MP Board Class 10th General English Chapter 4 Children Solutions

In this article we will share Latest MP Board Class 10th General English The Spring Blossom Chapter 4 Children Solutions with pdf file. These MP Board Solutions are solved by subjects.

Children Textual Exercises

Word Power

A. Match the words with their meanings.

  1. away (a) happy
  2. sunny (b) the ability to make sensible decisions
  3. glad (c) to a different place
  4. quite (d) with a lot of bright light
  5. wisdom (e) completely.

1. → (c)
2. → (d)
3. → (a)
4. → (e)
5. → (b)

B. Complete the following lines of the poem.

Come to me, o ye children!
And whisper in my ear
What the birds and the winds are singing
In your sunny atmosphere.

10th General English Chapter 4 Children Solutions

C. Use the following words in your sentences.

1. vanish – All difficulties vanish in front of strong determination.
2. eastern – Rahim entered the building through the eastern gate.
3. sunshine – I love to walk in the early morning sunshine.
4. gladness – In the state of gladness my mother embraced me.
5. autumn – I haven’t heard from him since last autumn.

A. Answer the following questions. (One or two sentences)

Question 1.
What happens when the poet looks at the children playing?

When the poet looks at the children playing all the questions that made him anxious and confused disappear.

Question 2.
Where do the windows open?

Windows open towards east where the sun rises.

What lies in the hearts of the children?

In the hearts of children there are birds and sunshine.

Question 4.
What does the poet compare with the caresses of the children and their look?

The poet compares the caresses of the children with the clever plans of contrivings of adults and their looks with the wisdom of books.

Question 5.
Which lines of the poem do you like most and why?

The lines of the poem that I like the most are, “ye are better than all the ballads……….And all the rest are dead.” I liked these lines because it is a truth that the ballads and songs are lifeless but children are living poems and have life.

MP Board Solutions

B. Answer the following questions. (Three or four sentences).

Question 1.
When do the problems of the poet end and why?

The problems of the poet end when he hears the children playing. This is because children spread joy and he gets relief from all the problems of life.

Question 2.
How does the poet compare his heart with that of children?

The poet says that in the heart of children there are birds and the sunshine while in his heart is the wind of autumn. It means children’s heart is full of joy while his is full of tensions.

Question 3.
What has the gladness of the children been compared to? Do you agree with the comparison?

The gladness of the children has been compared to the wisdom of books. Yes, I agree with the comparsion as happiness is more valuable than wisdom.

MP Board 10th General English Chapter 4 Children question answer Solutions

Question 4.
Why does the poet say that the children are better than all the ballads?

The poet says that the children are better than all the ballads because ballads are lifeless while children are living poems.

Answer the following questions

Question 1.
Have you ever been to a hill station?
Yes, I visited Nainital in these summer vacations.

Question 2.
How did you prepare for your journey?
Since it is a cool place I took some warm clothes, a pair of boots along with other things.

Question 3.
What was the route and mode of transport to reach the place you visited?
From Gwalior I reached Delhi by train and then I reached Kathgodam from Delhi. There was also bus service from Delhi to Kathgodam but since train was more comfortable so I went by train. From Kathgodam to Nainital the mode of transport was either Govt. bus or private taxi. I hired private taxi and reached the place.

MP Board Class 10th English Solutions

Question 4.
How was your journey? Describe it.
The journey was quite comfortable since I had already reserved my berth in the train. The roads were also smooth from Kathgodam to Nainital and mode of transport was easily available. People on the way were also very co-operative since it was a new place for me and I visited there for the first time.

Question 5.
Mention some specific spots you visited and describe them.
Some spots that I visited there were Mall road. Naini lake, snow view, cave park, dolphin peak and Raj Bhawan. In the Naini lake the water was pure and we did boating there, on Mall road there was a market and shops of different things, from snow view Himalaya range could be seen, in cave park there were caves of different kinds and from dolphin peak whole Nainital could be seen.

Where did you halt?

We halted in a hotel on Mall road from where we could get the view of Naini lake.

Question 7.
What did you like most?
I liked Naini lake the most because I could do boating in it.

MP Board 10th General Chapter 4 Children Solutions

Question 8.
How long did you stay there? What were your feelings at departure?
I stayed there for a week. I enjoyed there too much and did not want to come back home but since I had already reserved my berth in the train I had to come back.

Question 9.
Do you think the visit was useful? Why?
Yes, it was as I could see so many new spots and observe natural beauty so closely.

Question 10.
Can you suggest some more places you want to visit?
Yes, I want to visit Shimla, Manali, Dehradun and Mussoorie.

Now, develop your answers into an essay.
Students can develop an essay on the basis of the above answers themselves.

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