MP Board Class 10th English The Rainbow Solutions Chapter 1 Goodwill

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10th English Solutions The Rainbow Chapter 1 Goodwill


A. Write the opposites ( antonyms) of the following words.

(i) swift, (ii) swift, (iii) knowledge, (iv) wise,

Answers: (i) slow, (ii) unsteady, (iii) ignorance, (iv) foolish,

B. Things like chariots are rarely seen these days. Make a list of such things and describe them in a sentence or two.

Answer: Do yourself

Listening Skill Listen to the poem carefully.

See Workbook page 1

B. Now answer the following questions. recall two words from the poem which rhyme with the following words and write them in the space given. vain, mine, cold, thee.


  • vain- pain- strain
  • mine- repine-divine
  • cold-fold-hold
  • Thee-see-me.

Speaking Skill

Say a few lines on the following virtues, forgiveness, honesty, patience.

Answers: Do yourself.

Reading Skill

Read the poem workbook page 2-3

  1. Now answer the following questions in one or two sentences.

Question 1: Why Does the poet want to be brave?

Answer: the poet wants to be brave so that he may speak the truth and say be kind to all.

Question 2: What does the poet want to do with the unintentional hurts of friends?

Answer: he wants to be thoughtful so that he may not hurt others.

Question 3: What does the poet wish to know?

Answer: The poet wishes to know the inmost hearts of those for whom he cares.

2. complete the following lnes.

  1. May i make lonely folks feel less alone.
  2. May i forget what ought to be forgotten.
  3. What ought to be forgotten; and recall.
  4. forgetting what might sting .
  5. Let me be joy, be hope! let ,y life sing!

3. Give synonyms of the following words.

  • secret : confidential
  • courage : bravery
  • recall ; to call back
  • joy ; happiness

4. Choose the antonyms of the following words from the poem.

  1. forget : recall
  2. enemy : friend
  3. careful : careless
  4. coward : brave

Class 10th Chapter 1 Goodwill Questions Answers

Goodwill Writing Skill

Question 1: You greet your friends on several occasions. Write goodwill greetings starting with (50 words) May you………Wish……….you

Answer: May you Live long May you pass exams with good score! May your life prosper well! Wish you a happy journey! Wish you a quick recovery! Wish your mothers good health!

Question 2: narrate some qualities found in a wise man. ( 150 words)

Answer: A wise man possesses many qualities. First of all he is a gentleman. He possesses knowledge of most of the aspects of life. He is kind and generous to all. Everyone praises his tact and talent. He speaks the truth. he is helpful to all. He thinks for the welfare of the society and does accordingly. He doesn’t harm anyone. He is honest to his duties. He is well-behaved. he is a self made man.

He is an asset to the society. The knowledge of a real wise man is not limited to any particular field. Instead he keeps acquiring knowledge of various fields such as region, science, literature etc.

Fill In the blanks:

  1. How a you fight with me? (Fill modal auxiliary)
  2. Think you live why! (insert appropriate word)
  3. He is determined (determined) to fly away. (use present simple)
  4. Each boy had to pay a fine. (each, All,Any)
  5. His brother is an N.C.c. cadet. (a, an, the)
  6. A few hour’s study is enough. (is, are)
  7. He deals in sugar.(Use preposition)
  8. We ought to serve our nation. (need/may/ought to)
  9. I Think l’ll put it in my next play. ( Use preposition)
  10. There is some dirt on this plate. ( some, a, an)

Do as directed (any five)

  1. “We are not complaining sir,” said they. (change narration.)
  2. I know because i connected them. ( Pick out the clause and name it.)
  3. (a) The news is true. (b) Sachin has announced his retirement. (Make a complex sentence having opposite clause.)
  4. I am buying mangoes. (Change the voice.)
  5. But for our books we would be ignorant. ( Rewrite expressing a conditions.)
  6. A time of peace and plenty are coming to us ( Correct the sentence.)
  7. I looked through some old papers and came across this letter. (Rewrite using apropriate form of participle.)


  1. They said respectfully that they were not complaining.
  2. because i counted them-Subordinate Adverb clause.
  3. the news that Sachin has announced his retirement is true.
  4. Mangoes are being bought by me.
  5. We would have been ignored if we had no books.
  6. A time of peace and plenty is coming to us.
  7. White looking through some old papers i came across this letter.

MP Board Workbook Solutions Chapter 1 Goodwill for Class 10th

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