MP Board Class 10th General English Chapter 8 One Step Ahead Solution

MP Board Class 10th General English The Spring Blossom Solutions Chapter 8 One Step Ahead

One Step Ahead Textual Exercises

Word Power

A. Match the following words with their meanings.

  1. trek (a) to pull something
  2. drag (b) to go in the wrong direction or to have the wrong result
  3. piercing (c) to make a long or difficult journey
  4. complexion (d) (of eyes) seeming to notice things about another person specially in a way that makes that person feel anxious or embarrassed.
  5. go astray (e) the natural colour and condition of the skin on a person’s face.

1. → (c)
2. → (a)
3. → (d)
4. → (e)
5. → (b)

B. Make a list of at least three abbreviations known to you.
1. All India Radio (AIR)
2. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)
3. Indian Naval Academy (INA)

A. Answer the following questions. (One or two sentences)

Question 1.
Why did Dr. Kalam go to Delhi?
Dr. Kalam went to Delhi for the interview at DTD & P (Air). [Directorate of Technical Development and Production (Air)].

Question 2.
Why did Dr. Kalam go to Dehradun?
Dr. Kalam went to Dehradun for an interview at the Air Force Selection Board.

Question 3.
What did Dr. Kalam want to become in Air Force?
Dr. Kalam wanted to become Commissioning Officer in the Air Force.

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Question 4.
What did Dr. Kalam feel when he was going to face the interview?
While going for the interview Dr. Kalam was excited but nervous, determined but anxious, confident but tense.

Why did Dr. Kalam go to the Shivananda Ashram?

Dr. Kalam had failed to get selected in the Air Force so he was in a dejected mood and was seeking answers to the doubts that troubled him. Therefore, he went to the Shiyananda Ashram.

Question 6.
What was the designation and salary of Dr. Kalam when he joined the job?
Dr. Kalam joined the job as Senior Scientific Assistant on a basic salary of Rs. 250 per month.

B. Answer the following questions. (Three or four sentences)

Question 1.
Why did the religious conquest not affect the southern part of India?

The religious conquest did not affect southern part of India because it was protected by the Vindhya and Satpura mountain ranges. Also the Narmada, Tapti, Mahanadi, Godavari and Krishna rivers provided protection to it.’

Question 2.
Describe the appearance of Swami Shivananda,
Swami Shivananda looked like Buddha. He wore a white dhoti and wooden slippers. He had an olive complexion and black piercing eyes. His smile was child-like and he had gracious manner.

Question 3.
How.did Swami Shivananda console Dr. Kalam?
Swami Shivananda consoled Dr. Kalam by saying that he should accept his destiny as it comes. He was not destined to become an Air Force Pilot. That failure was essential to lead him to destined path and he should surrender himself to the wish of God.

How should we take our failure?

We should take our failure as our destiny. One should forget it and understand that it was essential to lead one to his destined path.

Question 5.
How does Abdul Kalam describe the men and women folk, as he saw them from the window of the compartment?

Abdul Kalam says that men in their white dhotis and turbans and women in bright splashes of colour against the green background of paddy fields looked like beautiful paintings. Everyone was busy in some activity.

Fill in the blanks with suitable connectors from brackets.

(while, since, during, until, because)

  1. I could not watch the whole movie. I fell asleep ……… the film.
  2. India was not independent …………. 15 Aug, 1947.
  3. Mohan met his friend …….. he was on a holiday.
  4. Two hours have passed ……… you took medicine.
  5. He was absent ………… he was sick.


  1. during
  2. until
  3. while
  4. since,
  5. because
Writing time

You are Mohan studying at Govt. Higher Secondary School, Dalka, Khargone. Reply to your father as per the letter given in the text.

Room No. 10,
Hostel Govt. Higher Secondary School
Dalka, Khargone
Respected Father,

I received your letter yesterday. I hope you are fine and in good health. I understand your concern about me. I am giving attention to my career and my aim is on my goal. I have made a balance between my studies and other curricular activities. You should not worry about me and have faith on me. I am also giving attention to my health. If I would face any problem here I would definitely inform you.

Love to mother, brother and sister.

Your loving son

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