MP Board Class 10th English Chapter 19 If I Were You Solutions

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If I Were You Introduction

This one-act-play revolves round Gerrard and the Intruder, the two major characters. Gerrard is a playwright and always avoids social relations. People are not aware of his profession. The Intruder, who happens to be a criminal, suspects Gerrard to be the same (criminal). Once he plans to kill Gerrard to take on his identity so that he may not be caught by the police. But Gerrard foils his plan.

If I Were You Additional Important Questions

I. Match the following:

1. Gerrard is of – (a) is cultured
2. Gerrard is wearing – (b) flashily dressed in an overcoat and soft hat
3. Horrace’s voice – (c) medium height
4. The intruder is – (d) seats himself on the divan by the bag
5. The intruder – (e) horn-rimmed glasses
1. (c), 2. (e), 3. (a), 4. (b), 5. (d).

Choose the Correct Answers:

(i) ‘If I were you’ is:
A. a voluminous drama
B. the autobiography of a playwright
C. a piece of fiction
D. a one-act-play.
D. a one act play

(ii) A. This is all very ………. (dramatic/melodramatic).
B. I shall make you ……………. (somersault/roll/crawl).
C. You are not ………….. (confronting/dealing) with a fool.
D. I can………… (rest/retire) here nicely for a little while.
A. dramatic
B. crawl
C. dealing
D. rest.

III. Write ‘True’ or ‘False’:

1. The hero of the play If I Were You’ is a murderer.
2. People in general are not aware of Gerrard’s profession.
3. The intruder was being pursued by the police for jewel robbery.
4. The Intruder kills Gerrard and assumes his identity.
5. Gerrard foils the Intruder’s plan and manages to lock him in a cupboard.


  1. False
  2. True
  3. True
  4. False
  5. True.

IV. Fill in the following blanks:

1. Put those ………… up!
2. You have got enough sense not to want to get ………………
3. Are you American or is that merely a clever ………. ?
4. I’m afraid jewels are few and far between in the ………. of Essex.
5. Admitted you’ve nothing to lose, but what have you to ……………


  1. paws
  2. hurt
  3. imitation
  4. wilds
  5. gain.

A. Read the passages and answer the questions that follow:

Question 1.
(He puts dozen the phone and goes to the divan on the left where there is a travelling bag, and starts packing. Whilst he is thus engaged, another man, similar in build to Gerrard, enters from the right silently revolver in hand. He is flashily dressed in an overcoat and a soft hat. He humps accidentally against the table, and at the sound Gerrard turns quickly.) (Page 155)

(a) What does he start down after putting down the phone?
(b) Who enters Gerrard’s cottage?
(c) What does the Intruder have in his hand?
(d) Find a word from the above passage which means ‘gaudily’.
(a) He goes to the divan and starts packing a travelling bag.
(b) An Intruder, similar to Gerrard in identity, enters Gerrard’s cottage.
(c) The Intruder has a revolver in his hand.
(d) ‘Flashily.

Question 2.
I’m O.K. I’ve got a reason for everything. I’m going to be Vincent Charles Gerrard, see. I’ve got to know what he talks like. Noio I know. That posh stuff comes easy. This is Mr. V.C. Gerrard speaking, (pantomine of ‘phoning, in imitation cultured voice) And that’s not all. (He stands up.) Get up a minute. (Gerrard stands.) Now take a look at me.
(Page 158)

(a) Why is he going to be Vincent Charles Gerrard?
(b) What has he got to know?
(c) What does he ask Gerrard to do?
(d) Find a word from the passage which means ‘facial expression to convey meaning’.
(a) He is going to be Vincent Charles Gerrard so that he can ecape police & punichment for murdering the police officer and live life freely.
(b) He has got to know what V.C. Gerrard talks like him.
(c) He asks Gerrard to get up(stand) a minute.
(d) ‘Pantomime’.

B. Short Answer Type Questions (In about 25 words)

Question 1.
Why did the Intruder want to make Gerrard talk?
The Intruder had killed a cop. The police was chasing him. He came to Gerrard’s cottage to kill and impersonate him. He wanted some knowledge about Gerrard which might save him from being hanged. Therefore, he wanted to make Gerrard talk.

Question 2.
When, according to the Intruder, would Gerrard stop being smart?

Answer: The Intruder was pointing a revolver at Gerrard. Gerrard pretended to be calm and carefree. Moreover, Gerrard did not show any sign of fear. The Intruder thought that Gerrard was trying to be smart. He would stop being smart on being hit by one of his bullets.

