MP Board Class 10th General English Chapter 7 Anger Solutions

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MP Board Class 10th General English Chapter 7 Anger Textual Exercises

Word Power

A. Write rhyming words for these words from the poem.

face – place
years – tears
wing – king
tries – wise

B. Match the following words with their synonyms.

  1. anger (a) win
  2. conquer (b) annoyance
  3. noble (c) calm
  4. peace (d) good

1. → (b)
2. → (a)
3. → (d)
4. → (c)

C. Arrange the words given below in the columns according to the qualities they represent.

(anger, ugly, fair, selfish, hostile, spoil, sorrow peace, frank, warm, conquer, noble, brave, wise, envy.)
Positive qualities :
fair, hostile, peace, frank, warm, conquer, noble, brave, wise

Negative qualities :
anger, ugly, selfish, spoil, sorrow, envy

A. Answer these questions. (One or two sentences)

Question 1.
How does the poet describe anger in the first stanza?

In the first stanza the poet describes anger as an ugly thing that spoils the facial expression of a person. He also describes it like a rainy cloud in sunny place.

Question 2.
Who is greater than a king?
A person who stops and keeps his anger in control is greater than a king.

Question 3.
Who is noble, brave and wise?

MP Board Solutions

The person who firmly tries to keep his temper and rule himself is noble, brave and wise.

Describe ‘anger’ in your own words.

Anger is a harmful expression. It not only snatches facial beauty but also does harm that is to be repented.

Question 5.
Give three characteristics of peace.

Peace is frank, warm and soft.

B. Answer the following questions. (Three or four sentences)

Question 1.
What are the disadvantages of being angry?
Anger has several disadvantages. It spoils the beauty of a person and also his relations. It takes away wisdom of a person so the words said in the state of anger sometimes do such a harm that cannot be corrected and there is nothing left except repentance.

Question 2.
Why do we repent for a long time?
We repent for a long time because the harm that is done by anger cannot be corrected in any way. No matter how many tears we shed.

Question 3.
Compare peace with anger.
Anger is a harmful expression that has the consequences which end in repentance. Peace is always pleasant. It drives away anger and helps to conquer it.

Question 4.
How can anger be conquered?
Anger can be conquered if one tries hard for it. By maintaining peace one can keep his temper in control.

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