Magnetic Effect of Electric Current
Very Short Answer Type Questions
Q.1. What is meant by magnetic effect of current ? [mp 2016]
Ans.  When electric current flows through a conductor then a magnetic field is developed around it. It is called magnetic effect of current.

Q.2. Name the electric appliances used in daily life which are based on use of electromagnet. 
Ans. Cooler, Fan, Mixer etc.

Q.3. What is heating or thermal effect of current ? [ mp 2014 ]
Ans. When a current flows through a conductor then heat is produced. This effect of current is called heating effect of current. This effect used in electric heater, electric iron etc.

Q.4. Write Fleming's left hand rule. [ mp 2015 ]
Ans. Fleming's left hand rule: If we stretch out the forefinger, the middlefinger and the thumb of the left hand, so that they are mutually perpendicular. Now if the forefinger points the direction of magnetic field. the middle finger points the direction of current then the thumb indicates the direction of force acting on the conductor.