English short note 2020-21 ncert mp board

1. (Imp).  With the help of the words given below, produce a composition. The topic is ‘The Republic Day” : (MP 2011, 18)
(a) Assemble in ground (b) Unfurl national flag   (c) National Anthem   (d)  Principal’s address. (e) N.S.S. and N.C.C cadets. English Short Note
Ans.            The Republic Day

We celebrate the Republic Day every year on 26th of january. This year we were asked to reach the school at 7:30 in the morning. All the students assembled on the school playground. We were asked to stand in rows in front of the flag post. Soon the headmaster and other members of the staff arrived there. The P.T.I. gave a caution to stand at attention. The headmaster hoisted the National flag. We all sang the National anthem. Then there was a short speech by the students took a vow to serve our motherland.
The NCC and NSS cadets participated in the march past and helped to maintain discipline and organise the function.English Short Note
Then there were games and sports. In the evening, there was a cultural programme. Some students sang patriotic songs and recited other poems. There were monoactings and a one act play also. Then the headmaster distributed sweets and we all disperesed.

2. Price are rising very high. It becomes very difficult to manage the expenses. Write a short note on Proper Money Management’. (MP 2010)
Ans. ‘Proper Money Management’ means, how one should manage to expend money according to the occasions and save proper proportion of one’s income. Money is for spending. First of all we should fulfill our necessary wants of life. Everyone has to fulfill his necessary wants. Without fulfilling our necessary wants, we cannot service. Necessary wants include the wants of food, clothes and shelter. After fulfilling necessary wnats, we should think of all other wants. We should spend our income in such a way that we may be able to save money for future. We must spend money according to the worth of occasion. If we spend much money on a particular item, we should save money on another item. Above all, we must save a part  of income. We must not be the victim of evil habits.

3.Write a pragraph in about 80 words on preventing Malaria with the help of verbal input given below :(i) Malaria a dengerous disease,(ii) Anopheles mosquito, (iii) Anti-Malaria drugs,(iv) Use of long sleeved shirts, trousers,(v) Use of mosquito nets, (vi) Awareness in society. (MP 2017)

Ans .  With the onest of rainy season, breeding of mosquitoes starts and starts spread of Malaria. Malaria is a dangerous disease which if not treated on time may prove life threatning. Female Anopheles mosquito bites and malaria is caused. Anti-malaria drugs are available but still it being wise to take precautions first. Prevention us better than cure. Stangated water must be avoid near house. People must try to wear long sleeved clothes and legs should also be covered . Mosquitoes nets and repellants must be used at night people must be made aware.

4. Using following points write a paragraph in 120-150 words on ‘Developing reading habits’ : (i) Field of knowledge expanding, (ii) Extra reading necessary, (iii) To be updated, (iv) Reading makes a full man.   (MP 2017)

Ans.               ‘Developing reading habits’

including reading habits is one of the valuable habits to be had. Reading books, magazines, articles, newspaper is the best time pass. Habit of reading is good thing to be adopted. These reading materials proves to be one of the best friend. As there is no limit of knowledge and its field is expanding with every single second, reading is the instruments that can keep one connected. Apart from syllabus books, students must devote their time in extra reading. Reading keeps onself updated and connected to the world. Reading makes a full man who is knowledgable, and well informed. English Short Note

5. give an account of the ‘Importance of obedience and discipline in a students life’. (MP 2010, 19)
Ans. Discipline is the most indispensable quality of life. It plays an important role in every walk of life. It is the greatest law of nature. It is therefore, essential for every person. discipline is the symbol of being civilized person or society.
discipline and obedience in important in every walk of life. It is necessary in school, family, office, factory, neighbourhood and is nature. Every object of nature works according to the fixed and set principles. We cannot imagine what will happen if a sight disturbance takes place. everything will come to dead end and we will be no more in the world. At the social and national level, discipline and obedience means mutual help and cooperation. Our progress, strength, stability mental peace and prosperity depends upon discipline. It is discipline that teaches us to subordinate our selfish desires to the greater interest of human society. If every person does what he consider to be good for himself alone, there would be disorder all around. This will lead to quarrels and violence.

6.Write a paragraph in 75-100 words “small deeds of kindness are greater than the grandest intention” expand the thought. (MP 2017, 19) 

Ans. The thought is so well that even a very small action of kindness or help bigger, of more value than any of the intentions. Small kind act like a simple smile giving a compliment, lending hand, holding door for someone counts. Small acts of kindness counts and are worthy single word of kindness may give warmth to hearts. being thankful to others is also required. One act of kindness can change a persons life. A word, an action of kindness is more valuable than big deeds done for someone. Little things make differences. We feel happy from care and spread happiness all over. It demands or coasts nothing but has much value one feels contented while spreading contentment.

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