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MP Board Class 10th Special English Notes

In this article we provides you MP Board Class 10th Special English Notes with Important Questions Answers. you can download pdf file of these notes.

MP Board Class 10th Special English Notes and Questions Answers

  • Q.1. Did the Swallow go to Egypt? Give reason. 
  • Q.2. What were the Happy Prince’s eyes made of? What did he do with them? 
  • Q.3. What does Bacon want to convey when he | says ‘To turn all certainties’? 
  • Q.4. How should riches be spent and husbanded to the best advantage? Support your answer with textual references. 
  • Q.5. How did the three master shatter wasserkopf ‘s plan to get the refund? 
  • Q.6 How did Mathematics (master) teacher prove that he was more shrewd than the former pupil? 
  • Q.7 What works did the boys do to earn some money? Why did they do so? 
  • Q.8. What are the things that affected the culture /of India in the old days? 
  • Q.9. What was called ‘Places’ in the story. The Last leaf? What was special about it? 

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  • Q.10. How did Behrman save Johnsy’s life? 
  • Q.11. Describe how Jean and Pierre managed to get the Pie ? 
  • Q.12. What would Helen like to see in the eyes of Ker teacher? 
  • Q.13. What are the things Helen eager to see in v New York? 
  • Q.14. What difficulty did Heyerdahl have with the tribals? How did he overcome it? 
  • Q.15. Describe the launch of the Papyrus boat ? 
  • Q.16. Summarise the things that the lawyer learnt from the books in prison. 
  • Q.17. What were the conditions of the agreement between the banker and the young lawyer? 
  • Q.18. How did Gerrard finally confine the Intrudert into the cup-board? 

MP Board Class 10th Special English Notes and Questions Answers

  • Q.19. “One who is intelligent is powerful.” How did Gerrard prove that as he defeated the intruder by his intelligence? 
  • Q.20. How did Gandhiji create interest in his teaching ? 
  • Q.21. You are Ashutosh Acharya the cultural secretary of your school/Draft a notice giving information about the selection of two participants from your school to take part in the inter school debate competition. 
  • Q.22. Look at the visual input given below and produce a story: 
  • Q.23. How was the Swallow instrumental in lessening the miseries of the people? 
  • Q.24. Why were the author and his companions strangely attracted to the boys ? 
  • Q.25. How did the two boys look after their sister? 
  • Q.26. Why did the last leaf not fall? 
  • Q.27. Which was harder to get, the pie or the Tart? Why?

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  • Q.28. Why are certain pains and sorrows necessary? 
  • Q.29. How did author compare the growth of culture with the growth of a tree? 
  • Q30. Mr. A. Mathur is the Manager of Super Chemicals Ltd. He has made the following notes about a job candidate called Mohan Srivastava. 
  • Q.31. You are Anupama, Secretary of the Environment Club of Government Higher Secondary School, Balaghat. Write a notice in about 120-150 words announcing the launching of a Tree Plantation Drive in your school. 
  • Q.32. You have managed to go sanctuary at Bandhavgarh Umariya to see wild animals with your friend. Write a message to your friend to meet at a fixed time and place in a hotel. Do ask your friend to inform his/her parents. 
  • Q.33. Your school is going to organises social work for the welfare of the poor living in slum areas of your city. Draft the Principal’s notice to the students. 
  • Q.34. Look at the visual input given below and produce a paragraph. 
  • Q.35. You are Rohit Verma student of X B in your school. Write an application to your principal for sanctioning leave of one week as you are suffering from viral fever as you are sick. 
  • Q.36. Write an application to your Principal requesting him to issue you School Leaving Certificate (S.L.C). As your father has been transferred from Indore to Rewa.

MP Board Class 10th Special English Notes 2020

  • Q.37. Write an Essay of the following : WONDERS OF ENGLISH-SPECIAL 
  • Q.38. Write an Essay of the following : MY HOBBY 
  • Q.39. Write an Essay of the following : IMPORTANCE OF GAMES OR VALUE OF GAMES 
  • Q.40. Write an Essay of the following : A CRICKET MATCH / AN INTERESTING MATCH 

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