Question 3. Why did the Intruder say, “They can’t hang me twice?”

Answer: The intruder told Gerrard that he would kill him. Gerrard called murder a grave crime. A person can be hanged for killing another person. The Intruder told him that he had already committed a murder for which he would be hanged. They can’t hang him twice.

Question 4. How can you say that Gerrard was an intelligent and tactful person?

Answer: Gerrard told the Intruder that he knew all the answers. He understood that the Intruder had evil intentions. Still he told him that he was pleased to see him. Being a sensible and tactful man he knew how to behave in a crisis. He took the Intruder into confidence and trapped him.

Question 5. Why did the Intruder think that Gerrard was being smart?

Answer: Gerrard was casual in his talks. He was trying to know the particulars of the Intruder. Besides, Gerrard was not disclosing or confirming his own particulars. Therefore, the intruder thought that Gerrard was being smart.

Question 6.
When according to the intruder, would Gerrard stop being smart?
Gerrard was taking the things easy. He was not serious in giving answers to his questions. Rather he was being smart. Accordinrg to the Intruder, Gerrard would stop being smart when he learnt his plan of killing him. He would appeal to him to spare his life and come to senses.

Question 7. Why was the Intruder running from pillar to post?

The Intruder lived in a town. Things went wrong with him. In a fit of anger, he committed the murder of a cop. The police was chasing him. To avoid being arrested, he kept running from pillar to post.

Question 8.
Gerrard had presence of mind. Justify.
Gerrard did not lose his cool while he was answering the Intruder’s questions. He learnt how the Intruder was afraid of Police. he made up a story that he was also a criminal like him. He created the scene of the arrrival of police. The Intruder was caught in his trap. It shows his presence of mind.

Question 9.
Why did Gerrard say, “You won’t kill me for a very good reason”?
The Intruder had expressed his desire to kill Gerrard and impersonate him. Gerrard told him that he was also a murderer. If the intruder shot him dead, he will be hanged for sure either as himself or as Gerrard. Therefore, he won’t kill him for a very good reason.

Question 10.
How would Gerrard’s clothes let down the intruder?
Gerrard told the intruder that it would not be out of danger for him to pose as him. He (Gerrard) himself is wanted by the police in a case of murder. A raid is expected any moment. If the intruder was found clad in Gerrard’s clothes, he would be let down soon.

C. Long Answer Type Questions (In about 50 words)

Question 1. Narrate Gerrard’s encounter with the Intruder? What was its result?

Gerrard was a young stage artist. He was packing his travelling bag to leave his cottage. An Intruder broke into his cottage. He was holding a revolver in his hand. His intention was to impersonate the mysterious Gerrard after killing him. To outwit him, Gerrard made up a fake story. He said that he too was wanted by the police wrhich was round the corner. Gerrard suggested that both of them should escape. Mistaking the cupboard as the exit door, the Intruder entered it and was trapped.

Question 2.
Compare and contrast the characters of Gerrard and the Intruder.
Both Gerrard and the Intruder were smart and clever. Both planned their moves thoughtfully. Gerrard was a young actor. He did not socialise. His movements were sudden. He was called a mysterious person. He was humorous and intelligent. he was good at cooking stories. gerrard was a law-abiding fellow but the Intruder was a jewel robber. Gerrard was not a criminal but the Intruder was a murderer. Gerrard was going for a rehearsal but the Intruder was trying to evade the police. He could kill anybody for his personal safety. However, Gerrard proved smarter than the Intruder.

If I Were You Textbook Exercises

If I Were You Vocabulary

I. Make sentences with each of the following so as to bring out its meaning.
interior, crawl, to get away with, let you down,clear off, intruder.


  • Interior—My house is located in the interior of the city.
  • Crawl—The baby has started craivling.
  • To get away with—The woman got away with my purse.
  • Let you down—I am telling you the fact. I am not trying to let you down at all.
  • Clear off—I have cleared off the bank-loan.
  • Intruder—The intruders should be dealt with an iron hand.

II. Use the following expressions in a conversation.
well, thanks a lot, of course, by the way, O.K., come on, listen.

Raju—I will take you in my car to Agra.
Mudit—Well. How long will you stay there?
Raju—For three days.
Mudit—Thanks a lot. Of course, I can spare three days’ time.
Raju—By the way, have you sought your parents’ permission?
Mudit—No, I have not informed them yet.
Raju—Then go and inform them.
Mudit—O.K. I shall do it.
Raju—Come on. Let’us discuss the programme.
Mudit—I am listening to you attentively.


