How to make Amazing Ice Cream Cake

If you love ice cream cake and reliving fond childhood memories, you’ve gotta try my ice cream cake recipe. Hey, you’re Reading Women’s Wears teach you how to make delicious homemade dishes to share with your family and friends. This ice cream cake will be ready before you know it,

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So let’s get started.

First off, we’re gonna make one layer of chocolate cake. My recipe calls for three.I’m gonna walk you throughthis shortened version really fast. We need 150 grams of all purpose flour. That is one and a half cups? That is it. (static tone)150 grams is one and a quarter cups of all-purpose flour. Half a teaspoon of kosher salt. As usual, we’re using kosher salt because of the grain size. That’s the only reason.

If you’re using fine salt, use a quarter teaspoon. One teaspoon of baking soda, half a teaspoon of baking powder, in you get. One cup of sugar, 200 grams. The scale is done becauseI forgot how much cocoa powder went in these. And I’m using a Dutch processed. It’s gonna give you a really, really darkfudgy cake, which I love. Okay, in you go. Oh! This is just a stir together cake.

You’re not doing anything fancy, but I am sifting the cocoa powder outbecause it can just be really lumpy. Evidence, this, what is this? This is actually sugar, but there’s lumps of cocoa powder in there too. All right, we’re gonna give thisa quick whisk, whisk, whisk, whisk, get it all nice and homogenous. If you ever have a cake where you have like a giant lump, maybe you didn’t whisk enough. Leavening agents were not distributed properly. So, whisk, whisk, whisk. Set that aside, it’s time for the dry ingredients, and yes, you need one eight inch panwith a parchment paper round right in there.

This is an oil-based cake.We’re not using a ton of oil though. I only need, ah it’s so full! One third of a cup of vegetable oil right in there, then half a cup of water. You can use hot water, or if you want,you could use some coffee too. This is for the kids, so I’m leaving the coffee out. None for them! One large room temperature egg right there, half a cup of butter milk. Now you’re gonna use one quarter cupof yogurt or sour cream.

Today I’m using sour cream. Finally, two teaspoons of vanilla. Alright, whisk that up until it’s nice and smooth. (splashing and clanging) Batter is almost ready to go. I’m gonna use a little, couple hits of baking spray on this pan. Pour the wet into the dry. Now we’re gonna stir this togetheruntil it is just combined. And you’re gonna see, this is a very thin better. It’s okay. (soft sloshing) Pour it into the pan. Pop a damp baking strip onto this panso it rises up nice and even. It’s kind of optional, but I do like it. Into the oven, 350 for 35 to maybe even 38 minutes. The center needs to be set, in you go.

While our cake’s bakingwe’re gonna make our ice cream layer, and the one thing about this cake is there is chill time. You have to have this in the freezer for spurtsso that it really sets up as nice and firm. I’m using a damp cloth just to wipethe inside of my clean eight inch pan. I’m using plastic wrap, but you could use foil if you want to. Place that in there, and it should just fit for an eight inch pan,and you can see the plastic is holding it right in there. Today, I’m using cookies and cream ice cream. You could use any of your favorite flavors. I noticed that a certain ice cream monstercame by and ate some of this, so I’m subbing insome vanilla ice cream to start, full transparency.

We’re gonna want a one and a half quarts tub of ice cream. So you want your ice cream to be slightly softened so you can scoop it and press it, but not too soft, otherwise it has to freeze forever again to get firm. So strike that delicate balance. Switching to my magical ice cream scoop, which just cuts through ice cream so easily. And look at that scoop, that’s nice. All that ice cream is out.

You could use a spatula, but honestly, best way is just with your hands. So you can either fold the plastic over and press down.So it was a little bit harder to scoop at the beginning, but it’s really almost frozen already again. So this just needs to go into the freezer for a bit, and by the time our cakeis done and cooled, this’ll be ready too. It’s into enter the freezer. My cake is cool, this ice cream layer is completely frozen, so it’s time to assemble.

So the middle gets a layer of homemade fudge sauce. You can use store-bought if you want. I have the recipe for this on the blog. Just spread a nice generous layer. It’s totally up to you how much you wanna use, and you don’t wanna go ultra crazy and add too muchbecause it can set up in the freezerand does get a little bit hardand make it not fun to cut the cake. Onto this layer I’m adding a sprinkling of Oreos. You could add anything you want, or just keep it plain, but this vibes really wellwith the cookies and cream ice cream that’s going on top. The extra cookie crumblesare gonna be saved for the skirt of the cake. Don’t toss those. Okay, now for the fun part,seeing if your ice cream layer releases.

There we go. So remove all that plastic,and we’re gonna place that right onto the cake. You can see some of my vanilla that’s on top of there, Level this out, and now I’m gonna coat it back up in plasticand pop this whole thing into the freezerwhile I make that whipped cream topping. This cake’s getting coveredin a delicious whipped cream topping, so we’re adding one pint or 470 mils of cold cream. To that we’re adding three tablespoons of powdered sugar. You could add a little bit lessif you don’t like things sweet, and then one or two teaspoons of vanilla.

We’re gonna whisk this starting on low, move your way up to high, and then keep an eagle eye on it. You do not wanna overmix your whipped cream. (machine whirring) All right. It’s not exactly ready, but we’re gonna finish this off. Oh, that’s actually perfect. Ah, amazing! I like to normally finish it off by hand, and I’m gonna do that just a tiny bit. And now we have us silky luscious whipped creamthat you can use to cover a cake, no gelatin needed. All right, ice cream cake is out of the freezer. I’m decorating this on a cake plate, but you could do a cardboard round or whatever you’d like. Now we’re gonna pipe that whipped cream on. You could slather it on, but for this I really like the piping, ’cause it gives me control over the thickness of the layer.

I’m gonna pipe that gap in between, and then get cream all on the edge. Use an offset spatula or knife and just smooth the top out. And now we’re gonna go over the side, and just work all that whip cream on. This is not fully covered, but that’s okay. This is the best angle for cake decorating, in case you’re wondering, so you can see the cake head-onand you know if it’s bulging or not, not nice and level. Ready to go into the freezer. We want the whipped cream to be nice and firmbefore we finish decorating the cake.

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So we’ll be back in like 20 minutes or half a second. After the whipped cream has hardened in the freezer, we’re gonna add some more fudge. I gave this five seconds in the microwave, no more. This is gonna be the drip. Just be careful and go right on the edge. It’s totally optional by the way, but I like the way it looks. Do-do-do. If you want your cake to be taller, just use a little bit more ice cream.

That’s all you need. The remaining whipped creamwas in the fridge the whole time, and now I’m gonna pipe itwith a large closed star tip, 846. Just pipe that scallop on top, right above the chocolate. Then it’s gonna be a delicious and beautiful cake. Perfect. Finish the cake off with a skirt of crumbled Oreos. Just place them right on the bottom. It’s totally optional, but I like the way it looks. (happy music) This is just how I like my ice cream cakes, which is like, on the verge of melting. So soft, just delicious, and that chocolate cake is a winner. If you liked this video, check out my cake playlist. Mmm! That chocolate cake melts in your mouthand the ice cream does too, it’s amazing.

I hope you get a chance to make this recipe, and I’ll see you in the next article. Thank So much for reading.

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