Very Short Answer Type Questions
Q.1. Name the main production centers of paper industry situated in West Bengal. 
Ans. Titagarh, Ranigarh, Kakinada, are the main production centers of paper industry in West Bengal.

Q.2. How many types of industries are there on the basis of Raw Material ?
Ans. On the basis of Raw Material, there are three types industries :
(1) Agro based industry.
(2) Mineral based industry.
(3) Forest based industry.

Q.3. Name the largest Iron and Steel Plant in India.
Ans. 'Tata Iron and Steel company' (TISCO) is the largest steel plant in india.
Q.4. Which raw material is used in paper industries for making paper? 
Ans. Paper is prepared out of the pulp made of bamboo, rubber wood and grass. These days rags, jute, bagasses are also as raw material in paper industries.

Short Answer Type Questions
Q.1.  What is Mumbai high or Sagar Samrat ?
Ans. Bombay high is the richest oil field of india. It was unexpectedly found. It is 115 km away from the sea coast of Mumbai. To drill oil a platform is made which is known as 'Sagar Samrat' with the help of this platform the oil gas is extracted from the depth of nearly 1416 m.

Q.2. State any four ways to prevent water pollution. (MP 2015)
Ans.Following are the four ways to prevent water pollution:
1. Chemical industries which pollutes the water most should be set up away from rivers and water reservoirs.
2. Waste water of industries should not be directly disposed of in the rivers.
3. Water of industries should not only purified but also used for irrigation.
4. People should not bathe in rivers and should not wash their clothes in rivers.

Q.3. In how many types the industries can be classified on the basis of ownership ?Explain any two. (MP 2014,  16)
Ans. On the basis of ownership, industries are classified in four types :
(1) Private industries, (2) Government industries, (3) Cooperative industries, (4) Mixed industries.

Q.4. In how many types the industries can be classified on the basis of size ? Explain any two. (MP 2015)
Ans. On the basis of size industries can be divided into four types:
(1) Large-scale industries, (2) Medium scale industries, (3) Small-scale industries,(4) Cottage industries.

Long Answer Type Questions
Q.1. What are the impact of pollution on human life ? (MP 2017) 
Ans. Following are the impact of pollution on human life:
1. Polluted air harms the respiratory system of human beings. Polluted Air causes diseases like asthama, pneumonia, throat pain, some even causes fatal diseases like cancer, diabetes heart problem etc.
2. Polluted water spread germs and viruses of many diseases. Polluted water, causes many diseases like dysentery, cholera, diarrhea, skin diseases, cough, cold, paralysis etc.
3. Mosquitoes, files and worms breed in dirty places and pollute things. In dirty atmosphere several bacteria get breeded which cause many diseases like stomach disorder, eye diseases, etc.
4. The hearing ability is highly affected by sound pollution. Excessive noise causes deafness, Besides, diseases like blood pressure, heart problem, headache, restlessness etc.

Q.2. Write any four measure to control noise pollution ? (MP 2016)
Ans. Following are measures to control noise pollution :
1. Anti sound pollution machines should be installed in the plants.
2. Industries should be set up away from the cities.
3. Modern technology should be used to reduce noise and noise absorbing walls can be constructed.
4. Proper maintenance of machinery should be done, this reduces noise, old ill maintained also produce more noise.

Q.3. What steps should be taken to check the industrial pollution ? (MP 2010)
How can we save ourselves from industrial pollution ? 
Ans. The following steps should we taken to check the pollution :
1. Use of tall chimneys should be made compulsory for the industries. Tree plantation drive must be undertaken on the large-scale.
2. Forest are very effective source of checking pollution. The plants and trees purify the air. efforts must be made to cover at least 33% of our land area with forests.
3. Systematic cleaning operation musty be carried out in major rivers so as to avoid the water pollution. The flow of bones and half-burnt bodies in rivers should be controlled.
4. To control the sound pollution, means of transport should be controlled. the restriction should be imposed on high-sound horns and loudspeakers.
5. To avoid the air pollution, the filth coming out of industries should be buried in the earth instead of rivers.
6. The public should be made aware of the evil effects of population by creating public consciousness.
7. The national police to solve the problem of pollution should be formulated and properly implemented. Antipollution drive must be launched and it should be operated in practical consciousness.
8. Those who violate antipollution laws must be strictly punished. Nuclear explosions should be completely banned in all over the world.

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