolman, professionally dry in his tones. “I do not know if you paid much attention to its details. I must remind you of one. You are required to tender to us an account of the manner of expenditure of this $ 1,000 as soon as you have disposed of it. The will stipulates that. I trust that you will so far comply with the late Mr.Gillian’s wishes.”

(i) Who is ‘you’ in these lines?
(ii) What does lawyer Tolman declare?
(iii) What is written in the uncle’s will?
(iv) What is the condition in the will?
(v) Find a word in the passage which is similar in meaning to ‘submit’?
(i) ‘You’ is Mr. Gillian.
(ii) Lawyer Tolman declares the will of Gillian’s uncle.
(iii) In the uncle’s will it is written that Gillian would get one thousand dollars from the uncle’s belongings.
(iv) The condition in the will is that Gillian is required to tender an account of the manner of expenditure of the entire amount.
(v) ‘tender’.

2. “None”, Gillian frowned at his cigarette and kicked the upholdstered leather of a divan uneasily. “There is a miss Hayden, a ward of my uncle who lived in his house. She’s a quite thing-musical-the daughter of somebody who was unlucky enough to be his friend. I forgot to say that she was in on the seal ring and $ 10 joke, too. I wish I had been. Then I could have had two bottles of Brut, tripped the waiter with the ring, and had the whole business off my hands. Don’t be superior and insulting. Old Bryson-tell me what .a fellow can do with a thousand dollars,”

(i) Who is Miss Hayden?
(ii) What is her nature?
(iii) What does she get from uncle’s property?
(iv) Had Gillian got the same thing, what would have he done with it?
(v) Give a word from the passage opposite in meaning to ‘inferior’.
(i) Miss Hayden is a ward of Gillian’s uncle.
(ii) She is quite and musical.
(‘iii) She gets the seal ring and ten dollars.
(iv) Gillian would have spent it for two bottles of brut and tipped the waiter with a ring.
(v) ‘superior’.

MP Board Solutions

3. “I’ve just come from old Tolman’s,” he explained. “They’ve been going over the papers down there. They found a-Gillian searched his memory for a legal term-“they found an amendment or a postscript or something to the Will. It seemed that the old boy loosened up a little on second thought and willed you a thousand dollars. I was driving up this way and Tolman asked me to bring you the money. Here it is. You’d better count it to see if it’s right”, Gillian laid the money beside her hand on the desk.

(i) Where has Gillian come?
(ii) What does he say to Miss Hayden?
(iii) What does he do?
(iv) What is the meaning of ‘amendment’?
(i) Gillian has come to Miss Hayden’s house.
(ii) He says to her that he came there to inform her about some amendment or a postscript to the will of his uncle.
(iii) He hands over to her the entire amount of one thousand dollars.
(iv) ‘change’

4. “Mr. Gillian”’, he said, formally, ‘there was codicil to your uncle’s Will. It was intrusted to us privately, with instructions that it be not opened until you had furnished us with a full account of your handling of the $ 1000 bequest in the will. As you have fulfilled the conditions, my partner and I have read the codicil. I do not wish to encumber your understanding with y its legal phraseology, but I will acquaint you with the spirit of its contents.

(i) What does Tolman say to Mr. Gillian?
(ii) What is the codicil’
(iii) What would happen with Gillian’s account?
(iv) What is the meaning of ‘encumber’?
(i) Tolman says to Mr Gillian that there is a codicil to his uncle’s will.
(ii) The codicil is that it is to be announced to Gillian only after he submits the account.
(iii) Gillian’s account would be examined by Tolman and his partner.
(iv) ‘prevent something from moving’.

One Thousand Dollars Textual Exercises

Word Power

(A) Fill in the blanks with the words given below:
(Memorandum, accrue, render, bequest, impertinent, wagging, entail)

1. Here is the money. You can spend it as you like. You have to …………. an account of the expenditure within a week.
2. Keep your money in a bank. It will ………….. interest.
3. This job will ………….. a lot of hard work. You must think twice before you accept it.
4. The dog is ………….. its tail. Does it want something?
5. I have only asked your name, Is it …………. ?
6. Before dying, the old man left a to each of his two sons.
7. He sent a detailed ………. to his boss about the incident.


  1. render
  2. accrue
  3. entail
  4. wagging
  5. impertinent
  6. bequest
  7. memorandum.

(B) Find words from the text for following expressions.

