MP Board Class 10th Message, Notice, Postcard and Telegraph

In this article, we will share MP Board Class 10th English Solutions Important Message, Notice, Postcard and Telegraph with the latest 2021 solutions. These are solved by subjects experts.

MP Board Class 10th Important Message

1.  You have managed to go sanctuary at Bandhavgarh Umariya to see wild animals with your friend. Write a message to your friend to meet at a fixed time and place in a hotel. Do ask your friend to inform his/her parents.(MP 2015)


2. Write a message on behalf of your mother telling your brother to reach your uncle’s house for dinner tonight. (MP 2010)

  3. You have saved one thousand rupees. Write a message to your friend describing your plan that how are you going to use it. (MP 2016)English Message Ans.

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MP Board Class 10th Important Notice

4. You are Ashutosh acharya the cultural secretary of your school. Draft a notice giving information about the selection of two participants from your school to take part in the inter-school debate competition.(MP 2010,11,18)

5. You have lost your watch somewhere on the school premises. Besides being valuable the watch has an emotional value to you. Write a notice to put on the school notice board, promising a good reward to one who finds it (MP 2017)
6. Your school is going to organize social work for the welfare of the poor living in slum areas of your city. Draft the principal’s notice to the students. (MP 2013, 16 )Ans. 

7. You are Darpan, a senior prefect of your school. Your school is going to arrange a painting competition on coming Monday. draft a notice for the students and ask them to get registered with you before Friday. (MP 2011 English Message) 

MP Board Class 10th Important Postcard and Telegraph

8. Write a telegram to your friend congratulating him on his success in the Board examination.(MP 2012,18)

MP Board 10th English Post Card

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