A. Answer the following questions in about 25 words.

Question 1.
What did Gerrard tell the Intruder about his life? (M.P. Board 2012)
Gerrard told the Intruder that he lived alone in the lonely cottage (in Essex). Few people know about him and visited him. He is a mystery man like the Intruder. He had killed somebody and the police was after him.

Question 2. Who were the people that used to visit Gerrard?

Answer: Very few people took the trouble to visit Gerrard. The baker, the vegetable vendor and the milkman only used to visit Gerrard.

Question 3. Why did the Intruder go into Gerrard’s house? (M.P. Board 2017)
Answer: The intruder had killed a cop. The police was chasing him. One day he saw Gerrard. He looked like the Intruder and lived un-known in a lonely cottage. The Intruder went into Gerrard’s house to kill him and live as Gerrard to avoid being arrested.

Question 4.
Why was the Intruder dodging the police?
The intruder was a professional jewellery robber. He had already killed a policeman. The police was chasing him. Therefore, he was dodging the police to avoid being hanged.

Question 5. Why did the Intruder want to kill Gerrard and take on his identity?

Answer: The intruder had killed a cop. The police was chasing him. One day, he saw Gerrard. Gerrard looked exactly like him. The Intruder desired to protect himself from the police. Therefore, he wanted to kill Gerrard and take on his identity.

Question 6. Why did the Intruder call Gerrard ‘a mystery man’?
Answer: The Intruder had a revolver in his hand. He ordered Gerrard to sit down on the chair. He told him that his gun was no toy. It could hurt Gerrard without killing him. His words could not unnerve Gerrard. He answered his questions humorously. he never met trades people. He learnt that Gerrard’s movements were sudden. Therefore, the Intruder called Gerrard a mystery man.

Question 7.
On what ground did the Intruder say that hearing about Gerrard was one of his luckiest breaks?
The intruder had learnt that Gerrard had a car. He did not have many visitors. he planned his orders. he moved in and out of the cottage suddenly. He closely resembled the Intruder. The Intruder was in search of such a person. Therefore, he said that hearing about Gerrard was one of his luckiest breaks.

Question 8.
What did Gerrard’s bag contain?
Gerrard was a playwright. He had to send the props for rehearsal. He was held up because he had to tackle with the Intruder. His bag contained disguise outfit, false moustaches and other theater requirements.

Question 9.
What was Gerrard’s profession?
Gerrard was a playwright by profession. He had to go from place to place. People in general were not aware of his profession.

B. Answer the following questions in about 50 words.

Question 1.
What story did Gerrard knit to trap the Intruder?
Gerrard was a young stage artist. One day he was packing his travelling bag. Just then an Intruder entered his cottage. He had a revolver in his hand. His plan was to kill Gerrard and assume his identity. His trick was to elude the police and save himself from being hanged. Gerrard played a trick to save himself and trap the Intruder. He told the Intruder that he had also killed a man. The police might come anytime to arfest him. Therefore, he had posted a man on the main road to forewarn him. Gerrard knit this story to trap the Intruder.

Question 2.
How did Gerrard finally confine the Intruder into the cupboard? (M.P. Board 2011)

The telephone bell rang. Gerrard told the Intruder about the forewarning of the police heading towards the cottage. Gerrard opened the door and asked the Intruder to see for the police on the road himself. The Intruder was taken in. He leant forward to see out. Gerrard pushed him into the cupboard and slammed the door and locked it. He picked up the Intruder’s revolver and kept it pointed at the cupboard door.

Question 3.
‘One who is intelligent is powerful.’ How did Gerrard prove that as he defeated the Intruder by his intelligence?
The Intruder asked Gerrard many questions. Gerrard answered them humorously in a round about way and confidently. It made the Intruder call him a mystery man. The word ‘mystery man’ gave Gerrard an idea how to befool the Intruder. He was a stage actor and a playwright. he used his intelligence to outsmart the Intruder. He fabricated a story that he had also killed a person. Very cleverly he made the Intruder lean forward to see the approaching police. He pushed him into the cupboard by virtue of his intelligence and defeated his intentions.

MP Board Solutions
MP Board Solutions

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