1. afternoon performance of a show;
2. produce books, newspapers etc. printing;
3. a building in which horses are kept;
4. cheerfully;
5. that is suggested indirectly or understood;
6. make an attempt;
7. boredom;
8. take somebody somewhere in a car, taxi etc;
9. showing care for future;
10. write or say something formally in careful and clear way;
11. become liquid as a result of heating;
12. care and treatment of hands and hails;
13. beg or implore;
14. a piece of fabric or paper used to for cleaning lips and fingers;
15. rest yourself in a chair;
16. a large and dark cave;
17. a collection of valuable things such as gold, silver etc;
18. try very hard to achieve something;
19. a type of material that is made of string, thread or wire woven together;
20. danger


  1. Matinee
  2. publish
  3. Ranch
  4. Gaily
  5. Intended
  6. Move
  7. Offensive
  8. Drive
  9. Prudent
  10. Declare
  11. Melt
  12. Manicure
  13. Request
  14. Linen
  15. Drifted in
  16. Cavern
  17. Poolroom
  18. Disposal
  19. Strip
  20. Precariousness

MP Board 11th English Solutions

(C) Use the following in sentences of your own:

1. pen name
2. awkward amount
3. disposed of
4. laid down
5. took off
6. hunted out
7. frowned at
8. art gallery
9. rabbit-foot
10. loosen up
11. black sheep
12. modus operandi
13. to wag (something)
14. to be prudent
15. to repose confidence in


  1. Pen name: O Henry is the pen name of William Sydney Porter.
  2. Awkward amount: Gillian’s uncle had left an awkward amount to him.
  3. Disposed of: The case was disposed of very quickly.
  4. Laid down: There was a condition laid down by the uncle.
  5. Took off: The plane took off the right time.
  6. Hunted out: The criminal was hunted out by special task force.
  7. Frownedal: Gillian frowned at Bryson.
  8. Art gallery: There was antique collection in the art gallery
  9. Rabbit-foot: He couldn’t identify the rabbit-foot of his enemy.
  10. Loosen up: Gillian wanted to loosen up his burden
  11. Black sheep: His uncle was a black sheep.
  12. Modus operandi: Gandhi was, very practical in his modus operand
  13. To wag (something): When the dog saw its owner it began to wag its tail.
  14. To be prudent: Gillian was not at all prudent
  15. To repose confidence in: Tolman asked Gillian Lo repose his confidence in them

MP Board Solutions


I. Choose the correct alternatives and complete the sentences

Question 1.
One thousand dollars were given to Gillian on the condition that
(a) he will spend it in a week
(b) he will render an account of expenditure
(c) he will spend it in one lot
(d) he will not spend it in gambling
(b) he will render an account of expenditure

Question 2.
Gillian said he would have to engage’ secretary because
(a) he had a lot of work to do
(b) he got one thousand dollars
(c) he wanted to spend the money
(d) he had to render an account and he was not good at it
(d) he had to render an account and he was not good at it

Question 3.
(IL-knry has compared Brvson’s interest in Gillian’s story with
(a) old Gillian’s grand-daughter
(b) old Gillian’s ward
(c) old Gillian’s niece
(d) old Gillian’s sister
(a) old Gillian’s grand-daughter

MP Board Solutions

II. Answer the following questions in one sentence each:

Question I.
Why did the lawyer give Gillian the money?
The lawyer gave the money to Gillian because it was the share of the will of his uncle who died.

Question 2.
Why did Gillian call the amount of one thousand dollars a confoundedly awkward amount?
Gillian called it so because he thought it to be a sary little to spend. Moreover, he had to submit an account for it.

Question 3.
Who bestowed the amount upon Gillian?
Gillian’s uncle had bestowed the amount upon him.

Why did Gillian go to the club?

Gillian went to the club to hunt for Old Bryson.

Question 5.
“Bryson was sequestered”, which sentence in the story shows this quality of Bryson?
The-“When he saw Gillian approaching he sighed” shows this quality of Bryson.

Question 6.
What did Gillian consider as a joke in his uncle’s will?
Gillian considered the fact to be a joke in uncle’s will. It was that his under was worth half a million dollars but he had left only a thousand dollars for Gillian.

Question 7.
What did Old Gillian bestow upon Miss Hayden?
Gillian bestowed upon Miss Hayden his share of amount.

Question 8.
What would Gillian have done if his uncle had bestowed upon him a seal ring and ten dollars?
Had his uncle bestowed upon Gillian a seal ring and ten dollars he would have enjoyed life never better than now with two bottles of brute and tripped the water with the ring. He would have kept all his business off.

Question 9.
What did Gillian want to spend the money at one go?
Gillian wanted to spend the money at one go because he had to maintain an account and he hated itemizing.

Question 10.
What did the lawyer tell Gillian when he submitted his account?
The lawyer told that his account would be examined as per the will of Old Gillian and if found to be prudent, wise or unselfish they would give him $ 50000 additional amount.

