Social Science

1. choose the correct option . 

(A) Man made disaster is -

(I) drought 

(ii) flood 

(iii) landslide

(iv) Road accident ✅ 


(I) 1960 A.D.

(ii) 1962 A.D.

(iii) 1965 A.D.

(iv)1967 A.D.

(c) Agriculture is include in -

(I) Primary sector ✅

(ii) Secondary sector 

(iii) tertiary sector

(iv) Secondary sector and tertiary both sector  

(D) the service sector provides employment -

(I) Directly

(ii) indirectly

(iii) directly and indirectly Both

(iv) none of the above 

(E) keoladeo Ghana bird Sanctuary is located in -

(I) kerala

(ii) Rajasthan 

(iii) West Bengal 

(iv) Madhya Pradesh 

2. Fill in the blanks -

(i) Forest Policy  has an important in joint forest management system .

(ii) Madhya Pradesh  state of India ranks first in the production of soyabean .

(iii) The people of Delhi proclaimed Bahadur Shah Zafar II as king of india

(iv) Dr.B.R. Ambedkar was chairman of  constituent.

(v)  karl marx considered father of socialism .

3. Write answer in one word/sentence:

(a) What is the position of Indian railways  Network in the world ? 
Ans: Indian Railways second largest network in the world  .

(b) Who is the protector of fundamental Rights in India ?
Ans: The supreme court protector of fundamental Rights in india .

(c) What are the elected members of municipality and municipal corporation called ?

(d) On what basis the human development Index is assessed ?
Write any one.

(e)When is the National consumer day celebrated ?

4. State true false ࿒

(a) House of people is called upper House 

(b) India is first in the world in respect of its total population .

(c) Money use for productivity purposes is called investment.

(d) The mark that standardises the quality of golden jewellery is called Hallmark .

(e) The world Trade Organisation was established in 1995.

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