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In this article, We have share MP Board Class 10th English Solutions Essay The unemployment problem of India, Cinema its Merits and Demerits or Value of Discipline and other important essays.

The Unemployment Problem In India


India has a bundle of problem such as problem of food, water, education, medical, residential, agriculture, unemployment etc. English Essay.

The Burning Problem

The problem of unemployment today has become a front page news, a household word and a headache to the politicians. The mouths are many the jobs are limited. The reservation policy is defective. The educational system needs overhauling. 


The consequences of unemployment are serous. It lower income. It increase poverty. It brings frustration in our youth. There are cases of suicide and burning. The looting and cheating are very common. It is a challenge to government and ministers. It upsets all human values and generates crime. 


We have limited land and limited jobs. Machines gives jobs only to a few persons. Business conditions are not very good. Some facilities are not easily available. Mathus said, “human population multiples at a geometric rate, food supply increase only at an arithmetic rate” .

Types Of Unemployment

There are three types of unemployment agriculture, industrial and educational. In agriculture we have lack of capital and lack of scientific methods of cultivation. Industrial development is very slow. Regular strikes of employees and defective location of industries give birth to unemployment. Defective educational system and lack of ‘technical education’ lead to painful unemployment. 


Cottage and small industries should be encourage. Rural educational and private enterprises should be taken into consideration. Rapid growth of population should be strictly checked. Natural resources and educational reforms should be worked out. 


Unemployment give birth to diseases and deaths. Dark and diary prospects are the results of unemployment. Unemployment brings misery and misfortune. Our sincere efforts in solving the problem, will be the dawn of a true “welfare state”  Important English Essay

Cinema: Its Merits and Demerits 


Cinema is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Thousands of people go to see cinema everyday. It connects people to society. It is in fact a mirror of the society. 


The biggest advantage of cinema is that is not expensive therefore it has access to all section of society. The combination of audio and visual presents life like picture before the audience. This is one of the major factors contributing towards its popularity and appeal.


Cinema is  serve as a means to spread awareness among masses. Documentary films have direct educative purpose while other films can also play an important role in carrying out propaganda against social evils, inculcate values, create awareness of rights and duties.


Cinema has a grate commercial value. It has emerged as an industry. It provides employment to thousand of people and gives them a chance to exhibit their talent. This industry has emerged and taken roots of regional level also. 


But cinema has certain disadvantages of its own. Its results are long lasting and far reaching.

Bad effect on the Youth

Certain bad characters shown in the cinema affect the minds of youth, and often they a tart smoking, drinking gambling and taking drugs. Some of the vulgar scene, dresses and dialogues affect the character of young boys and girls who get swayed by them. 

Effect Of Eye Sighted

Cinema can affect eye sighted badly. The habit of going to cinema regularly may spoil the eyes specially children should not be allowed to see much of it,

Eyesight once lost can not be regained. Spending time and money on cinema frequently is nothing but wastage. 


Cinema has its own merits and demerits. Films are made for entertainment of all sections of society with a view to make money. It is up-to the people to differentiate between good and bad. They should learn what is good and discard what is bad for them. Besides, watching cinema in excess is always harmful. important English Essay.

Value Of Discipline

Discipline is an important virtue in one’s life. Discipline means training of mind or complete obedience to certain rules and regulations. Life without discipline is just like a house without a roof. It is absolutely essential for successful life and for one’s moral life. Discipline costs nothing but pays rich dividends.

Discipline is the structural and fundanmental unit of successful person. It is essential for us in home, for soldier’s in battlefield, for students in school, for players in playground. A team of experienced player’s often lose the match because of indiscipline in the team.

Discipline is very important in one’s life. If a students follow a discipline life and obeys his teacher’s and follow rules sincerely with dedication, firm mind and focus on his goal. He can achieve his dream. If he voilates, then he suffers a great deal in future.

So life without discipline is incomplete and unsuccessful . We need to follow some rules by respecting our elder s and seniors. Discipline works everywhere. It controls mental and physical movements and moral values. There is no sphere in heaven and earth where discipline does not dominates . Discipline is everything which we do in the right way, in right time.

Everything in the worlds is organised by the discipline. Air,water and land give us the way to live. Discipline in the nature which exists in everything made by the nature. If we don’t follow them, in  a way we are harming the environment or nature.

The entire cosmos, all the heavenly bodies and all the nature objects, seem to acting, moving or existing under discipline of their own. The plants and crop grow in a discipline way. Even the insects and animals in the forest have their own organized way of life. The proper growth of life is impossible if their is no discipline in it .

One should observe discipline even in small things of life. Punctuality is a form of discipline, Good manners are also a mark of discipline. The habit of discipline always makes us happy. So one need to be puctual to his routine, hard working to be fit and healthy. Discipline demands self control and dedication. It also strengthens the nation.

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