MP Board Solutions

III. Answer the following questions in three or four sentences each.

Question 1.
Was Gillian satisfied with the amount his uncle bestowed upon him? Justify your answer by quoting the sentences from the text.
As per lawyer Tolman Gillian’s uncle had bestowed to him $ 10,000 dollars in his will. Gillian was not at all satisfied with the amount. The following incidences justify this:

  • It is such a confoundedly awkward amount he explained generally.
  • What can a man possibly do with a thousand dollars

Question 2.
How did the author describe Bryson’s reaction when Gillian told him about one thousand dollars?
When Gillian told Bryson about the one thousand dollars he showed as much interest as a bee show’s in a vinegar cruet. The author is very witty and ridiculous in his assessment of Bryson.

Question 3.
Why did Gillian call his uncle ‘the fairy godmother’?
Gillian called his uncle ‘the fairy godmother’. As he thinks his uncle had a lot nearly half a million dollars. But he gave only a thousand of ‘ it to Gillian without assessing his status and need. He was not realise in his approach.

Question 4.
How did Gillian react to Bryson’s suggestions for spending the money?
Gillian didn’t like the idea of Bryson about spending the amount left by his uncle. He told Bryson that he would be liked by people if he wouldn’t moralize. He also reacted that Bryson had suppressed him.

Question 5.
Why did Gillian go to Columbine Theatre? Why was he disappointed there?
Gillian went to Columbine Club to meet Lotta Lauriene who dealt I in diamond pendant. He went there to see whether he could find any suitable s- prospect to spend the amount in one lump. He wasdisappointed for these was no such scope.

Question 6.
What did Gillian tell Miss Hayden before giving her one thousand dollars?
Before giving one thousand dollars to Hayden Gillian told her that Tolman had found an amendment or a postscript to the will of the Old Gillian in which he had willed one thousand dollars to her. Tolman had sent him to hand it over to him.

Question 7.
Why did Gillian take back the envelope containing the account from the lawyer and tear it?
When Gillian submitted his account of expenditure Tolman said to him that as per the will of the Old Gillian, the account was to be examined. If it was found justified and unselfish he would get another $ 50,000 dollars.; Gillian was aware that his account was not justified in that sense. So he took the account and tore it. Moreover, he wanted to get rid of getting any amount which required itemized account of expenditure.

MP Board Solutions

IV. Answer the following questions in about 150 words each:

Question 1.
What did Bryson suggest Gillian to spend one thousand dollars?
In this story Gillian gets one thousand dollars from his uncle who had died. But uncle had put a condition that Gillian had to submit a detailed account of the expenditure of the amount. As Gillian was poor in account he thought to consult Old Bryson. Bryson was a peculiar man. He suggested many ways to spend this amount. He told that with one thousand dollars one can buy a happy home, send one’s wife to south, one can buy pure milk for a hundred babies. One thousand dollars can also serve the purpose of educating an ambitious boy. One can move to New Hampshire and live respectfully for two years, and lecture one’s audience. He also suggested him to go to Miss Lotta Lauriene who was a diamond pendant dealer He asked him to buy some pendant. He suggested him to go to the ranches specially the sheep ranches. His ideas were ridiculous Hence, Gillian did not like it.

Question 2.
What type of man was young Gillian?
Young Gillian was a unique character. He is a man of free will and careless life. He does not care for money. His uncle’s one thousand dollars has no much importance for him. He does not like keeping account of his expenses. He had been careless about his expenses. So his uncle had willed to give him the amount only if he submitted the detailed account of expenditure. He consults Bryson for his suggestions on his expenses. He suggests a number of options. Gillian does not like them as they involve itemizing when he hates. He wanted to spend it in one tump. Finally he gives the entire amount to Miss Hayden, a ward of his uncle Old Gillian.

He is full of emotion. He feels compassion for Hayden. In spite of Hayden’s dislike for himself he again and again expresses his love for her. Finally he submits his account to Tolman where he finds another trap for him. His account is to be examined. He takes his account back and tears it into bits to save him from the money. After all he is good man with qualities of a man of free will.

Question 3.
What do you mean by codicil? What was the codicil? What was the codicil to old Gillian’s will? Why did he make this arrangement?
Codicil is the term which is used for a new but later addition in one’s will. In this story Old Gillian has left a will in which he Has expressed his desire for the distribution of his belongings after his life. He has given the part of his property to his dependents and other relatives. Gillian, his nephew, is one of them whom the old Gillian has given one thousand dollars. But he has put a condition, which dictates that Gillian has to submit a detailed account of his expenditure item-wise which Gillian does not like. However, he submits the account to get rid of it.

