MP Board Class 12th General English Chapter 4 Solutions Wonderful World

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MP Board Class 12th English The Spectrum Solutions Chapter 4 Wonderful World (William Brighty Rands)

Wonderful World Exercises From The Text-Book

Word Power

A. Can you relate other Wh-words starting with Wh] to their meaning?

  • Whisper – to say something very quietly using your breath.
  • Whirr – sound like a bird’s wings moving rapidly.
  • Whizz – make the sound of something rushing through air.
  • Wheeze – breathe noisily especially with a whistling sound in the chest.
  • Whip – hitting with a long thin piece of leather which makes a sound when moves through air.’
  • Whirl – to move around very quickly

MP Board Siolutions

Wonderful World: Comprehension

Answer the following Questions.

Question 1.
What is the attire of the earth? [2009, 15, 18]
The attire of the earth includes oceans and greenery.

Question 2.
Which actions of the wind are described in the poem?
The wind shakes the tree. It walks on the water. It flows on the top of the hills. In fact, the wind is found everywhere.

Question 3.
Why does the poet regard earth a friend? [2009, 11, 13, 16, 17]
The poet regards earth a friend because it is found with wheat fields, rivers, cities, gardens, cliffs and isles. In fact, earth nurtures human civilization.

MP Board Solutions

Question 4.
What makes the poet tremble?
The poet trembles due to the actions of the earth. He feels that he is so small and the earth is so great.

Question 5.
What makes the poet think that man is God’s greatest creation? [2009, 10, 12, 14]
Man can love and man can think. The earth cannot do this. This makes the poet think that man is God’s greatest creation.

Wonderful World Summary in Hindi

– William Brighty Rands

प्रस्तुत कविता में दुनिया एवं दुनिया में मनुष्य के स्थान के विषय में बताया गया है। कविता इसलिए रोचक है और पठनीय भी है। वास्तव में दुनिया चारों तरफ से प्राकृतिक संसाधनों से आच्छादित है, इसलिए सुन्दर भी है। वायु का संचार सर्वत्र है—धरती पर, समुद्र में और पर्वत श्रृंखलाओं पर भी पृथ्वी ने मानव सभ्यता के चिन्हों को अत्यन्त सहेजकर रखा है। महान् पृथ्वी के साथ तुलना करते समय कवि स्वयं को उसके मुकाबले बहुत छोटा मानता है। किन्तु उसके मस्तिष्क में यह विचार भी आता है कि वह पृथ्वी पर सर्वाधिक सुन्दर जीव है क्योंकि एकमात्र वही प्रेम कर सकने में सक्षम है और सोच-विचार करने में भी सक्षम है।

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