2019 board paper

Choose and write the correct alternative.

(A) A solution turns red litmus blue, its pH likely to be:

(a) 1    (b) 4    (c) 5     (d) 10  

(B) the kidney in human beings are apart of the system for :

(a) nutrition      
(b) respiration        
(C) excretion  
(d) transportation 

(C) The human eye  forms the image of an object at its :

(a) a cornea    
(b) iris    
(c) pupil   
(d) reting 

(IV) s.i. unit of electric current is -

(a) joule   
(b) Watt  
(c) Volt  
(d) Ampere 

(V) Which of the following constitute is a food chain ?

(a) Grass,wheat,Mango   
(b) Grass,Got and human          
(c) Goat,Cow and elephant 
(d) Grass, fish and goat 

Fill in the blanks.

(i) Those reaction in which heat is released along with the formation of products are called       reactions .

(ii) There are     groups in modern periodic table.

(iii) Mendel preposed the law of 

(iv) The least distance of distinct vision for young adult with normal vision in about  

(v)  The energy transfer is            percent from one trophical level to another .

Match the columns "A" with "B".

(i) sodium  
(i) liquid metal

(ii) Nephron 
(ii) Highly reactive metal 

(iii) Endocrine gland 
(iii) structure unit of kidney 

(iv) Homologous  organ 
(iv) Our arms and a dog's foreleg 

(v) Measurement of potential difference 
(v) Voltameter

Write the answer in one sentence each.

(i) What is the pH value of pure water ? 

(ii) write the names of pigment found in leaf of green plants.

(iii) Which desease is found in human  due to the deficiency of iodine? 

(iv) Write names of two fossil fuels. 

(v) Write mirror formula.

5. Define rancidity.

6. Define valency.

7 What is pollination? 

8. What is fossil? 

9. define the center of curvature of the spherical mirror  ?

10. Define exothermic reaction and endothermic reaction with example.

11. Draw a labelled diagram of human eye.

12. Write any three properties    of magnetic field lines. 

13. Draw a labelled diagram of electric motor.

14. Write the advantages of using solar cooker.(any three) 

15. (a) Define nutrilization reaction with example.
      (b) write the chemical formula of following :
             (1) Bleaching powder 
             (2) Plaster of peris

16. Draw the electron dot structure of following : 
     (i) CH    
     (ii) CO2   

17. draw labelled diagram of human excretory system.

18. write names and functions of four plants hormones. 

19.Write the conventional symbols of the following components used in electric circuit diagram -
      (a) an electric cell
      (b) a wire joint 
      (c) electric bulb 
      (d) Voltmeter

20. Define a term-
      (i) ore 
      (ii) Gangue 
(b) differentiate between metal and non-metal on the basis of there chemical properties. ( any three) 

21. Draw a labelled diagram of the longitudinal section of flower.

22. (a) Write the laws of reflection.
      (b) Find the focal length of a lens of power -2.0 D. What type of lens is this?

Or types Questions
5. Why do we apply Paint on Iron articles ?

6. Write the two limitations of newland's law of octaves.

7.How does binary fission differ from Multiple Fission ? 

8. Define ominous organ.

9.Define the principal focus of concave mirror.

10 define displacement and double displacement reaction with example. 

11. Draw diagram of dispersion of white light by the glass prism. 

12 State Fleming's left-hand rule. 
Ans : if we stretch out the forefinger ,the middlefinger and the thumb of the left hand, so that they are mutually perpendicukar, now if the forefinger points the direction of magnetic field, the middle finger points the direction of current then the thumb indicates the direction of force acting on the conductor.

3. Draw well labelled diagram of electric generator.

14 .What are the qualities of an ideal source of energy ?

15. Write two important uses of washing soda and baking soda.

16. (a) Write any two differences between soap and detergent.
(b) Define the homologous series.

17. What are the different ways in which glucose is oxidised to provide energy in various organisms ?

18. Draw well labelled diagram of neurone (nerve cell).

19. (1)State Ohm's law
Ans : according to the law, "if the potential conduction of conductor remains uncharged then the current flowing through the conductor is directly proportional to the potential difference applies across its ends"