Then lawyer Tolman informs him about the codicil. As per this codicil his account was to be examined by Tolman and his partner sharp. If it was found to be justified, unselfish and wise, he would be rewarded with bonds of 50,000 dollars. If the amount was found to have been spent in the manner as had done in part the new reward would be given to Miss Hayden. Old Gillian might have made this codicil in order to put his nephew on proper track of life.

Question 4.
How did young Gillian feel about Miss Hayden? What acts of his suggest what he felt for her?
Gillian is a man of full of love and compassion for others. He leads a carefree life. He doesn’t care for money. When he comes to know from Tolman that Hayden has got the ring and the $ 10,’ he feels sympathy for her. Actually he has soft comer for her in his heart. He goes to her straight way, gives the entire amount of one thousand dollars to her.

He does not tell her that it is his share that he is giving to her. He doesn’t want to let her know for this charity. Later he expresses his love for her. Though Miss Hayden doesn’t approve to it. She flatly rejects it in a sharp tone. Still Gillian is not annoyed. He writes a note that he is giving the amount of one thousand dollars to the best and dearest woman on earth. All his action shows how much he loves her.

MP Board 11th English One Thousand Dollars Solutions

Question 5.
What are the various alternatives that Gillian told Old Bryson for spending One thousand Dollars?
Gillian, the central character of the story, is a man of free will. He does not care for what the others say for him. He is an extravagant. He lives life leisurely. When he gets one thousand dollars from his uncle, he feels awkward. It is only because he had to submit a detailed account of his expenditure. He doesn’t like itemizing.

He wants to find a way how he could spend the whole amount in one lump. Still he consults Old Bryson who could tell him some ways. He first tells him his own alternates about spending the amount. He wants to have two bottles of but, tripped the water with the ring and the whole business off his hands. For him one thousand dollars is only a little for anyone to spend.


Look at the following sentences:

  • A part of it goes to the man who invents a new bacillus.
  • She is a ward of my uncle who lived in his house.
  • There he hunted out one whom he called old Bryson.

All these sentences have two clauses. The highlighted clause one called relative clauses. They are also called Adjective clauses because they perform the function of adjective i. e.. describing a noun or a pronoun in the principal clause. Can you identify the nouns/pronouns that the underlines clauses describe?

These clauses may occur with or without relative pronouns. These relative pronouns vary slight according to whether they refer to persons or things, and according to whether they are subjects or objects of a verb or in the possessive case. They do not van for singular or plural or masculine or feminine.

Look how relative pronouns are used in the following sentences.

  • The man who stole your watch has been arrested.
  • The girl who you were talking to a little while ago is my sister.
  • The boy whose book you are reading is a friend of mine.
  • The girl you are playing with is in class XII,
  • The book (that) you are reading is written by my father.

In sentence 2 ‘who’ has been used in place of ‘whom’ In modem English ‘whom’ is very’ rarely used.
In sentence 4 no relative pronoun has been used In sentence 5 ‘that’ can be deleted. Join the following pairs of sentences using one of them as a relative clause.

1. The girls serve in the shop
The girls are the owner’s daughter.

2. People are trapped in a lift
The film is about these people.

3. The girls arc always complaining about their long hours
He employs the girls

4 We saw it.
It astonished us,

5. The ladder began to slip.
I was standing on the ladder

6, The car broke down after two kilometres.
I hired the car.

7 This is the picture.
The picture caused a lot of controversy.

8.The film is about a spy.
The spy’s wife betrayed him

9. You need information.
This book will give you the information.

10 She gave me a sweater.
She knitted it herself

  1. The girl who senes in the shop is the owner’s daughter.
  2. The film is about the people w ho are trapped in a lift.
  3. The girls whom he employs arc always complaining about their long hours
  4.  What I saw astonished us.
  5. The ladder on which I was standing began to slip.
  6. The car which 1 hired broke down after two kilometers.
  7. This is the picture which caused a lot of controversy
  8. The film is about a spy whose wife betrayed him
  9. This book will give you the information which you need.
  10. She gave me a sweater which she knitted herself.

Speaking Activity

(See Text book page 114)
Find examples of both the types of ironies in the story and discuss them in groups Each group then presents what conclusions they have come to about
1. How it is verbal irony. Give examples.
2. Which is the irony of situations in the story. Give examples
1 Example of verbal irony

  • It’s such a confoundedly awkward amount,
  • Uncle was a fairy godmother as far as an allowance is concerned

2. Example of situational irony

  • Paid by a black sheep. Robert Gillian. $ 1000 on account of the internal happiness owed by Heaven to the best and dearest woman on earth.
  • ‘It’s all right he said, “there is not a bit of need to bother you with this. I don’t suppose you’d understand these itemized bets, anyway I lost a thousand dollars on the races Good-bye to you gentleman.

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