MP Board Class 10th General English Chapter 11 Wind Solutions

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MP Board 10th General English Chapter 11 Wind Textual Exercises

Wind Central Idea of the Poem

The poem is about wind. The wind while blowing throughout the day and being invisible does several tasks. It raises the kites to great heights, causes the flight of birds in the sky, pushes things and sometimes causes disasters. It sometimes blows fast making loud sound and at other time it is cool and pleasant.

Word Power

A. Match the following words with the rhyming ones.

  1. high (a) all
  2. pass (b) sky
  3. long (c) grass
  4. call (d) cold
  5. old (e) song

1. → (b)
2. → (c)
3. → (e)
4. → (a)
5. → (d)

MP Board 10th English Solutions

B. Give one word for the following expressions.


  1. air that moves quickly as a result of natural forces – wind
  2. to put something in a secret or unknown place – hide
  3. large and dangerous animal – beast
  4. a device or a person that produces a current of air – blower

C. Study the meanings of the words starting with ‘wind’ in the book and fill in the blanks making necessary changes.


  1. Calm down! Can’t you see he is only winding up.
  2. Can I wind my window down?
  3. If we all agree, let’s wind up the discussion.
  4. Many governments are winding down their nuclear programmes.
  5. MP Board 10th English Chapter 11 Wind Solutions

A. Answer these questions. (One or two sentences)

Question 1. Who takes the kites high?

Answer: The wind takes the kites high.

Question 2. What does the wind always do?

Answer: Wind always hides itself after doing different things.

How does the wind work?

A wind works by blowing. It sometimes pushes and sometimes makes a loud sound.

Question 4. What does the poet want to know about the wind?

Answer: The poet wants to know that wheather the wind is young or old.

Question 5. What does the poet ask in the last stanza?

Answer: The poet asks in the last stanza that whether the wind is a beast or just a stronger child than the poet himself.

10th English Chapter 11 Wind Solutions

B. Answer these questions. (Three or four sentences)

In the poem it has been described that a wind tosses the kites high and blows the birds in the sky. It also pushes different objects.

Question 2.
What does the poet want to know about the ‘blower’ the wind?

The poet wants to know whether the ‘blower’, the wind is young or old.

Chapter 11 Wind question answer Solutions

A. Study the graph given in the textbook and answers the following questions.

Question 1.
What was the difference between the highest, maximum temperature and the lowest minimum temperature?
50°F (95°F-45°F).

Question 2.
Name those months when the minimum temperature was below 60°F.
January, February, October, November, December

Question 3.
Which month had the minimum difference between the two kinds of temperature?

Question 4.
Which was the coldest month?

MP Board Class 10th English Chapter 11 Wind Solutions

Question 5.
What are the lowest and highest limits of the minimum temperature?
Lowest limit – 75°F, Highest limit – 45°F.

B. Write a letter to the Collector requesting him to ban the use of loud speakers.

31, Ashish Nagar,
1st April, 20 ….

The district Magistrate,

Subject: Ban on the use of loud-speakers

I want to draw your attention to the nuisance caused by the use of loud-speakers. I am a student of high school and my examinations are near. It is a time when all the students are busy day and night preparing for the examinations. Their success depends upon the proper use of their time and the concentration of their minds. It is regrettable that majority of the citizens do not realise the importance of this time for ! students. They enjoy full liberty to use loud-speakers at their highest pitch to celebrate every occasion that comes to their hands. The result is that we are unable to make preparations in the right way. I therefore request you to kindly impose a ban on the use of loud-speakers for the period of Board Examinations and punish those who are found guilty.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully
Raj Malhotra

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