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MP Board Class 10th English Chapter 1 Goodwill Writing Skills, Summary

In this article MP Board Class 10th English Solutions The Rainbow Chapter 1 Goodwill Writing Skills, Summary Pdf, These solutions are solved subject experts from the latest edition books.

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MP Board Class 10th English Chapter 1 Goodwill Writing Skills, Summary 2020

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Writing Skills

Question 1:
Write a paragraph on the importance of morning prayer in life. (50 words)

A morning prayer has a soothing effect on our mind. It regulates our life. Morning prayer requires cleanliness of body. It purifies our heart. We pray to God to give us our due and bring us a good day. It diverts the minds of the people towards noble thoughts, speech and action.

Question 2:
Observe and write about certain activities of your daily life which people consider good and which make you feel good. (150 words)

I get up early in the morning. I revise my lesson and do my homework. Then I take some exercise in the open. After sometime I take a bath. Then I go to the temple to hear the sermons of the saints. Then I help my mother in the kitchen to prepare morning breakfast. After taking breakfast I go to the school. Being the monitor of my class I help the teacher in maintaining discipline. I share my lunch packet with any student who has not brought his lunch. I help certain girls who have not done their homework or learnt their lesson well. In the evening, I read some religious book to my grandmother. People around me consider my activities good. This makes me feel good.

Think It Over

Question 1 :
Our body is the chariot, senses are the horses, and our Mind is the charioteer. If we don’t control the senses they will lead us to disaster. Think over this chariot of the Mind. On which path would you like to keep the chariot? Write.

The body is the chariot of the Mind. It can go astray if the mind wavers. Those who have a flickering mind easily become thieves, robbers, dacoits and criminals. Senses run after sense objects. The eyes take pleasure to look at beautiful objects. The tongue relishes delicious and sweet objects. Hands get impatient to do foul deeds. It is the duty of the mind to put reins on the senses. A loose mind has no hold over strong senses. Therefore, the mind should be strong to check the senses from going astray. If the senses are controlled, the body will also be controlled. It will save us from disaster. At the same time, it will lead us to noble deeds.

Question 2:
Wise men opt for what is good, others for what is pleasurable. Both these options lead to different paths.

Think and classify your options:
good – pleasurable.

Wise men opt for what is good. A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Good things are those which are always considered good irrespective of change in moods or climes. Service to humanity, charity to the poor and thinking about others’ welfare are good activities. The path of goodness is not a bed of roses. It is full of hardships. In spite of that, wise men opt for this path because it is related to a noble mind. What others opt for is pleasurable. They wish to ride vehicles, eat tasty things, view romantic films and visit places of scenic beauty. Such pleasure seeking persons are governed by their senses and so fell a victim to sense objects.

Class 10 English Chapter 1 Goodwill Summary

The divine Essence, ‘the peerless Spirit’ and ‘the deathless Flame’. are invoked in this poem. The peerless spirit resides in all creatures. It is the deathless flame in living beings. it activates the bodies to perform various actions. It is very swift and active. May that all knowing peerless spirit put the ‘will’ in the Mind (individual soul) to do only what is good. It is possible only when the Mind controls the fleshly desires.

Goodwill Summary in Hindi

इस कविता में दैवी तत्त्व (सार)- ‘अनुपम आत्मा’ तथा ‘मरण-रहित’ (न बुझने वाली) ज्योति की स्तुति की गई है। अनुपम आत्मा, सभी प्राणियों में निवास करती है। यह जीवित प्राणियों में अमिट (अमर) ज्वाला है। यह शरीर को कार्य करने के लिए सक्रिय करती है। यह सर्वाधिक तीव्रगति वाला तथा कार्यशील है। भगवान करे कि वह सर्वज्ञ अनुपम आत्मा, केवल शुभ कर्म करने के लिए हमारे मन में इच्छा (संकल्प) पैदा करे। यह तभी सम्भव होगा जब मन (जीवात्मा/मस्तिष्क), भौतिक इच्छाओं पर नियन्त्रण कर ले।

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