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Our Environment science chapter 15 ncert solution for class 10th

In this Article i uploaded all important Questions And Answers of our environment Science chapter 15 for class 10th mp board latest updated solutions for class 10th NCERT or CBSE Solution 
Very Short Answer Type Questions

Q.1. What is green house effect ? Our Environment

Ans. Due to increase the extent of CO2 the temperature of environment increase rapidly. This is called green house effect.

Q.2. Give two reasons of global warming.

Ans. (i) Continuous cutting of trees, results in increased quality of CO2.
(ii) Impossibility of complete and total combustion of fossil fuels like coal, petroleum diesel etc.

Short Answer Type Questions

Q.1. What is Global warming ? Write four main reasons of Global warming.[ mp 2010, 11, 14, 17]

Ans. Global warming : Gradually increase in over-all temperature of earth’s atmosphere generally attributed to the green house effect caused by increased level of carbondioxide, CFCs and other pollutants.
 Four main reasons of Global Warming :

(i) Continuous felling of trees result in increase quantity of CO2.
(ii) Impossibility of complete and total combustion of fossil fuels like coal, petroleum diesel etc.
(iii) It increases due to refrigerator, fire extinguishing equipment aerosols, foam etc.
(iv) Nitrogen oxide gas is formed by chemical fertilizers used in agriculture farms and by the vehicles run by petrol or diesel. 

Q.2. Differentiate between producer and consumer:[mp 2002 Set B] Our Environment

Ans. Differences between producer and consumer :

  1. Organisms which prepare food materials are known as producers.
  2. Photosynthesis is an activity of producer. By the help of it green plants prepare carbohydrate.


  1. Organisms which consume (eat) the food materials prepared by the food producers are called consumers.
  2. Organisms utilize other organisms or the body part as food. All animals are consumers.
Q.3. Explain food web with an example and diagram.[mp 2001 Set A, 04 Set A2, B2, C2,09]

Ans. Food web: The food-chains operating in grassland, a forest, a crop field, a pond, any ecosystem or even biosphere from a network with intercrosses  and linkages. the chains do not operate in isolation. This network of food-chains is called food web.

Q.4. Different between food chain and food web. [ mp 2006 Set A, 07 Set B1]

Ans.Different between food chain and food web:

(1)The chain showing who eats whom is called food chain.
(2) All the food chain begin with green plants because they are producer.
(3) A food chain represents a unidirectional transfer of food.

(1) The interconnected food chains cross each other. These are linked to from food web.
(2) In food web one or more organism occur in more than one food chain.
(3) It represents all pathways of transfer of food in ecosystem.

Q.6.  State any four adverse effect of depletion of ozone layer. [mp 2012, 13, 16]
Write main four effects of the depletion of ozone layers.

Ans. The adverse effects of the depletion of ozone layer are given below:
(i) The cells of the  human skin is damaged, due to which the cells being to secrete histamine (a chemical ) which destroys the resistance power of the body resulting in total diseases like ulcer, bronchitis etc.
(ii) Genetic disorder and long duration diseases may occur.
(iii) Very serious diseases like cataract, wounds in eyes and inflammation may occur due to the ultraviolet rays.
(iv) Due to this food chain is disturbed. Producer algae are destroyed due to which the whole aquatic life is badly effected. Which affects the human life also.

Long Answer Type Questions
Q.1. What is acid rain ? What is its effect on man ?
 How does acid rain fall ? [mp 2012]

Ans. Sulphur is  released due to combustion or melting of sulphide minerals, due to combustion of fossil fuels and due to smoke factories the atmosphere gets polluted. Fossil fuels when burnt undergo oxidation and from SO2 and SO3 which are harmful for our health.
       In rainy days when these gases come in the from of air and mixed with rain drops to from sulphurous acid (H2SO3) and sulphuric acid (H2SO4) then these acids falls with rain drops on the earth. This rain is known as acid rain.

Q.2. Explain the biotic components of the biosphere with examples. 
Describe the Biotic components of an ecosystem. [mp 2015] Our Environment

Ans. Plants and animals come under the biotic components of the biosphere which on the basis of their nutrition are divide into three types :
    [Producers, Consumer and decomposer.

Producers: Living organisms which produce the food materials for an ecosystem are called producers. Plants containing chlorophyll are in this category. These plants produce food material with the help of chlorophyll and sunlight by the process of photosynthesis.
Consumer: Living organisms of the biosphere or ecosystem which obtain their food from the producers and are unable to to prepare food are called consumers. All animals belog to this category.       

consumers are classified into three types :
(i) Primary consumers : Consumers which feed on green plants only are called primary consumers.i.e,. cow, rabbit etc.
(ii) Secondary consumer: These consumers are carnivorous and feed on primary consumers herbivores i.e,. primary consumers e.g.,frog, snake, etc.
(iii) Tertiary consumer ; These consumers depend upon secondary consumers (carnivores) for their nutrition i.g., they feed the carnivores e.g.,  leopard, lion etc.
Decomposers: Microorganisms which decompose the various components of body after the death of plants and animals and release in nature are called decomposers.

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