6 Things Healthy Girls Do Before 7 am

How you start your morning is the key to setting the tone for the entire day. Hitting the snooze button for a few more extra minutes of sleep may seem like the best thing at the time. But you’ll find yourself more flustered, forgetful and unprepared. If you make the conscious effort to get up …

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6 Tricks To Help You Overcome A Stressful Day

3. Associate words with happiness Try to associate certain words with feelings. For example, you might want to use a word like ‘marshmallow’. Whenever you think of that word, think of a positive memory to go with it. If you train your mind to associate that word with positivity, when you’re feeling stressed or anxious …

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5 Positive Morning Rituals To Try Tomorrow Morning

We would all like to say that our mornings involve a smooth and seamless routine. However, the reality is that for many of us our mornings involve oversleeping and chaos as we rush around and scramble to get out the door. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had positive morning rituals that would set …

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