MP Board Class 12th English A Voyage Workbook Unit 1 Listening and Speaking Solutions

In this article, we have share MP Board Class 12th English A Voyage Workbook Solutions Unit 1 Listening and Speaking These solutions are solved by subjects experts.

MP Board Class 12th English A Voyage Workbook Solutions Unit 1 Listening and Speaking

A Voyage Workbook Exercises

I. Give five examples of each of the following consonant clusters. Lookup a pronouncing dictionary and correct your answers.
1. Initial : CC
2. Final : -CC
3. Initial : CCC
4. Final : -CCC

  1. place, play, pray, scream, A school.
  2. fixed, student, pump, task, adopt.
  3. Do yourself.
  4. Do yourself.

MP Board Solutions

II. Some Indian speakers of English find it difficult to pronounce certain English consonant clusters, depending on their mother tongue. List four initial or final clusters which indian speakers find difficult to pronounce. Give three examples of words in which they occur.
See the dictionary and find yourself.

A Voyage Workbook: Word Stress

See Workbook Page 12

Workbook Pages 12-14


I. Transcribe the following words marking primary stress on them as given in the example:
Do yourself.

II. Mark the stress and pronounce the following words as noun/adjective with accent on the first syllable and as verb with accent on the second syllable.

reason …………
Patent ………….
credit …………..
support ………..
cement ……………
matter ………..
contact …………
report ………….
comment …………..

Find them in the dictionary and do yourself.

MP Board Class 12th English Solutions

A Voyage Workbook: Intonation

See Workbook Page 16


Listen carefully and mark the correct stress and intonation, using the information given below.

  1. I like tea.
  2. The train leaves at five o’clock.
  3. What do you want?
  4. It is quite strange.
  5. You are happy, aren’t you?
  6. What a stupid mistake!
  7. Drop the letter.
  8. How did you know that?
  9. What a beautiful picture!
  10. Stand up.
  11. Do as I tell you.
  12. Well done.
  13. Can you meet me at eleven?
  14. Good Morning!

Do yourself.


I. Divide the following conversation, held at a medicine shop, into tone groups, using the markers
(/,*) Also locate the nucleus and mark the appropriate tone (i.e fall, rise, orfali—rise).

  • Customer : Hello.
  • Chemist : Hello. Can I help you?
  • Customer : Yes, please. Can I have these drugs?
  • Chemist : Let me look at the whole prescription. I want to make sure that we
    have all the drugs. Yes, I’ll take just five minutes to make it up.
  • Customer : Can I have a look at that face-wash?
  • Chemist : Certainly.
  • Customer : Is this effective?
  • Chemist : Yes, very much. It helps in reducing pimples.
  • Customer : How much it costs?
  • Chemist : Fifty rupees only.
  • Customer : Oh, that’s quite expensive.
  • Chemist : But it’s very effective.
  • Customer : Please give me the bill for the medicines.
  • Chemist : O.K. That’s fifty-five rupees.
  • Customer : Here’s a hundred.
  • Chemist : Here’s your change.
  • Customer : Thank you.

Do yourself.

MP Board 12th A Voyage Workbook Solutions

II. Listen carefully and divide the following sentences into tone groups, using the markers
(/,*) Also locale the nucleus and mark the appropriate tone (i.e. fall, rise, or fall—rise).

  1. Although it was winter, the sun shone brightly.
  2. Last week they had a birthday party
  3. Suddenly they heard a loud explosion.
  4. They weren’t angry, were they?
  5. I went to see the doctor but he was not there.
  6. “Don’t play on the road,” shouted the father to his son.
  7. Its very late, I think.
  8. It was a film for adults only; so I went to the circus.
  9. I simply told him, “Truth always wins.”
  10. Your answer is correct, in my opinion.

Do yourself.


Mark the stressed words in the following sentences with the sign (‘). Also divide them into tone-
groups (II) necessary, showing the correct intonation.

  1. Phonetics is an interesting subject.
  2. Work hard if you want to pass the examination.
  3. I’ll see you the day after tomorrow.
  4. I met my friend after a gap of ten years.
  5. The prices of essential items are increasing day by day.
  6. If it doesn’t rain tomorrow, we’ll go for a picnic.
  7. Some of the things I enjoy most is swimming and cooking.
  8. I met with an accident, but luckily, I escaped with minor injuries.
  9. Divide it between the two of us as it is in surplus.
  10. Many foreigners who visit India are impressed with the diversity of culture it has got.
  11. Look before you leap.
  12. There is the house my father has built.
  13. Whenever you want a break, you are welcome to ask For it.
  14. Get me the book lest it might be lost.
  15. What Is allotted can’t be blotted.

Do yourself.


Transcribe the sentences given in the previous exercise and underline the words which have undergone reduction.
Do yourself.

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