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Magnetic Effect of Electric Current science chapter 13 ncert solution for class 10th

MP Board Class 10th Science Magnetic Effect of Electric Current chapter 13 Solutions. with imp Questions.

Very Short Answer Type Questions

Q.1. What is meant by magnetic effect of current ? [mp 2016]
Ans.  When electric current flows through a conductor then a magnetic field is developed around it. It is called magnetic effect of current.

Q.2. Name the electric appliances used in daily life which are based on use of electromagnet. 
Ans. Cooler, Fan, Mixer etc.

Q.3. What is heating or thermal effect of current ? [ mp 2014 ]
Ans. When a current flows through a conductor then heat is produced. This effect of current is called heating effect of current. This effect used in electric heater, electric iron etc.

Q.4. Write Fleming’s left hand rule. [ mp 2015 ]
Ans. Fleming’s left hand rule: If we stretch out the forefinger, the middlefinger and the thumb of the left hand, so that they are mutually perpendicular. Now if the forefinger points the direction of magnetic field. the middle finger points the direction of current then the thumb indicates the direction of force acting on the conductor.

Q.5. What is electric fuse ? Write its uses. 
Ans. It is a device in which the wire of an alloy of high resistance and low melting is used which controls the maximum limit of electric current flowing through a circuit.
It is used to present the electrical appliances by short circuiting and overloading.

Short Answer Type Questions

Q.1. Write Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction. [mp 2009]
Ans. There are two laws given by Faraday’s which are:
(i) Whenever there is some changes in magnetic flux linked with a coil then an induced electromotive force is developed across the ends of coil and hence current flows through the coil.
(ii) The induced electromotive force is directly proportional to the rate of change of magnetic flux.

Q.2. What is short circuit ? Write its cause. How can it be prevent? 
Ans. Something the electrical wire come in direct contact due to defective and damaged wiring., so the resistance of the whole circuit becomes almost zero and hence a large current flows. This is termed as sort circuiting.
It may be caused due to following reasons:
(i) Due to defect in electric switches and plugs.
(ii) Due to low grade insulation over the combining wires.
(iii) Due to combination between both the wires.
Measure of prevention from short circuit: To prevent from short circuit with hot wires of short circuit electric fuse can be used.

Long Answer Type Questions

Q.1. What precaution should be adopted in using an electric circuit ? [ mp 2016 ]
Ans. The following precaution should be adopted while using electricity :

  1. All the electrical appliances should be given earth connections.
  2. The electric wire plug, socket, holder used in domestic circuit should be of quality standard.
  3. High power electrical appliances like geyser, air conditioners, cooler etc. should be fitted with plug,socket and switch of 15 A current.
  4. To avoid the damage cause by overloading and shortcircuit, high quality fuse wire should be used.
  5. We should not touch the switches with wet hands.

Q.2. Describe the electric motor under the following heads: (i) Definition, (ii) Principle, (iii) Main parts of Electric motor. [mp 2011, 14]
Ans. Definition : It is an electrical machine which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

  1. Principle: It is based on principle of electro-magnetic induction.
  2. Main parts : 
  3. Field magnet N-S : It is strong horse shoe magnet whose poles are cut in concave shape.
  4. Coil or Armature : It is a coil of insulted copper wire wound on soft iron core. It is  rotated in between the pole pieces of magnet about an axis.
  5. Split ring commutator : The commutator is just a copper ring split into two halves S1 and S2 insulted from each other. The ends of the coil are connected to S1, S2.
  6. Brushed B1,and B2: These are carbon strips which slides against the split ring.

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