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MP Board Class 10th General English Chapter 14 The Pot of Gold Solution

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In this article, we will share MP Board Class 10th General English The Spring Blossom Solutions Chapter 14 The Pot of Gold with pdf solutions file.

The Pot of Gold Textual Exercises

Word Power

A. Fill in the blanks with suitable words from brackets.

(greedy, buried, squandered, reluctant, drive out.)

  1. Sarthak ………… his money.
  2. The dog had ………… the bone in the garden.
  3. New fashions ………… old ones.
  4. Neha was …………. to admit that she was wrong.
  5. Manoj stared at the diamonds with ……… eyes.


  1. buried
  2. squandered
  3. drive out
  4. reluctant
  5. greedy

B. Select the synonyms for the words inside boxes from the brackets and write in front.

(lend, unwise, wicked, hide, greedy)


  1. evil, naughty, sinful, immoral – wicked
  2. ravenous, gluttonous, intense, desirous – greedy
  3. injudicious, imprudent, not wise – unwise
  4. to grant, to bestow, to give on loan – lend
  5. to keep out of sight, to conceal, to keep secret – hide

MP Board Solutions for Class 10th

A. Answer the following questions. (One or two sentences)

Question 1. Who were Subuddhi and Kubuddhi?

Answer: Subuddhi and Kubuddhi were two friends.

Question 2. What were the qualities of Subuddhi and Kubuddhi?

Subuddhi was an honest and holy man and led a good life while Kubuddhi was a wicked man and led a life of drinking and gambling.

Question 3.
What did Kubuddhi propose to Subuddhi?

Kubuddhi proposed Subuddhi to leave the city and go to another country for getting money.

Question 4. What did Kubuddhi and Subuddhi find

Kubuddhi and Subuddhi found a pot containing a thousand gold coins.

Question 5. What was the problem before the judge?

The problem before the judge was that he was unable to understand what to do since there were no witnesses.

Question 6.
Why was the judge surprised when he heard the voice of the goddess of the forest?

The judge was surprised to hear from the goddess of the forest that an honest man like Subuddhi could steal his friend’s gold.

Question 7. What was the decision in the case of Kubuddhi and Subuddhi?

In the case of Kubuddhi and Subuddhi, Kubuddhi was proved wicked and was ordered to give all eight hundred gold coins to Subuddhi and sentenced to prison for his wickedness.

B. Answer the following questions. (Three or four sentences)

Question 1.
Subuddhi and Kubuddhi found a pot of gold. What did Subuddhi propose to Kubuddhi?

On finding a pot of gold Subuddhi proposed Kubuddhi to return back home as they had got enough money to become rich. He asked him to divide the gold and take the share and while rețurning home give fine dinners to their friends.

Question 2.
What was Kubuddhi’s plan to cheat his friend?

Kubuddhi planned to cheat his friend’s share of gold coins by convincing him that they will take one hundred coins each and bury the remaining in the forest so that their friends may not ask them to lend some money or may steal it. He said that they would come back and take the money whenever they needed it. He said so, so that he may come back and steal his friend’s share.

Question 3.
How did Kubuddhi take the help of his father in cheating Subuddhi?

Kubuddhi made his father hide in the trunk of the banyan tree and asked him say that it was Subuddhi who had stolen the gold when the judge asks the goddess of forest. His father did so and in this way he helped him in cheating Subuddhi.

Question 4.
How did Subuddhi prove himself innocent at last?

Answer: Subuddhi told the judge that the he had hid the stolen gold in the trunk of the banyan tree, in which kubuddhi’s father was hiding. He sad that since there was snake in it so he was unable to take out the gold and asked him to let him light fire to drive out the snake and take the gold. He did so and hence Kubuddhi’s father had to come out of the tree trunk thus proving that Subuddhi was innocent.

MP Board Solutions
Language Practice

Combine these pairs using suitable connectors who, what, which, since. and write them in your notebooks.

who, what, which, since.

1. (a) Subuddhi and Kubuddhi were friends.
(b) They lived in a village. (who)
Subuddhi and Kubuddhi were friends who lived in village.

2. (a) The two friends found a pot.
(b) The pot contained a thousand gold coins. (which/that)
The two friends found a pot which contained a thousand gold coins.

3. (a) He finished his money.
(b) He went back to the banyan tree. (when)
He went back to the banyan tree when he finished his money.

4. (a) They dug up the place.
(b) They had buried their pot of gold. (where)
They dug up the place where they had buried their pot of gold.

5. (a) Subuddhi was shocked to see the pot.
(b) There were no gold coins in it. (because)
Subuddhi was shocked to see the pot because there were no gold coins in it.

6. (a) Someone has taken away all the gold.
(b) It is you. (who)
It is you who has taken away all the gold.

7. (a) There were no witnesses.
(b) The judge did not know what to do. (since)
Since there were no witnesses the judge did not know what to do.

8. (a) Tell your partner.
(b) How did Kubuddhi cheat his friend? (how)
Tell your partner how Kubuddhi cheat his friend.

Speaking Time

Looking at the pictures given in the textbook ask the questions from your partner.

Question 1.
Who has a long thin face?
Pinky has a long thin face.

Question 2.
Who has a square face?
David has a square face.

Question 3.
Who has a round face?
Rekha has a round face.

Question 4.
Who has thick eyebrows?
David has thick eyebrows.

Question 5.
Who has a pointed nose?
Pinky has a pointed nose.

Question 6.
Who has moustaches?
David has moustaches.

Question 7.
Who has a hooked nose?
David has a h
ooked nose.

Question 8.
Who has long straight hair?
Pinky has long straight hair.

Question 9.
Who has dark curly hair?
Rekha has dark curly hair.

Question 10.
Who has wavy fair hair?
David has wavy fair hair.

Question 11.
Who is wearing a necklace?
Rekha is wearing a necklace.

Writing Time

Write a short speech to be delivered on :

  1. Gandhi Jayanti
  2. Bal Divas
  3. Republic Day.

1. Gandhi Jayanti

Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti. He was born on 2nd October at Porbandar in Gujarat. he is a symbol of peace and non-violence. He gave India freedom without any violence. On this day we remember him for his contributions done to our nation. We should try to follow his principles of truth and non-violence.

2. Bal Divas Short Speech

Bal Divas is celebrated on the 14th of November. On this day we celebrate the birthday of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of free India. He liked children and loved them. Therefore children called him Chacha Nehru. Because of his love for children his birthday is celebrated as Bal Divas or Children’s Day every year.

3. Republic Day Short Speech

Republic Day is celebrated on 26th January every year. It is on this day that the constitution of free India came into force, i.e., on 26 January, 1950. Our thoughts on this day go back to the founding fathers of our constitution whose far-sighted vision and ardour labours gave us a constitution which enshrined the traditional concepts of liberty, equality and fraternity adding to them the concept of Justice social, economic and political and declaring our nation a sovereign democratic Republic. The word ‘Republic’ signifies that in our state supreme power is not exercised by some remote monarch but by the people. This is a day when we take pride in our achievements, but it is most surely also a day of honest self-analysis and self-questioning about where we, as a people and a society, are headed.

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