MP Board Class 10th English Applications and Letters

In this article we have given MP Board Class 10th English Applications and Letters Solutions. Here we have also shared the year of MP Board Class 10 English Applications and Letters that appeared in the exams. You can download the pdf file of these Class 10 English imp applications or letters.

MP Board Class 10th English Letters

These are some MP Board class 10 English letters that you can read or download the pdf file. We will Write letters and updates here from time to time.

Question 1. You are Pramod Jain residing at 98, Arvind Nagar, Raipur. write a letter to your friend inviting how to spend a part of summer vacation at any hill station. (MP 2016)


Plat no. 98,
Arvind Nagar,
3rd may, 2018

Dear Raj,

I receive your letter a few days back. I was delighted to know that you have done your papers well and expect to secure a first division.
       As the worries of examination are over. you must be feeling relaxed during these days. I take it as an opportunity to renew my standing invitation to spend your vacation with me at my sister’s place in Shimla. I am sure you will like this place very much. It is full of the fascinating scenery of the mountains and the hills and the best refreshing walk in the morning. I am sure you will enjoy our company. We shall go together for trekking that you will like most. This place is really a paradise on earth. I am sure you will not disappoint me this time. Hoping to hear from you as soon as possible.
          Convey my regards to elders and love to your younger brother.
                                         Your Sincerely
                                          Pramod Jain

Question 2. Write a letter to the collector of your district for putting a restriction on the use of loud speakers. Your letter should be in about 100-125 words. (MP 2006,08)


8, Arvind Nagar,
Ujjain (M.P.)
12th March, 2020


The Collector
District Ujjain,
Ujjain (M.P.)

         Subject : Complaint against the use of loud speakers.
         Our examinations being in early March. This is the most valuable time for us. Sir, you know that due to number of reasons our courses remained incomplete. In spit of a number of problems, all of us are working hard to prepare for the examinations. But some people keep on using their loud speakers still late in the night. This greatly disturbs our studies.
         We cannot request the people. They will not stop heed to our urge. I request you to issue orders putting restrictions on the use of loud speakers after 9:00 P.M. till May 15.

Thanking You

Yours obediently,
Vijay Verma

Question 3. Write a letter to the postmaster against the non-delivering of your letters. (MP 1999, 2001, 02, )


23-k Manohar Park
Shanti Nagar, Sonepat.


The post master,
General Post Office,

       It has been observed that the postman of this beat, has not been delivering our letters properly and regularly. The letters are often delayed and sometimes he does not put them into the letter boxes. The letters thus delivered are invariably misplaced and lost. It is highly improper on the part of your postman. World you kindly instruct the concerned postman to do his duty efficiently and satisfactory failing which the residents shall be forced to approach the higher authorities for invention.

Thank you,
Date: 12.08.2018

Yours faithfully,
Maninder Singh.

Question 4. Write a letter to the organisation in about 100 words. Ask for the programmes you can join to ‘help the disabled’. Ask for information about the ways you can collect the money and donate them. (MP 2013)


The Society for Disable
D-12, Vasant Vihar
New Delhi-110016.

  I have read your advertisement  in ‘The Indian Express’ dated 15th March  2013 making an appeal to the people to help the disabled. I have come to know from the advertisement that your organisation works all over the country. I live in Jabalpur and an interested in joining your noble mission.
           As such I would like to know about the various programmes seen by your organisation in jabalpur, some of my collegues and I intend to extend some financial help as per our capacity and encourage others to do the same.

Kindly tell us how we can collect the money and donate it to your society.

Yours Sincerely,
Ravi Singh
29/1 Civil Lines

Question 5. You are Suman Sen a students of class X-A, Govt. H. S. School, No.1, Indore. In your school, there is no proper arrangement of clear drinking water. Write a letter to your principal describing the above problem and to take action to solve this problem. (MP 2010, 16)



The Principal
Govt. H. S. School, No.1, Indore

I am a students of your school in class X A. I have written this letter to inform you about the improper arrangement of clean drinking water in our school.

Sir, often it is found that the water being supplied through the water cooler does not provide clean drinking water. This could be unhygienic for students and they might fall sick drinking dirty water or borne some infectious diseases.
           So I kindly request to you to please take some action to have the clean drinking water available for the safety of all the students.

Yours faithfully
Suman Sen
Govt. H.S. School.

MP Board Class 10th English Applications

These are some MP Board class 10 English Applications that you can read or download the pdf file. We will Write applications and updates here time to time.

Question 1. You are Suman Dev, a students of class X-B, GOVT. H.S. School No. 1, Raipur . Write an application to your principal to issue you books from Book Bank. (MP 1999, 02, 07 )



The Principal,
Govt. H.S. School No. 1
Subject : Regarding issuing book from Book Bank.

         With great respect I beg to state that I am a students of class X-B of your school. I came ton know that course books and reference books are being issued from the Book Bank of the school. I am in urgent need of some of them. These books are not at present available in the market and terminal examinations are near. My father has been sick for a long time hence he has not received his salary for two months. Hence kindly issue me following books from the Book Bank. I shall keep them with care and returned them in good condition.

The list of books :

  1. English through literature, part II
  2. M.P.H.S. Special English for Class X
  3. Book of Maths : Text Book Corp.
  4. Hindi and English Dictionary.

Thank You
Date: 12.08.20..

Respectfully yours
Suman Dev
Class X-B
Govt. H.S.S No. 1

Question 2. Write an application to the Principal of your school requesting him to grant you full fee concession. Give suitable reasons for the concession. (MP 1999, 2001, 02, 2017)



The Principal,
St. Xavier’s Hr. Sec. School,
Martyr Vikram Road,
Mussoorie, Raipur.

         I am a students of class X-B My father is a clerk in a private concern. He has to support a large family with a meagre salary.We are two brothers and two sisters all studying in schools and collages. My father finds it difficult to manage within his means.
        I am an old students of your school. I have always stood first in my class. I had full freeship last year also. I therefore, request you to grant me full fee concession

Thanking you
Date: 12.08.20….

Your most obediently,
Manoj Thakur.

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