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Science Life Process chapter 6th imp Que/Ans ncert m.p.board 2019-20

  Life Process 

Very Short Answer Type Questions
Q.1. Give example of saprophytic plants.
Ans. Fungi, Bacteria, Mushroom.
Q.2. State two factors affecting the photosynthesis.
Ans. (i) CO2 and (ii) Light.
Q.3. Write the name of main parts of food canal in Grasshoppers. 
Ans. (i) Fore gut, (ii) Mid gut, (iii) Hind gut.
Q.4. Which type of nutrition is found in Sandal ? 
Ans. Partial parasitic nutrition.
Q.5. State name of process of ingestion of food canal in Grasshoppers.
Ans. Pinocytosis.
Q.6. Write the name of main parts of elementary canal.
Ans. Mouth cavity, oesophagus, stomach, intestine.
Q.7. What criteria do we use to decide whether something is alive ? 
Ans. To decide weather something is alive we use observation of micro (Invisible) molecular movement.
Q.8. What are outside materials used for by an organism ? 
Ans. The raw materials ( food materials ) which are carbon based are used by organisms for their food.
Q.9. What process would you consider essential for maintaining life ? 
Ans. The processes such as nutrition, respiration, transportation, excretion etc. are essential for life.
Q.10. What is role of the acid in our stomach ?
Ans. The acid present in stomach provides an acidic medium. It activates the inactive enzzymes and helps in digestion.

Short Answer Type Questions

Q.1. What are the components of the transport system in highly organised plants:
Ans . There are two components of the transport system in highly organised plants:
(i) Xylem (ii) phloem.
(i) Xylem : it conducts water and dissolved minerals absorbed from the soil .
(ii) Phloem : it transports the food materials.
Q.2. Write the differences between respiration and photosynthesis.(mp 2017)
Ans. Differences betwwen respiration and photosynthesis :
Respiration➡ 1. This process is destructive 2. This reaction can occur light as well as in dark 3. In this process, energy is released from food.
Photosynthesis ➡ 1. This process is constructive 2. This reaction can occur only in sunlight  3. In this process, energy is stired in the food.
Q.3. How are the lungs designed in human being to maximise the area for exchange of gases ?
Ans. In the lungs, the air passage divide smaller tubes called bronchi, they form bronchioles. The branchioles which termed in ballon like structure called ‘aveoli’. These alveoli present in the lungs provides maximum surface area for the exchange of gases.

Q.4. Draw labelled diagram of excretory organ of human. ( MP 2009, 13, 15)

Long answer
Q.3. Describe the functions of blood.
What is blood ? Write functions of blood (MP 2008, set A, 14, 16 )
Ans.  Blood is a fluid connective tissue which functions as transporter in the body.
Functions of blood ➡ (i) It transport oxygen from the lungs to the tissues.
(ii) Blood transport carbon dioxide from the tissues to the lungs from where it expels out.
  (ii) blood also maintains the water-level of the surrounding tissues.
(iv) Blood controls the temprature of the body.
(v) Digested food from the small intestine is distributed to different organs by the help of blood.

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