MP Board Class 10th English Chapter 6 Two Gentlemen of Verona Solutions

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Two Gentlemen of Verona Additional Important Questions

A. Read the passages and answer the questions that follow.

1. The following afternoon we drove to the tiny village set high upon the hillside. I imagined that our destinations would be some humble dwellings. But directed by Jacopo, we drew up at a large red-roofed villa, surrounded by a high stone wall. I could scarcely believe my eyes and before i could recover breath my two passengers had leaped from the car. (Page ) mp board english solutions

Questions: A. Find a word from the above passage which means ‘living place’.

(b) find a word from the above passage which means opposite to ‘doubt’.

(c) Give noun from of the word ‘imagined’.

(d) Where did the narrator drive to?

Answers: (a) dwellings, (b) believe, (c) imagination, (d) the narrator drove to the tiny village set high upon the hill side.

2. She was eager to do so . They were, she explained, quite alone in the world, except for his sister, Lucia. Their father, a wider, a well-known singe singer, had been killed in the early part of the war. Shortly afterward a bomb had destroyed their home and thrown the three children into the streets. They had always known a comfortable and cultured life. Lucia had herself been training as a singer and they had suffered horribly from near starvation and exposure to the cold winter. (Page 52) mp board english solutions

Questions : (a) find a word from the above passage which means ‘willing’.

(b) Find a word from the above passage which means opposite to ‘troublesome’.

(c) Give the adjective form for the word ‘training’.

(d) Who were quite alone in the world?


  1. eager
  2. comfortable
  3. trained
  4. Nicola, Jacopo and their sister Lucia were quite alone in the world.

I. Match the following:

  1. two small boys were – (a) was nearly twleve
  2. Nicola, the elder boy to work. – (b) was their willingness
  3. Jacopo, the younger boy Padua. -(c) the last bus from
  4. What struck the narrator -(d) was thirteen.
  5. The boys were waiting for -(e) selling wild strawberries.

Answers: 1.(e), 2.(d), 3.(a), 4.(b), 5.(c).

II. pick up the correct choice:

(i) ‘Two Gentlemen of Verona’ is written by

  1. Rudyard Kipling
  2. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru
  3. A.J. Cronin
  4. M.K. gandhi.

Answer: (3) A.J. Cronin.

(ii) A. The two brothers……. (embraced/greeted) the narrator and his companion.

B. During the summer days, under the hot sun, the two brothers…….. :(mended/shined) shoes.

C. The two brothers had a meal, it was usually ……… (black/yelloww) bread and figs.

D. Nacola was ……… (gazing/glaring) at his younger brother in vexation.

Answer: A. greeted, B. shined, C. black, (d) glaring.

III. Write ‘true’ or ‘False’.

  1. The title of the lessons is ‘Two Youngmen of Verona’.
  2. Luigi was the author’s companion.
  3. Nicola and Jacopo were uncle and nephew.
  4. The two boys will sell all their papers when the last bus from Pauda comes.
  5. Lucia was the mother of the small boys.

Answers: 1. False, 2. False, 3.false, 4.True, 5.False. mp board english solutions

IV. Fill in the following blanks:

  1. The following afternoon we drove to the tiny village set high upon the….
  2. I just brought two ….. boys here
  3. The two boys were seated at the bedside of a ….. who propped on pillows.
  4. Bu t every week, Lucia’s …… have made their payment.
  5. I waited outside until the boys……….

Answers: 1. hillside, 2. small, 3. girl, 4. brothers, 5. rejoined us.

B. Short Answer Type Questions (In about 25 words)

Question 1. Whom did the travelers meet and where?

Answer: Once the travelers met two boys on the outskirts of Verona. They had tangled hair and dark earnest eyes with brown skin. They were brothers. Their names were Nicola and Jacopo. They were selling strawberries.

Question 2. What did the Travelers saw the next morning?

Answer: Next morning the travelers saw the two boys again. They were shining shoes. Nicola told them that they did many jobs to earn a living. Sometimes they took the visitors through the town to show the places of interest.

Question 3. In what ways did the boys help the author?

Answer: The boys took the author through the town to show the places of interest. They also helped the author to get American cigarettes, buy tickets for the opera and choose good Italian restaurants. mp board english solutions

Question 4. Why were Nicola and Jacopo sitting on the payment on a cold midnight?

Answer: Nicola and Jacopo did many jobs to earn a living. One cold night they were sitting on the payments and waiting for the last bus to come. They would sell all their newspapers on the arrival of that bus.

Question 5. Where did the author think the boys were going? Whcih sentence tell us this? How did they usually go there?

Answer: The author though that were going home in the weekend. The sentence ‘I had expected our destination to be a humble cottage’ tells us this. They usually went there on hired bicycles.

Question 6.What did the author see one windy mid night?

Answer: it was a windy mid night. The author saw both Nicola and Jacopo sitting on a stone. They had a bundle of newspapers. Jacopo had slept on the shoulder of Nicola. Nicola’s face told of fatigue.

Question 7. Who was Lucia? What had happened to her?

Answer: Lucia was girl of twenty. She was the sister of the two small boys Nicola and Jacopo. She was suffering from tuberculosis of the spine and was admitted in a hospital. MP Board English Solutions

C. Long Answer Type Questions. (In about 50 words)

Question 1. Why do the two brothers do many jobs? How does the author come to know of their difficulties?

Answer: The two brothers, Nicola and Jacopo, did different jobs to earn money to satisfy their needs. they do not mind any work. Their aim to earn money not for their living but for the treatment of their sister in the hospital. Both the boys are self-respecting. they tell no one about their problems. They shoulder their responsibilities intelligently, serious and earnestly. The author comes to know about their difficulties when he reaches the hospital and finds them talking to a girl. The nurse tells the author their pathetic story.

Two Gentlemen of Verona introduction

This is a story of two boys who choose hard life at a very tender age. They have a sister who is afflicted with tuberculosis. She is admitted in a hospital. The two young boys do a variety of work to earn money for the treatment of their sister. Their sacrifice and devotion to the cause is really praiseworthy and inspiring as well. MP Board English Solutions

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