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Control And Coordination science chapter 7 ncert solution for class 10th

control and coordination science chapter 7 solution for class 10th
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Very Short Answer Type Questions

Q.1. Why system is responsible to regulate and control all the activities of body ?

Ans. Nervous system.

Q.2. Name the hormone which is responsible for absorption of water from uriniferous tubules of kidney.

Ans. Vasopressin.

Q.3. Write two properties of hormone.

Ans. (i) Hormones are soluble in water and blood.
(ii) Hormones became active in very low concentration and react.

Q.4. The study of endorine gland and hormones is called as. 

Ans. Endocrinology.

Q.5. State the name of hormone secreted by adrenal gland.
Ans. (i) Cortisone, (ii) Glucocarticoid, (iii) Adrenaline, (iv) Non-adrenaline.

Q.6. How many carnial nerves are in human nervous system ? 
Ans. 12 pairs.

Q.7. What is weight of brain in man and women ? 
Ans. In man and women the weight of brain is 50 and 45 ounce respectively.

Q.8. What is reflex action ? 
Ans. There are some responses which are immediate and which do not need processing by the brain. These responses are called reflex action.

Q.9. From which organ insulin is secreted ? 
Ans. Pancreas.

Q.10. Which gland secreted the growth hormone ?
Ans. Pituitary gland.

Short Answer Type Questions

Q.1. In which part is the brain divided?

Ans. Parts of brain : 

(1) Fore brain : ”The front and anterior part of brain which contains cerebrum and hypothalamus is called fore brain”
(2) Mid brain : “The part of the brain which joins the fore brain and hind brain is called hind brain”
(3) Hind brain : “the last part of the brain which consists cerebellum,  pons varolli and medulla oblongata is called hind brain”

Q.2.  Write any four functions of cytokinin. (mp 2004, Set A, 07, Set B, )

Ans. Four functions of cytokinin are :
(i) They help in production

of protein,
(ii) They help in cell elongation,
(iii) They induces seed germination,
(iv) They increases the growth of auxilllary buds.

Q.3.  Write the characteristics of hormons .

Ans . The characteristics of hormons are given as follow :

  1. These are soluble in water as well as in blood .
  2. These act as organic catalyst.
  3. They affect the activity of the organs of the body.
  4. The activity of hormones towards target celk is not continous

Q.4. Why is the use of iodised salt is advisable ?

Ans. Iodine is necessary for thyroid gland. The hormone secreted by this gland i.e., thyroxine regulates the carbohydrate,protein and fat metabolism in the body to provide the balanced and proper growth. A defficency of iodine in our diet may lead to goitre. Hence, it is advised to take iodised salts.

Q.5. Why are some patients of diabetes treated by giving injections of insulin ? 

Ans. Insulin is a hormone secreted from pancreas. It controls the sugar (Glucose) level in blood. If it is not secreted in proper quantity, the glucose level in the blood increases. These cause many effects.

 To treat harmful effects of increased level of glucose in blood, the diabetic patients are provided insulin by injections of insulin. control and coordination

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