MP Board Class 12th English Chapter 14 Albert-Einstein at School Solutions

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MP Board Class 12th English A Voyage Solutions Chapter 14 Albert-Einstein at School (Patrick Pringle)

Albert-Einstein at School Textbook Exercises

Albert-Einstein at School Comprehension

A. Answer the following questions in one sentence each:

Question 1. Why was Einstein not interested in learning history?

Answer: Einstein was not interested in learning history for he thought one can look up historical facts in a book. He believed that whatever that can be looked in book should not be wasted in memorising.

Question 2. Why did the teacher ask Einstein to explain his theory of education?

Answer: The teacher asked Einstein to explain his theory of education in order to ridicule him.

Question 3. What does the author mean when he says “Mr. Braun’s eyes
were cold and cruel?”

Answer: The author means to say that Mr. Braun was sarcastic in his behaviour.

Question 4. What did the history teacher suggest Einstein to do?

Answer:The history teacher suggested Einstein to leave the school.

Question 5. The author says Most day. were bad for Einstein.” Why does he say so?

Answer: Einstein never liked schools, most days were bad for him.

MB Board Solutions English Albert-Einstein at School

Question 6. Where did Albert find a room to reside? (MP. Board 2015)

Answer: Einstein had got a room to reside in one of the poorest quarters of Munich.

Question 7. What does Albert mean by civilised human beings?

Answer: By civilized human beings, Albert means the people who were not much educated but at
least knew the manners to live.

Question 8. The author says, “Albert’s eyes gleamed with the sudden idea.” Guess what the idea was.

Answer: The Idea was to get a meakal certificate to convince the head teacher for allowing him to leave the school.

Question 9. Why did Albert pretend that he had money to take Yun out for supper?
Answer: He wanted to impress Yuri and get his work of getting medical certificate done.

Question 10. I’m going to take this certificate to the head teacher tomorrow, and that will be the end of it”, assured Albert. What does the author mean by this?
Answer: The author means that the medical certificate would be enough for getting him rid off from the school.

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B. Albert-Einstein at School Answer the following questions in 60-75 words:

Question 1. While going through the conversation between Albert and his history teacher, what sort of a person does Einstein appear to you?

Answer: Einstein was not at all satisfied with the school education in Germany. It was completely outdated and unproductive. The History teacher considered that education was nothing more than learning dates and years of events. For Einstein, education meant ideas. He didn’t see any point in learning dates. He believed that one could look up the dates in books.

Einstein had all aversion for school. It is reflected in his every action. He shows it by not closing the door in the Head teacher’s room even after his instruction. Einstein was a rebel but always controlled his emotion. Albert was totally against this kind of education where nothing new is learnt and achieved and this shows his idea-oriented thinking. He thinks facts are useless to be learnt. This time of learning known can be utilized in generating new.

Question 2. How does a tight administrative system usually check students from exploring new horizons?

Answer: It is quite true that the school often curbs individual talents. Most of the time, it is unproductive and outdated. Education must bring out the best from within. Education received within the four walls may not be the real education. Actually, it has been seen that schools interfere with the free growth and development of children. (mp board 12th english chapter 14 solutions) They don’t provide proper atmosphere for their proper growth. Too many restrictions and dead formalities kill the natural growth in children. Too much of discipline also proves quite unproductive. It kills the creative instinct in children.

What children need is freedom. Without freedom, no physical or mental growth is possible. Drive and dynamism mustn’t be curbed. School education should not be heavy, dull and cumbersome. Entertainment and education should go together. Education is not just facts, figures and dates. Ideas must dominate our education. Only then our schools will produce geniuses like Einstein.

Question 3. Why did Einstein think that he could never pass the exam for school diploma?

Answer: Einstein believed that he would never pass the exams for the
school diploma. He thought so because he was in no way similar to the other students. He never lived to learn lessons. School was a hateful place for him. He was going to school not for his own sake but for the sake of his father’s wishes. he never indulged himself in any fight with other children, as it was a common feature among them. He never took part in any duels. Teachers didn’t like him. These were all negative aspects of his personai. he would never pass.

MB Board 12th English Albert-Einstein at School questions answers

Question 4. Why was Albert adamant on meeting a doctor?
Answer: Albert never liked school. It was only due to his father that he attended the school. However, finally he decided to leave it. As there was no way, he decided to get a medical certificate from a doctor which would help him prove sick. For this, he asked his friend Yuri to fix an appointment with a doctor who was known to Yuri. He was ready to face any situation for this. He also promised Yuri that he will treat him. with dinner.

