MP Board Class 10th General English Chapter 17 Torch Bearers Solution

In this article, we will share MP Board Class 10th General English The Spring Blossom Solutions Chapter 17 Torch Bearers with pdf solutions file.

English Chapter 17 Torch Bearers Textual Exercises

Word Power

  1. toil (a) unwillingly
  2. hay (b) the ability to make sensible decision
  3. reluctant (c) dried grass
  4. pile (d) hard labour
  5. wisdom (e) heap

1. → (d)
2. → (c)
3. → (a)
4. → (e)
5. → (b)

B. Derive five new words by rearranging the letters of each new word given below.


  1. inhospitable – hospital, table, pitiable, tin, shoe.
  2. flame – meal, male, leaf, lame, fame.
  3. disconsolate – consolate, late, console, cool, lost.
  4. straight – right, sight, trait, gait, tight.

A. Answer the following questions. (One or two sentences)

Question 1.
What did the old merchant decide about his money?

The old merchant decided to give all his money to that son who proved himself to be cleverer of the two.

Question 2.
Why did the old merchant give his sons a test?

The old merchant gave his sons a test because he wanted to find out which of his two sons was cleverer.

Question 3.
What was the test given to the two sons by the old merchant?

The old merchant gave one rupee to each son and asked them to go out separately and buy something which may fill the house.

Question 4.
How much time was given to the two sons by the old merchant?
The old merchant gave the two sons a couple of days.

Question 5.
What did the first son buy for a rupee?

The first son bought a load of hay for a rupee.

Question 6.
How did the second son spend his rupee?

The second son spent his rupee in buying candles.

Question 7.
What should we do if we love our country?
If we love our country we should try to be good citizens.

Question 8.
Why did Guru Nanak spend the night in the open?

Guru Nanak spent the night in the open because the villagers were rude and inhospitable and did not let him stay anywhere in the village.

Question 9.
How did the villagers of the first village treat Guru Nanak?
The villagers of the first village were rude and inhospitable with Guru Nanak.

Question 10.
What is our responsibility towards our country?

Each one of us has the responsibility towards our country of being a good citizen.

MP Board Solutions

MP Board Solutions

B. Answer the following questions. (Three or four sentences)

Question 1.
Why was the old merchant very pleased with his second son?

The old merchant was very pleased with his second son because he had shown true wisdom. In one rupee he bought candles and lighted the whole house. He was therefore worthy for his wealth.

Question 2.
Which type of citizens does a country need?
A country needs good citizens. Only good citizens can serve their country. The greater the number of good citizens in a country, the more enlightened is the country.

Question 3.What did Guru Nanak pray for people of the second village?

Guru Nanak prayed for the people of second village that they may not remain in their village, but may be scattered throughout the country.

Question 4.
What is the responsibility of a student when he/she leaves the school?

The responsibility of a student when he/she leaves the school is to carry his flame of knowledge and skill and pass it on to others. These he passes on by using them in the service of his country.

C. Answer these questions. (about 80-100 words)

Question 1.
How did the old merchant come to know that his younger son was cleverer than the elder?

The old merchant has asked his sons to buy such a thing in a rupee that may fill the whole house. The candles brought by the younger son lighted the whole house and removed its darkness while the hay bought by the elder son was not enough to cover even the floor of a room and was of no use. This made the old merchant understand that the younger son was cleverer than the elder.

‘A chain is as strong as its weakest link’. Explain.

It means even the weakest link in the chain affects its strength. Each one of us is a link in the chain that is our country. If we are weak and poor then our country will suffer. So, each person makes a difference in a country.

Language Practice

Punctuate the given paragraph with appropriate capitalization and rewrite.

The children were happy during the month of August, especially when it began to get near the twenty-third. It was on this day that the great silver spaceship carrying Professor Hugos interplanetary zoo settled down for its annual six-hour visit to the Chicago area.

Listening Time

Each of the following sentences will be read out twice making use of only one of the options given. Listen carefully and put a tick mark (✓) against the word you hear :

(a) The farmer could not buy a mill/meal anywhere.
The farmer could not buy a mill anywhere.

(b) The fisherman pulled/pooled the net.
The fishermen pooled the net.

(c) They dried the nets/nuts in the sun.
They dried the nuts in the sun.

(d) My uncle owns a big farm/firm.
My uncle owns a big firm.

(e) He is fit/feet for the job.
He is fit for the job.

(f) Sit/Seat on the chair.
Sit on the chair.

(g) He is feeling pain/pen on his knee.
He is feeling pain on his knee.

(h) Don’t try to fool/full me.
Don’t try to fool me.

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