Management Of Natural Resources
Very Short Answer Type Questions
Q.1. How is environment affected by modern agriculture techniques ? 
Ans. In modern agriculture techniques only good production is kept in mind but its adverse effects are not observed. Many insecticides, fungicides are used in the fields which kill the insects but at the same time they mix in the soil and destroyed the fertility of the soil. Soil gets completely polluted. For over production of crops chemical fertilizers are used which enter our body by means of plants due to which various diseases are caused. 

Short Answer Type Questions
Q.1. Write the ways to control the water pollution ?
Ans.  following are the ways to control the water pollution :
(i) The sewage should be treated before following it to rivers.
(ii) The industrial waste should be treated and make them free from harmful effect, before following it to the rivers.
(iii) Solid waste should not be mixed into pond or lakes.
(iv) It should be banned to bath and wash clothes in the rivers and water sources.
Q.2. Write the methods of controlling air pollution ? 
Ans. Methods of controlling air pollution :
(i) Factories should be away from polluted areas and industrial effluents should be properly treated. 
(ii) Maximum trees should be planted.
(iii) Chimneys of factories should be high up.
(iv) Air pollution related rules should be made and should be followed.
(v) To avoid smoking.
(vi) Pollution free fuel should be used.

Q.3. What are the source of noise pollution ? Write any four effects of noise pollution .
Ans. Source off noise pollution: Source of noise pollution is sound which may be produced by any means. Apart from TV, radio, cooler, scooter, car, train, rocket, domestic devices, washing machine, loud speaker, stereo, tank and other preventive devices all other sound producing means or factors are the source of noise pollution.
Effect of noise pollution: (i) It impairs hearing ability. One may go deaf.
(ii) Creates headache and irrition, heart beat and blood pressure rises . 
(iii) Due to loud sounds secretion of adrenal gland increases.
(iv) Apart from affecting the metabolic activities it also weakens the nervous systems. 
(v) Adversely affects the unborn child. 

Long Answer Type Questions
Q.1. Explain the 'Rain Water Harvesting' . [mp 2013]
Ans. Rain Water Harvesting: Underground water level has continuously going down. Hence the challenge to preserve water. That is why rain water harvesting has come to be considered as an important remedy.
  Main Aims: (i) Preservation of water for coming years.
(ii) Improve the quality of underground water.
(iii) Prevent soil erosion and too much flow of water. 
(iv) Recycling of industries and urban waste.

Q.2. Write down the method of water conservation. [mp 2009]
Ans. Methods of water conservation: (i) Controlling flood by constructing flood control dam.
(ii) Controlling water supply by constructing big dams.
(iii) Protection of forest and reforestation.
(iv) By preventing water pollution.
(v) Proper storage of water by construction of artificial reservoir.
(vi) Reduction of evaporation of soil water by covering of vegetation.
(vii) Proper utilization of underground water, etc.

Q.3. What is the forest conservation ? Tell its advantages.[ mp 2009, 11]
Ans. Forest conservation: Growing of large number of trees for the conservation and cycling of forest is known as forest conservation. Van Mahotsav is celebrated in the month of July and August. During this period, large number of trees are planted. 
              Advantages of forest conservation:
(i) Forest area increases.
(ii) Wildlife is conserved.
(iii) Raw material is available for many industries.

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