MP Board Class 12th General English Chapter 12 Solutions The Value of Man

In this article, we will share MP Board Class 12th General English The Spectrum Solutions Chapter 12 The Value of Man (Govind Jha) with pdf file solutions.

MP Board Class 12th English The Spectrum Solutions Chapter 12 The Value of Man (Govind Jha)

The Value Of Man Exercises From The Text-Book

The Value Of Man Comprehension

Answer the following questions:

Question 1.
What was Ghasi’s complaint to the panchayat? [2009, 13, 15]
Ghasi’s complaint to the panchayat was that his ass has been stolen by a man. He informed the panchs that when he went to untie the ass, he was thrashed.

Question 2.
Why did Ghasi not buy a bicycle?

Ghasi did not purchase the bicycle because he had never ridden on. He also feared that if he started riding a bicycle in this old age, he may break his hands.

Question 3.
How did Ghasi lose his ass?
Ghasi had tied his ass in the Mukhiyaji’s guava tree. When he went there the next morning, he was baffled to find there was no trace of it.

Question 4.
How did Mohan respond to his father’s request to go and look for the ass?
Mohan responded angrily. He told his father that he cannot be turned into an ass having given up his studies.

Question 5.
Where did Ghasi find the ass?
Ghasi found the ass at Kanchhedi’s place.

Question 6.
How did Kanchhedi treat Ghasi when he tried to untie the ass?
When Ghasi tried to untie the ass, Kanchhedi gave him a rude thrashing.

Question 7.
Why did Kanchhedi say he beat up Ghasi? [2018]
According to Kanchhedi, Ghasi tried to untie his ass, so he gave Ghasi a thrashing.

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Question 8.
How did Masterji justify that he could identify asses?

Masterji could justify this because he was an expert in tending herds of asses all day at school.

Question 9.
Why did Ghasi curse Masterji? [2011]

Ghasi cursed Masterji because he was telling a lie.

Question 10.
What did Mohan imply when he commented on the shine of Masterji’s dress?
Mohan implied that Masterji had taken bribe.

Question 11. Describe in your own words how Ghasi cursed Netaji.

Ghasi cursed Netaji by asking God to turn him into a leper.

Question 12.
Why did Netaji present Ghasi’s ass from grazing in his orchard after the elections?
Netaji prevented Ghasi’s ass from grazing in his orchard after his defeat in the elections.

Question 13.
Why did Ghasi resort to call the Sun god as his witness?
Ghasi was disappointed to see the role of Masterji and Netaji who changed their colour. Thus he resorted to call the Sun god as his witness in frustration.

Question 14.
Why did Mohan name his ass Truck Saab’? [2010, 12]
Mohan named his ass ‘Truck Saab’ as he could take a truck load of clothes and run like a motorcar.

Question 15.
Why was Masterji enraged at Mohan’s suggestion of interpreting the ass’s language?
Masterji felt insulted. So he was enraged at Mohan’s suggestion.

Question 16. What did Mohan suggest to be the mode of deposition of ‘Truck Saab’?

Mohan suggested that “Truck Saab’ will stand witness to anybody, who puts the garland of cloth around his neck.

Question 17.
What happened when Kanchhedi attempted to garland the ass?
When Kanchhedi attempted to garland the ass, he repeatedly tried it but in vain. Finally, the ass gave him a kick and Kanchhedi started wailing bitterly on the dias.

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Question 18.
Why did the people clap when Mohan garlanded the ass?
People started clapping because they had got the right answer.

Question 19.
Why did the Sarpanch say he considered an ass more reliable than a man? [2017]
The Sarpanch said this because his logic was that a man can lie whereas an ass can never do so.

The Value Of Man Language Practice

1. Simple और Compound Sentence चुनो।
1. Simple Sentences
(A) She is not a fool.
(B) His silence proves his guilt.

2. Compound Sentences –
(A) The sun was setting in the west and the moon was just rising.
(B) You must not be late or you will be punished.
(c) Rajesh got up and walked away.

2. उपयुक्त Conjunctions से रिक्त स्थान भरो।

  • I would like to come but I don’t have time.
  • He has not written nor has he called me.
  • The sun had set yet it was still light outside.
  • Sami read the book but did not understand.
  • I opened the door and looked out.

3. निम्नलिखित वाक्यों को दिये गये coordinating conjunctions से जोड़िए:

  • Urmila wants both money and fame.
  • I like coffee but I don’t like tea.
  • I was tired, so I went to sleep.
  • Raju is rich yet he is not happy.
  • He is neither sane nor brilliant.
  • Both my grandfather and my father worked in the steel plant.
  • I went shopping but my wife went to her classes.

MP Board Solutions

The Value Of Man Summary in Hindi

– Govind Jha

यह एक अत्यन्त रोचक कहानी है जिसे एकांकी के माध्यम से प्रस्तुत किया गया है। कहानी में शिकायकर्ता घासीराम है। मोहन उसका लड़का है और अपराधी कन्छेदी है। नेताजी और मास्टर जी को गवाह के रूप में पेश किया गया है। कहानी घासीराम के गधे को चुराने को लेकर है। घासीराम ने गधे चुराने की घटना को पंचायत के सामने रखा और उससे न्याय की गुहार लगायी। पंचों के सामने न्याय तक पहुँचना इसलिए कठिन हो गया क्योंकि मास्टर जी और नेताजी जैसे गवाह भी घासीराम के खिलाफ हो गये।

घासीराम को न्याय मिलने की आशा समाप्त हो गयी और वह पंचायत छोड़कर जाने लगा। किन्तु तभी घासीराम के पुत्र द्वारा एक गधे को पेश करने से सारा माहौल बदल गया। यह सिद्ध हो गया कि कन्छेदी अपराधी है और मास्टर जी व नेताजी ने झूठी गवाही दी है। अन्त में यह सिद्ध हो जाता है कि विशेष परिस्थितियों में गधे की कीमत मनुष्य से अधिक होती है। वर्तमान समय पर यह कहानी एक गहरा व्यंग्य है, जो हमें यह शिक्षा भी देती है कि मनुष्य तो झूठ बोल सकता है किन्तु एक जानवर कभी झूठ नहीं बोल सकता।

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