Question 5. Give a brief character sketch of Einstein. (M.P. Board 2010)

Answer: Einstein was a peculiar child right from the beginning of his career. His views were different but rational. It was a fact that he had no interest in learning from the historical facts. When the History teacher asked him about a historical date, he frankly replied that he didn’t remember it. Einstein never liked school because in his view, it was not a proper place for learning. (12th english chapter 14 Solutions) A strict rule is observed there and no chance is given to make a child’s talent flourish. He loved music and reading books on Science but he had no interest in the books presented in the syllabus. He had his own views about education. However, in no way, he was disrespectful to the teachers. After all he was a genius.

Albert-Einstein at School Passages for Comprehension

Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow:

Albert felt miserable when he left school that afternoon; not that it had been a bad day most days were bad now, anyway but because he had to go back to the hateful place the next morning. (12th english solutions) He only wished his father would take him away, but there was no point in even asking. he knew what the answer would be; he would have to stay until he had taken his diploma.

Going back to his lodgings did not cheer him up. His father had so little money to spare that Albert could find a room in one of the poorest quarters of Munich. He did not mind the bad food and lack of comfort, or even the dirt and squalor, but he hated the atmosphere of slum violence. His landlady beat her children regularly, and every Saturday her husband came drunk and beat her. (Page 99)

MB Board Solutions 12th English Albert-Einstein at School

(i) Why did Albert feel miserable when he left school?
(Ii) Find the word opposite in meaning to ‘admirable’.
(iii) Give adjective form of the word ‘cheer’.
(iv) Find a word from the passage that has the same meaning as the word pitiable.

(i) Albert felt miserable when he left school because he had to come back to the school
the next morning which he hated the most. For him, it was the worst place.
(ii) ‘Hateful’ is opposite of ‘admirable’.
(iii) ‘Cheerful’ is the adjective of ‘cheer’.
(iv) ‘Miserable’ has same meaning as ‘pitiable’.

2. apart from books on science his only comfort was music, and he played his violin regularly until his Landlady asked him to stop.

“That wailing gets on my nerves,” she said. “There’s enough noise in this house, with all
the kids howling.”

Albert was tempted to point out that most of the time it was she who made them howl,
but he decided it was better toy nothing.
“I must get away from here,” he told Yuri, after six months alone in Munich. “It is absurd
that I should go on like this. In the end it will turn out, I have been wasting my father’s
money and everyone’s time. It will be better for all if i stop now.” (Page 100)

(i) What did Albert wish? Why?
(ii) Find a word from the above lines which means opposite to ‘peace’.
(iii) Give noun form of the word ‘tempt’?
(iv) Find the word in the passage which has the same meaning as the word ‘spoiling’.
(i) He wished to leave the place because he thought he was wasting his father’s money
and everyone’s time.
(ii) ‘Howling/noise’ is opposite to ‘peace’.
(iii) ‘Temptation’ is the noun form of ‘tempt’.
(iv) ‘Wasting’ has same meaning as ‘spoiling’.

3. “I’m not going to punish you,” the head teacher said to Albert’s surprise.

“Your work is terrible, and I’m not prepared to have you here any longer, Einstein. I want you to leave
the school now.”
“Leave school now?” repeated Albert, dazed.
. “That is what I said.”
“You mean,” said Albert, “that I am to be expelled?”
“You can take it that way if you wish, Einstein.” The head teacher was not mincing words.
“The simplest thing will be for you to goof your own accord, and then the question won’t arase.”
“But,” said Albert, “what crime have I committed?”
“Your presence in the classroom makes it impossible for the teacher to teach and for the
other pupils to learn. You refuse to learn, you are in constant rebellion, and no serious
work can be done while you are there.” (Page 103)

(i) What did the head teacher say to Albert?
(ii) Find a word from the passage which means opposite to ‘supporter’.
(iii) Give noun form of the word ‘punish’.
(iv) Find a word from the passage which has the same meaning of the word ‘deny’.
(i).The head teacher said to Albert that he would not allow him to be there and asked
him to leave.
(ii) ‘Rebellion’ is opposite to ‘supporter’.
(iii) ‘Punishment’ is the noun form of ‘punish’.
(iv) ‘Refuse’ has same meaning as ‘deny’.

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