MP Board Class 10th General English Chapter 6 The New Player in the Team Solution

MP Board Class 10th General English The Spring Blossom Solutions Chapter 6 The New Player in the Team

The New Player in the Team Textual Exercises

Word Power

A. Match the following words with their meanings.

Words Meanings

  1. snide (a) to rub a surface with a cloth
  2. delicate (b) to hold something with your hand firmly
  3. defence (c) tender
  4. grasp (d) preventing the other team from scoring
  5. wipe (e) passsing unkind remarks

1. → (e)
2. → (c)
3. → (d)
4. → (b)
5. → (a)

MP Board Solutions

B. Use the following words in sentences of your own.

1. coach
A coach trains his team to play well.

2. court
Rohan filed a case in the court against Ajay for stealing his gold.

3. yearn
I yearn to lead a life of solitude in the country away from stress.

4. prejudge
It is not fair to prejudge the capability of a player.

C. Fill in the blanks spaces by using the word coming in the text.

  1. It was just a matter of ………… practice. (vigorous/rigorous)
  2. This gave a massive ………… to her confidence. (boost/boast)
  3. I will never again ………… people; I hope you can forgive me. (prejudge/prelude)
  4. Even the ………… remarks from the teammates only made her more resolute. (severe/snide)


  1. rigorous
  2. boost
  3. prejudge
  4. snide.

A. Answer these questions. (One or two sentences)

Question 1.
Why was Mamta’s selection in the school team a surprise to everyone?

Mamta’s selection in the school team was a surprise to everyone because she had joined the school only a month before and had never played basketball before.

Question 2.
What qualities did the coach notice in Mamta?
The coach noticed that Mamta’s passes were good and she was also physically fitter than anyone else.

Question 3.
How did her classmates behave with her?
Mamta’s classmates treated her as an unwelcome guest who was too low in status by their standards.

Question 4.
Why did the girls refuse to make Mamta their friend?
The girls refused to make Mamta their friend because she came from a small town and was not rich.

MP Board Solutions

Question 5.
What was the challenge before Mamta?
The challenge before Mamta was to win the trophy in the inter-school basketball championship that year.

Question 6.
Which remark of the coach touched Mamta?
The coach made the remark to Reema that they have not been able to win the trophy since she started playing but may be that year they would win because of Mamta. This touched Mamta.

How did the fighter in Mamta come out?

The snide remarks made by her teammates brought out the fighter in Mamta.

Question 8.
What made Mamta win the race?
Mamta’s concentration and rigorous practice made her win the race.

Question 9.
How was Mamta able to change her image in school?
Mamta was able to change her image in school by winning the race.

Question 10.
Why did the girls not hope to win the competition?
The girls did not hope to win the competition because Mamta was made the captain of the team and she had never played basketball before.

B. Answer these questions. (Three or four sentences)

Question 1.
Why was Mamta ill-treated by her classmates?

Mamta came from a small town and school. She was also not from a rich family like other girls so her classmates ill-treated her. They thought she was too low in status by their standards.

Question 2.
How did the coach support Mamta?

The coach supported Mamta by showing his confidence in her. He said that she had good passes and was physically fitter than anyone else in the team. He also remarked that may be that year they may win the trophy. because of her.

Question 3.
How did Mamta’s team make history?
Mamta’s team made history by reaching the finals in the competition for the first time and winning it too.

What made Mamta a good basketball player?

Mamta’s daily practice and firm determination made her a good basketball player. She was good in passes and could easily grab the ball because of her height. She was also good at offence and defence.

Question 5.
If you had been a coach, how would you have treated Mamta?

If I had been a coach, I would have behaved the same way as Mamta’s coach. A coach should show confidence in the player and be encouraging and supporting like her coach was.

Question 6.
What were the qualities that helped Mamta become indispensible for the team?
Mamta’s determination and hard work made her indispensable for the team. She put all her attention and concentration on her practice and goal to succeed.

B. Fill in the blanks with may/might/can/could/ must.

  1. My brother is very strong. He ………… lift 80 kg of weight.
  2. The student said, “Sir, ……….. I drink some water, please?”
  3. When I was ten, I ………… not ride a bicycle.
  4. It’s the Independence Day. tomorrow. Every one of you ……….. be here at 7 a.m. sharp.
  5. Don’t touch the box. It ………… have a bomb inside.


  1. can
  2. May
  3. could
  4. must
  5. might.

C. Change the sentences given below using ‘may’.

1. Perhaps the manager is busy.
The manager may be busy.

2. Perhaps he does not want to see me.
He may not want to see me.

3. Perhaps Golu is not working today.
Golu may not be working today.

4. Perhaps Anuj is walking on the road.
Anuj may be walking on the road.

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